Dressed to Impress: Thoughts on How to Dress for a Job Interview

The above picture is of a man with a suit on fixing his tie.

Dressed to Impress: Thoughts on How to Dress for a Job Interview

You've spent hours, days, or even weeks applying for jobs and you've finally received a callback for an interview. Way to go! 

Now it's time to figure out the perfect outfit to impress your interviewer and get that job. 

After all, if we know one thing it is that first impressions are important. Figuring out how to dress for a job interview can be one of your keys to success as it will be one of the first things the interviewer notices. 

Plus, having the right interview outfit can help give you a bit of confidence and feel more professional on the day of the interview. 

Keep reading for our guide for the best tips on how to dress for a job interview. 


No matter which gender you are you want to make sure that you're wearing a nice clean shirt. Be sure that all your clothes are free of any wrinkles as well on the day of the interview. 

Men can wear suits in solid colors like black, gray, or navy but it depends on what type of job you're going for if you need to wear a suit. Check to see if your job's interview dress code is business casual or business professional. 

For business casual, men will want to wear a dress shirt or polo shirt. You can also opt for a tie to make it a little fancier but this is optional. 

On the other hand, women can get a bit more fun with their tops. They can wear blouses, collard shirts, or polo shirts if they choose. The shirts can be a variety of colors but they need to look professional. 

Women can also opt to wear dresses that are of appropriate length and look classy. 


When learning how to dress for an interview your bottoms are going to be pretty basic. A classic black, navy, gray, or khaki pants will work with all the above choices for men or women. 

Wearing shorts, sweatpants, joggers, or anything that you would wear to the gym, beach, or bed is a huge mistake when it comes to your interview attire. 

When dressing for your job interview, women can also wear skirts as long as they are the appropriate length. You should make sure that they look professional as well.

Be sure to wear a belt if needed! One great way to wear a belt is to make it match with your shoes. 


One thing you might not think about when deciding what to wear for an interview is your shoes because the interviewer might not see them. Yet, that is not the case!

Your shoes are as important as every other aspect of your outfit so make sure that they're nice and clean. 

Men should make sure that they're shoes are black or brown. Don't wear any gym shoes or flip flops no matter what job you're applying for

Women should also wear professional shoes. Flats or heels are appropriate. Make sure that they don't have any nicks in them and that you're able to walk comfortably in them. 

Both men and women should wear closed-toe shoes for your job interview. 

Hair and Makeup

Although it isn't necessarily apart of your interview outfit, your hair and makeup for the day of your interview are very important as it is surely something your interviewer will notice.

Men should make sure that their nails are trimmed and clean. They should be clean-shaven but if they have a beard or mustache, then make sure that it is trimmed so that it looks nice and professional. 

Also getting a haircut a few days before your interview can help. Also, make sure that it is clean the day of your interview. 

Women traditionally spend a bit more time in the hair and makeup department on the day of their interview. You will want to wash and style your hair so it looks professional. Tying it back in a ponytail or bun is a great way to look professional on the day of your interview. 

For makeup, keeping it simple works great. Avoid using overly bright or dark colors when applying makeup as this could distract your interviewer. Try to be as minimal and as natural as possible when using makeup for your interview. 

Get a Second Opinion

Once you've put together your outfits to wear to an interview the best thing to do is to get a second opinion from someone you trust. Whether it is a family member, friend, or job counselor that can help you. 

Ask them if they think your interview outfit is professional and fits for the type of job you're applying for. 

Getting a second opinion can help to make sure that everything matches and that you look professional. After all, your interview outfit will be the first thing that the person interviewing you notices so you want to make sure that you look polished. 

Having a few options when getting a second opinion is smart so you can swap things out. This way you can finish off the look and be ready to go. 

Overall, you should make sure that your interview attire is something that you're confident in. You're the one who is going to be showing up to the interview and having to answer questions. Make sure that your outfit is something you feel comfortable and confident wearing. 

Tips for How to Dress for a Job Interview 

Going to a job interview can be nerve-wracking so you shouldn't have to stress over your outfit too! Use these tips for how to dress for a job interview so you can feel confident and ready to ace your next interview.

Remember, it is better to be overdressed for your upcoming interview than it is to be underdressed. Don't forget to wear your biggest smile on the day of your interview!

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