9 of the Best Jobs for People With ADHD in 2020

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9 of the Best Jobs for People With ADHD in 2020

Most of us understand how ADHD is like in kids. Lack of focus, trouble staying organized, hyperactive, and fidgety are just a few of the signs. But the truth is 60% of kids with ADHD continue to experience these symptoms in adulthood.

It's different at this age and it's marked by trouble focusing, disorganization, and restlessness. This can cause finding a way to make a living to become a challenge. Choosing careers that capitalize on those strengths and don't depend on their areas of weaknesses can make their life easier.

Fortunately, they are fast decision-makers, creative, and fast problem solvers.  Here is a list of the best jobs for people with ADHD.

1.The Self-Employed Worker

Most ADHD adults prefer being independent contractors or self-employed. Owning a business means investing and taking the initiative to grow it. However, the reward for individuals living with ADHD is independence. 

This might be one of the best jobs for people with ADHD because it isn't actually a job- traditionally speaking. You may have to come up with an organizational system and maintain a solid routine but the point is you'll love what you do. This is crucial for people with the condition because they can get bored and lose focus easily.

2. Health/Medicine -Nurse or Doctor

Getting into the medical field requires years of study. Many people with ADHD find the field challenging and interesting enough to hold their attention.

Some of the difficulties that they may face at work include lots of paperwork and long working hours. However, the variety of activities, high energy, patience, and great staff helps them get through the days. They also find a lot of purpose in helping people, which can keep them focused on their careers.

3. Teacher & Childcare

Many individuals with ADHD enjoy working with children. These jobs capitalize on thoughtful creativity and dynamic personality.

With that said, sometimes children can put your patience to test. To be successful in a kid-related field, you must be able to move from task to task and think fast, which is often a strength of people with diagnoses

Also, understanding the needs of kids with the same diagnosis is a plus, as you can specialize in teaching them. Some ADHD adults in these careers say that they enjoy working with kids because they can jump from one activity to another and this helps to keep the kids moving.

4. Journalism & Entertainment

This is among the most popular jobs for people with ADHD. The career is exciting, creative, and rewarding for talented writers and reporters who can handle day-to-day changes in a work setting. 

Most journalists network with many people, cover a broad range of stories, and deliver a quick turnaround on tasks. It's a perfect career for people with a short attention span, loads of energy, and issues with focusing on one task for days. 

You'll need talent, patience, and perseverance to get into the entertainment field but it offers a chance for high creativity and the ability to come up with a personal schedule. Challenges that individuals with ADHD are likely to face in this field include, staying organized, leaving for trips on time and scheduling for fun activities and exercising. 

5. Food Industry Worker

People with ADHD thrive in the culinary field for many reasons. Cooking sometimes requires you to focus on one task at a time, and follow certain steps immediately to make the final product. However, other moments you may be in a high-intensity environment, making multiple dishes at a time.

This is perfect as it doesn't involve a lot of downtime. With flexible hours, unique and creative lessons, and a high energy atmosphere, the food industry is an excellent career choice.

6. Sales & Marketing Strategist

There's an adrenaline that comes with sales because everything is constantly changing, and the process of each sale is different. A sales job involves a change in setting, freedom in movement, frequent meetings with different contacts, other social interaction, and passion for a product. 

Adults with ADHD might need a hand completing paperwork but they perform very well in the field. Something like a marketing strategist position falls in this category too. There is a wide range of different tasks and it allows for out-of-the-box thinking to keep up with trends. 

7. Cosmetology 

The beauty industry has opportunities such as cosmetologist and nail technician that are great for people with ADHD. You get to work with multiple clients, giving room for social interaction. The appointments are also fairly short and can go by quickly, which eliminates having to focus on projects for long hours.

You're more than likely always busy and learning new things. You also get a chance to be self-expressive with your work.

8. Creative Arts

People with ADHD are known for their high level of creativity. They're actually described as visionaries and dreamers. So naturally, design and art jobs can be favorable. 

Your unique perspective and ideas can help a company attract customers, raise awareness, and increase sales. It could also be used in a classroom setting to teach something like dance or acting. 

Figure out a skill you're passionate about and look into monetizing it.

9. Legal and Criminal Justice

This field offers stimulating and exciting jobs for people with ADHD. The quick-moving activities and opportunities to work in different environments make it a good fit. Individuals with ADHD typically can excel well conditions that may overwhelm other people as it allows them to act fast and offer solutions

Although the patients of ADHD already in this field struggle to complete their studies, they say everything runs smoothly once they start working.

Are You Looking for Jobs for People with ADHD?

Every person has something that they can excel in regardless of their personal circumstances. The symptoms of people with ADHD can be a big resource and a great gift to them and the community. 

There are plenty of great jobs for people with ADHD but it will start with the person recognizing what their unique strengths and talents are. If you still want more information on finding employment that's best for you, check out this job listing page.