No College? No Problem! 9 Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

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No College? No Problem! 9 Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree

Did you spend your college years pursuing other interests? 

When a disability presents itself, people often struggle to transition back into the workplace. The truth is, many people with disabilities spend their college aged years working through what is the next best step for them in their lives. As a result, many do not to possess a college degree. 

Unfortunately, this can be challenging for people with disabilities who wish to enter the workforce. However, there are countless jobs that do have the potential to offer steady employment and competitive wages without a degree. 

If you're looking for a career path that doesn't require college, you've come to the right place. We're outlining nine jobs that don't require a college degree yet still offer a promising future. 

1. Real Estate Representative 

If you've always loved all things housing and interiors, why not consider a career in real estate? 

With real estate, employees can determine their own hours and manage their schedule based upon those hours. This can make real estate the perfect career for one with a family or one seeking part-time employment. 

While the median gross income of real estate professionals in America was nearly $40,000, this number can indeed be higher. After all, this takes into account realtors that work only on a part-time basis. In fact, many real estate professionals that work full-time earn a six-figure income on a yearly basis. 

2. Culinary Arts 

Have you worked with food or in the service industry in the past? 

A career in the culinary arts can make for a perfect career for veterans. For those that have any prior experience in the food industry, this is an opportunity to move up the ladder quickly. Even an introductory line cook may work their way to management or a sous-chef role in no time. 

Today, there are plenty of opportunities for working in the culinary arts. This can include anything from working at a restaurant to a bakery to a culinary service or for a food delivery company. 

3. App Developer

Have you always dreamed of developing a mobile app? 

Today, there's nothing stopping each and every individual from developing their own app. When it comes to this type of technology, there's no minimum in education that is required. 

To start, get your wheels turning and your imagination active. Encourage yourself to think of common issues, ideas or games that could be developed into a popular app. From here, those lacking software skills may need to hire a team to help develop the app. 

While the road to developing a mobile app may feel long and intimidating, it has the potential to yield high profits long-term. 

4. Transit Driver 

If you have a high school education and a clean driving record, a career as a transit driver just might be the career for you. 

This could be a seamless transition. This is an especially great opportunity for any individual that may have a disability that limits their movement or walkability. 

From a wages standpoint, the opportunity for higher profits is especially present in urban areas. Cities often contain different means of transit from buses and subways to streetcars and railway systems. The more specialized the transit system, the more competitive the wages. 

5. Travel Agent

Do you have a passion for travel? 

Working as a travel agent is the perfect opportunity to combine your love for travel and your communication skills. A travel agent will help their clients plan as well as book their travels. They'll also provide expert opinion on the best things to see and do in perspective areas. 

Not only does this job not require a degree, but it could also be exciting if you enjoy traveling as well. 

6. Freelance Writer  

With the growth of digital marketing in recent years, high-quality writing has become a profitable skill. 

For many businesses today, employees simply lack the time or skill to produce engaging writing. This is where freelance writing comes into play for those with a passion for the written word. 

Freelance writing for people with disabilities may be especially profitable. This is given the fact that many companies are seeking established writers that have a specific writing niche. This niche may be anything from physics and parenting to nutrition and the military. 

This is also a great opportunity to work from home and establish your own hours! 

7. Bartender or Mixologist 

Today, bartenders and mixologists have never been more in demand. 

With fancy cocktails and mocktails on the rise, established bars and restaurants are always looking for quality bartenders. These establishments are also seeking the help of mixologists to develop extensive cocktail menus. 

While the hourly wage may seem insignificant, it's the additional tip money that warrants most bartenders a competitive wage. 

8. Land Surveyor 

Are you interested in spending your days working outside? 

A land surveyor is an essential proponent in the construction of any type of building or engineering. Whether it's the construction of a residential home or the design of a highway, a land surveyor will always be required. 

The role of the land the surveyor is to make measurements of the land and establish property boundaries. They also provide information about the contour of the land that may be helpful for activities such as mining or highway construction. 

9. Entrepreneur 

At the end of the day, a person with a disability can always choose to establish his or her own business.

This has become a growing trend that many Americans are choosing over standard employment. In fact, studies reveal that over 25 million Americans are now running their own business and identifying as entrepreneurs. 

If this lifestyle appeals to you, why not consider transiting your skillset into a career path? 

Perhaps you have always had a passion for gardening and the great outdoors. With a little bit of networking and online marketing, this could easily transition into a profitable business. 

Jobs That Don't Require a College Degree 

Are you looking for a respectful job that doesn't require a college degree? 

While there's no denying that a college degree may be the fastest road to a high-paying job, this isn't the only way. In fact, there are countless profitable career paths that don't require college degrees.

These careers can be anything from working in real estate or transit to developing an app or starting your own business. Not only can these jobs offer entry-level positions to veterans, but they also have the potential to develop into lifelong careers. 

Are you a person with a disability seeking employment? If so, be sure to visit our employment page! Here, you can learn about the many job opportunities that are available for you today.