Starting a Business Career for Young Adults with Disabilities

The above picture shows a woman sitting in her wheelchair working at her desk next to a male who is standing.

Starting a Business Career for Young Adults with Disabilities

The United States stands as a beacon of opportunity for young adults with disabilities looking to pursue a business career. The country is known for its inclusivity and support for diverse talent. As a young person with a disability, you’re in a great place to embark on your professional journey. If you want to work in the exciting world of business, the Talent Acquisition Portal outlines everything you need to know to get started!


Start Networking


The earlier you start networking, the better. Networking is more than about exchanging business cards; it’s an excellent opportunity to forge connections that will help you build a successful career. Networking provides a chance to connect with mentors who understand the unique challenges and triumphs of navigating a career with a disability. At the same time, it opens doors to inclusive employers eager to embrace diverse talent. Start actively networking now and continue throughout your career.


Get Your Degree


Next, it’s time to evaluate your educational options. Obtaining a degree is a pivotal step! While there's no one-size-fits-all approach, Scholaroo explains that some degrees have shown to be particularly lucrative in the business world, including actuarial science, information resources management, and finance. Fortunately, there are many educational institutions committed to inclusivity, offering a range of accommodations such as accessible classrooms, digital resources, note-taking assistance, and extended exam times. These accommodations ensure you have a fair chance to excel!


Find an Entry-Level Position


Finding the right entry-level position begins with your passion. Identify a business field that truly ignites your enthusiasm. For example, if your heart is set on opening a real estate business, start by seeking employment with established real estate companies that offer diverse job opportunities. The real estate industry includes a number of exciting departments, so consider exploring a few specialties to learn what’s involved in running a full-fledged real estate business.


Business News Daily notes that creating a compelling resume is the next crucial step. Take advantage of free online resume templates to simplify this process. For example, you can find a resume maker online providing a library of professionally designed resume templates that you can customize with your own copy, colors, photos, and other personal branding elements. This will help you create a strong first impression with potential employers.


Leverage Your Strengths


Diversity is more than a buzzword in the world of business. Businesses can enjoy countless benefits from diverse hiring! When crafting your resume and speaking in job interviews, focus on the various strengths you bring to the table. Remember that your ability to adapt, problem-solve creatively, and demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges sets you apart. A diverse business landscape celebrates and values these strengths, so embrace your unique skills and perspectives that will drive your career forward.


Know Your Rights


Every state is committed to upholding the rights and protections enshrined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). This legislation ensures equal access and opportunities in employment, public services, and accommodations. Familiarize yourself with the ADA and specific provisions that are relevant to your situation. You’ll find plenty of advocacy groups and legal resources ready to provide guidance and support, ensuring you can avoid discrimination and advocate for reasonable accommodations in the workplace.


An inclusive and opportunity-rich landscape provides young adults with disabilities an ideal platform to embark on a thriving business career. By forging valuable connections through networking, selecting the right degree program, building an eye-catching resume, and exploring different business fields, such as real estate, you can lay a strong foundation for your future career. Equip yourself with the right tools and resources, and you’ll confidently navigate your path ahead!


The Talent Acquisition Portal includes both a national talent pool of vocational rehabilitation candidates looking for employment and a job posting system for businesses looking to hire individuals with disabilities. Contact us today to learn more!