5 Tips for Finding a Job for Disabled People

The above picture is of a woman in a wheelchair in a hallway.

5 Tips for Finding a Job for Disabled People

Did you know that as of 2020, almost 18% of disabled Americans were employed?

Working with a disability isn't impossible - far from it! As the workforce becomes ever more progressive there are consistently more jobs opening up for those with disabilities. 

But, finding those jobs isn't always easy. If you or someone you know is disabled, it pays to take the time to learn how to find the right jobs before you begin your search.

Take a look at this guide to finding jobs for disabled people and make becoming employed a whole lot easier. 

1. Check Out Job Boards for Disabled People

If you're a disabled person, not every job is going to be suited to you. That means that the regular methods of finding work aren't going to be the most efficient and could lead to a lot of demotivation. For example, if you go on regular job boards you're going to have to filter through a lot of positions that might not be the best option for you.

That's why we've created a disability job board. We only advertize jobs for people with disabilities and leave the rest, making it easy for you to find a role you can apply for. It saves time, keeps you motivated, and makes the whole process a lot easier!

You can search for jobs by job description or role, and your location. We also make it easy for you to build an amazing resume and guide you through the journey, giving you the best chance to get your dream job.

2. Know the Kind of Job You Want

Searching for disability jobs near me might sound like the best option, but it's going to give you endless roles available. Applying for every single one is going to take far too long, so you need to narrow down your options. One way to do that is by knowing what sort of role you're looking for.

Spend some time thinking about what jobs you'd enjoy, whether that be something that doesn't require much movement, like a desk job, or something that gives you plenty of time outside. Whatever your preferences are, make a list of them and start filtering through jobs based on what you want. It will make your search a lot easier!

3. Know Your Strengths

Another way to filter through thousands and thousands of disabled jobs is by identifying your strengths and weaknesses. Are there areas you excel at? To help you out, here are some examples of different aspects that are key to certain roles, and that you can use to learn more about your own strengths:

  • Good communication skills
  • Creative
  • Practical
  • Friendly and happy to talk to others
  • Great team player
  • Able to work well on your own

These are character traits that will determine how well suited you are for certain positions. For example, if you're happy talking to strangers then you might be better suited for a position that has a lot of customer interaction, like a salesperson, rather than one that takes place behind the scenes and away from the customers.

But there are also strengths like being good with numbers or being passionate about language. If you can speak a foreign language, that's definitely a strength to note! Write down every single strength you can think of that will help you find a job you love and are great at.

4. Start Networking With the Right People

We've already spoken about our job board being a great way to find roles for people with disabilities, but it's not the only way. Another approach is through networking.

Start by letting your friends and family know you're looking for a job and what kind of position you'd like. Even if they don't know of any roles, you never know who they'll run into who does have a job vacancy! Having more people on the lookout is a great way to boost your chances of finding a great position.

You can also start networking with locals in your area. See if there are any disability groups you can join that help disabled people find work or simply offer support to those with disabilities. It's likely that the people leading and attending these groups might be able to help you. 

Social media is another great place to network. A lot of local areas will have a page for job hunters and people looking to fill roles. You can post on here and let people know your strengths, and fingers crossed someone will come back with a role you'd be perfect for.

5. Be Particular About Your Employers

As someone with a disability, it's important you find a workplace that can cater to your needs. That all starts with finding a good employer.

You want someone in charge who's going to listen to your requirements and actively make changes to the space you'll be working in if they need to. You want an employer who is compassionate, encouraging and isn't just looking to boost workplace diversity.

When applying for roles, you should be able to gauge how empathetic and pro-disability they are from the job description and how the employers come across in interviews and throughout your correspondence. It could be a good idea to ask to see any disability policies they have too and to ask how many other people with disabilities they currently employ. 

What Next?

If you're looking into finding jobs for disabled people, whether that's a position for you or someone you know, our team can help. With a job board full of thousands of roles that are open to people with disabilities and a range of useful tools, we make the process of finding the perfect job easier than ever! Sign up to access all of the jobs we currently have that are ideal for those with disabilities.