7 Perfect Part-Time Jobs for People with Disabilities

7 Ideal Part-Time Jobs for Individuals with Disabilities


Having a job helps you establish greater independence when you’re faced with a disability. However, you also need to tailor your job search to include options that fit your abilities. Depending on your particular disability, sit-down jobs may be ideal. However, there are many other options to consider. You can use these seven part-time jobs as inspiration to find a position in which you enjoy the best opportunities for success in the workplace. 

1. Customer Service Representative 

Companies rely on customer service representatives to serve as the main point of contact when people have questions, concerns, or want to place an order. This job is ideal for people with mobility challenges since many of these positions are stationed in call centers. Since many companies prefer their employees to work with a script, they’re also willing to hire and train people who are new to this type of work. 

2. Accountant

Accounting services such as bookkeeping and tax preparation are often conducted on a part-time basis. While these jobs do require some mathematical skill, you can often find entry-level positions in the busy season at tax preparation companies. Typically, they get you started with a short round of training before having you begin work with the customers. If you already have experience in the accounting field, look for established firms with part-time positions available. 

3. Retail Store Greeter 

Store greeters are still in high demand, and some of the biggest retail companies strive to create a diverse workplace by encouraging people in this position to use accommodations to do their best at work. A store greeter is a great part-time job for people who cannot be on their feet for long periods or those who live with cognitive challenges, since it requires little more than the ability to smile and answer simple questions from the customer. 

4. Office Assistant 

Office jobs come with a wide range of duties you can explore to find a position that fits your skill set. Front desk work tends to involve being able to use a computer and answer the telephone. However, you can also find office positions that are suitable for people with hearing loss, since you may only need to be able to file documents away or run errands such as dropping off mail at the post office. 

5. Sales 

Sales positions tend to come with the bonus of commissions, which can help you make up for having to work part-time. Since most sales skills are learned in the field, you can often find entry-level work at retail stores where customers need personal attention, such as stores that sell electronics. This type of job is best for people with disabilities who are comfortable interacting socially. 

6. Computer-Related Support 

Technology jobs are always hiring, and you may be a perfect fit for this type of work if you love working with computers. Depending on your abilities, you may visit customers’ homes to fix common user problems. You could also get a more advanced position in IT support in an office environment if you have experience in the field. 

7. Educational Assistant 

Schools are an excellent resource for part-time work, and your disability could be a major asset in the right educational environment. For example, you might be needed to use sign language to communicate with students in a special education classroom, or your wheelchair may put a student with a disability at ease as you serve as a lunchroom monitor.


In addition to part-time positions, there are many full-time jobs for mildly disabled people. If you’re ready to begin your search for employment, check out the listings provided by disABLEDperson, Inc. We’re here to help if you need us. Just give us a call at 760-420-1269.