8 Amazing Jobs for People With OCD in 2020

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8 Amazing Jobs for People With OCD in 2020

Over 2 million adults in the United States have OCD. Obsessive-compulsive disorder is an anxiety disorder characterized by compulsive behavior.

In addition, some people can suffer from obsessive-compulsive personality disorder (OCPD). This personality type may not experience anxiety but they live by a strict set of rules and moral codes.

OCD can impact your daily life, which is why OCD sufferers find it difficult to work. However, finding a career you love can enhance your mental well-being.

The best course of action is to find a career that works with your lifestyle and helps reduce stress levels.

Here are the 8 best jobs for people with OCD.

1. Writer/Proofreader/Editor

Do you love to write but suffer from OCD? You can make your passion your job.

The major convenience of becoming a writer is convenience. Most companies hire writers for freelance work. You may even be able to find a content marketing agency that will freelance articles out to you.

This way, you can set your own hours and work the number of hours that suit you. This is especially convenient if you’re striving to improve your mental health while working toward your passions.

As you grow in your writing career, you can become a proofreader and/or an editor. Some writers also develop specialty niches, such as SEO.

2. Web Designer and Developer

Is writing not your thing but you love the idea of working for yourself?

Web design and development is only growing. Businesses need a website and they will trust a talented web developer and designer to create a high-performing website that also performs well.

As a web developer, you’ll use different coding tools to create a website customized for your client’s needs. If you also take on design roles, you’ll develop a website based on design principles such as color schemes and media.

Many web developers and designers work for themselves, taking on contract work for multiple clients. Creating your own schedule will help ease your mind and will relax you.

3. Artist

Many OCD sufferers find it helpful to express themselves through art. If art is your passion, you can sell your artwork.

Whether you specialize in painting, sculptures, photography, or another art form, you can pursue your passion while making income.

The act of creating art is very beneficial for your mental health. Who knows — maybe someone is going through the same thing you are and your artwork can help them.

4. Online Instructor

It’s never been easier to teach an online course. If teaching is your passion but the act of teaching a class gives you anxiety, you can teach an online course from the comfort of your own home.

You have more online teaching options now than ever. You can choose to create an online course via video, audio, and/or written tutorials.

Another advantage of teaching an online course is you have the freedom to set your own hours and work at your own pace. You can also plan your course by your standards.

5. Clinical Coder

Clinical coder is a position in the healthcare industry that analyzes statements or transactions and assigns them standardization codes.

Coding requires an analytical mind and the position includes double-checking, working on policies, codes, verification, and processes.

There are many clinical coding position options. These include medical coding, technical coding, and diagnostic coding.

Those with OCD may prefer to set a schedule. Keeping a regular schedule keeps your mind focused, distracting you from paranoid thoughts.

6. Accountant or Bookkeeper

These two rules are used interchangeably but are different.

A bookkeeper is someone who records a business’s transactions and processes them.

Some of these purchases include accounts receivable, employee payments, and bills. Bookkeepers monitor these transactions compared to the income the business is generating, ensuring they’re not overspending.

Accountants also hold bookkeeping duties but can also handle more specific financial duties. This includes tax preparation, financial document preparation, and perform any financial audits necessary.

If you have OCD and enjoy working with numbers, you’ll enjoy these roles. Many accountants and bookkeepers work full-time at a company but may also freelance for different clients, providing many flexible work options and preferences.

7. Transcriber

Transcribers take either an audio or video file, taking the dialogue and transcribing it into a document.

Most transcribers work with medical and legal documents. For example, a transcriber will need to transcribe what’s said in the courtroom. For these positions, it’s essential you know medical and legal terminology.

If you want to be broader, transcribers are used in various other industries.

For example, many transcribers work in the video industry, transcribing video programs for closed captioning. Some of these transcribers work on a freelance basis.

Those with OCD do well with transcribing because it’s a structured and stimulating role, helping maintain your focus and distracting you from your anxious thoughts.

8. Software Developer or Engineer

If you have a knack for tech, the IT industry grows every year and is always looking for talented and knowledgeable staff members. Those with OCD perform well as a developer or engineer for software.

You’ll create computer programs using different programming tools.

Keep in mind, these positions require certain skills and education. Expect to know programming skills, analyzing and testing. It also helps if you’ve developed software in the past.

This position is detail-oriented and you’ll find yourself multitasking.

From IT to Writing: There Are Many Jobs for People With OCD

Having OCD is debilitating and interferes with your quality of life. If you’re struggling to find a career you love, there are plenty of jobs for people with OCD.

While some of these jobs require an education, specific skills, and experience, many of these jobs are more flexible and passion-based.

Take a look at these job options and pick the one that fits your interests and skills.

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