Jobs Without a Degree: 8 Great Options That Don't Require a Diploma

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Jobs Without a Degree: 8 Great Options That Don't Require a Diploma

Finding a job as a person with a disability can be tough. In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, just over 19% of people with a disability were employed in 2019, with the remaining number being either employed or not in the labor force.

If your disability has made it difficult for you to obtain a diploma, then you may find you are facing an even greater challenge. But just because finding jobs without a degree as a person with a disability is difficult, that doesn't mean it's impossible. 

There are a huge number of great jobs out there that are a perfect fit for people with disabilities and don't require a degree. It's simply a matter of discovering what you are passionate about and then finding a job in that area.

It's possible to find a fulfilling, high-paying, and exciting career that doesn't require a degree, no matter what your interests are.

Don't believe us? Below, you'll find details on eight amazing careers that don't require a degree.

1. Web Developer

If you're interested in all things online, then a career in web development might be for you. Web developers use coding languages and utilize different technologies to design and develop websites and applications. 

Salaries and job opportunities for this career are on the rise, and the median salary for a web developer is a little over $60,000. Generally speaking, it is possible to become a web developer with only an associate's degree, although self-taught and freelance web developers can get started without any kind of degree.

2. Bookkeeper

If coding isn't really your thing, maybe you're more into the ins and outs of a business's books. Becoming a bookkeeper requires only some classes and as a bonus, it's a job you can do from the comfort of your home. The current median salary for a bookkeeper is around $40,000.

As a bookkeeper, you would be responsible for producing accurate and up to date financial records for organizations or businesses. If you are organized, comfortable with numbers, and prepared for on-the-job learning then this could be a great career option for you.

3. Florist

For a more hands-on job with less time spent at a desk, why not consider a career as a florist? If you are a lover of nature who enjoys working with your hands and has a flair for eye-catching designs, this could be a perfect career choice. The median salary for a florist is about $25,000 per year.

Being a florist doesn't require any degree, but there are training courses you can take to improve your skills. Becoming a florist requires wearing many hats: salesperson, designer, gardener, and more, so it will suit people looking for a diverse and interesting job.

4. Real Estate Agent or Broker

The great thing about becoming a real estate agent is that you can pretty much earn as much as you like. Your salary is based on commission, so if you're a great salesperson, then this could an excellent career. The average salary for a real estate agent and broker is $44,000 and $56,000 respectively.

If you enjoy talking to people, have an interest in architecture, interior design, or simply want to feel the satisfaction of helping people find their dream homes, this could be a good fit. To become a real estate agent or broker, it is required to pass the real estate licensing examinations.

5. Nail Technician

With the median salary coming in at just over $24,000, a nail technician may not be the highest paying job on this list, but to those who are passionate about aesthetics and creating beautiful designs, it's definitely a winner.

If you've got good people skills and an artistic streak, this could be a job to consider. It doesn't require a degree to become a nail tech, all you need to complete a cosmetology course and obtain a cosmetology license.

6. Claims Adjusters, Examiners, and Investigators

Back toward the more high-earning end of the scale, we have claims adjusters, examiners, and investigators. This type of job pays on average $63,000 per year and some insurance carriers no do not require a degree for an entry-level position.

To become an insurance claims adjuster, you should be a good judge of character, have great powers of deduction, and solid research skills.

7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

This is a career that you may be surprised to find does not require a college degree. A diagnostic medical sonographer has to go through a certification program that commonly is taught at community colleges. This is a challenging and exciting career with great prospects. The number of job prospects in this field is on the rise and the median salary is almost $70,000.

Diagnostic medical sonographers use imaging equipment to get an idea of different things going on inside a person's body. They then analyze the results to help doctors in the diagnosis of medical conditions. The most well-known type of sonographer is those who help expectant parents to see the first images of their unborn babies. An exciting job prospect!

8. Chef

Becoming a chef requires a love of food and the drive to work hard. What it doesn't require, however, is a college degree. Most chefs learn through on-the-job training. Although some people choose to go through culinary school, there are no strict educational requirements.

There are many different levels of chef positions, but the average salary ranges from $35,000 to $40,000. Employment rates and job growth are both promising in this career area. If you have a passion for food preparation and enjoy working with your hands, this may be a career to consider.

Tips for Finding Jobs Without a Degree

Of course, this is only a small selection of areas one can excel in without a diploma. Finding jobs without a degree can be challenging, but the important thing is to persevere and not to give up hope. Make sure you're prepared for your interview, put your best foot forward, and utilize all of the many resources at your disposal.

Speaking of which, if you're ready to start looking for your dream job, take a look at some of the openings on our job board today.