The 8 Best Jobs for People with a Partial Disability in 2019

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The 8 Best Jobs for People with a Partial Disability

18.6 million disabled people from ages 16-64 are working. 

It may seem like a high number, however, there are many companies that hire someone with a partial disability. 

Medical bills can stack up and having a family isn't free, finding employment is often necessary for people with disabilities. 

Continue reading to learn about excellent job opportunities that are available. 

Great Jobs for People with a Partial Disability 

What is a partial disability? The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) says that a person with a disability is someone who has a physical or mental impairment that affects their normal day to day tasks. 

Before applying anywhere you should sit down and consider a few details. It is important to recognize the number of hours you can work each day and how many days a week. This will help you identify if you need a full or part-time job.  

You should also consider your strengths and weaknesses. Use your strengths as a guideline when applying to places and skip over the ones that encompass your weaknesses. 

These jobs all require different skill sets, so be sure to do your research on each one that you are considering. If it has been quite some time since you have gone back to work, you can read about our Top tips to getting back. 

Below are 8 different jobs that could be just what you are looking for! 

1. Landscaping

This is a great job for people with disabilities, especially if they have impaired speech. This job requires attention to detail and the ability to do physical work in hot conditions. 

Landscaping can be a good option for those looking to get out some energy and do physical work. Many landscaping companies in colder areas also help with snow plowing, making it a consistent job. 

2. Go Remote

There are many online jobs that give you the opportunity to work from home if mobility is an issue. Transcription, freelance writing, data entry, and virtual assistants are all great options for many online jobs.

Some of these jobs require only reading and writing skills, so you won't have to worry about speech if that is a concern. 

3. Accounting

Accounting and auditing is a great field of work to consider if you have good attention to detail and have a bachelors degree. Many accounting companies already hire people with disabilities, so they are familiar with making any accommodations. 

Strong math and finance skills are also required for this job. Accounting is expected to increase in job growth over the next 10 years and has a median salary of $70,000 per year

4. Filer

Getting a job as a file clerk is a great option for those with hearing impairments. This job often requires you to file documents in an office setting. They locate information when needed and organize files for efficiency in the office.

Verbal communication is not necessary for this job, most of the work is done independently. Someone who wants to be a file clerk should have excellent organization skills and be self- motivated. 

5. Telemarketer 

Telemarketing is a good option for those with sight impairments. They call people from a list and typically ask for donations for a certain cause or to sell a product. 

This job often creates scripts for the callers to say when they have a call go through. Someone who has a sight problem can memorize these scripts and be able to do the job with very little issues. 

6. Counseling

Counseling is a good job if you have a masters degree. There are many forms of help that you can offer and different types of counseling you can specialize in. 

Addiction, mental health, and school counselors are a few areas that you could consider if you have your masters. This is a highly satisfying job for some because you have the opportunity to help others in need. 

7. Graphic Design

This job can is typically done in either an office setting or in the comfort of your own home. If you are creative and have advanced computer skills, graphic design might be a good job for you.

Many companies are looking for people to create websites and social media pages for their business. To be a graphic designer you will need a bachelors degree and strong attention to detail. 

8. Research

If you enjoy learning, the field of research is a great opportunity for you! There are many jobs that you can get as a researcher or research assistant, depending on your highest level of education. 

Many research jobs require you to work independently. If you have an education in the field and are good with reading and experimenting than you should highly consider going into research. 

Math and analytical skills are required to be successful in this job. The average yearly salary for someone in this field can be up to $80,000. There is also supposed to be an increase in job opportunities in the future.  

Getting Back into the Workforce

Going back to work can be challenging and intimidating for those with a partial disability. There are many jobs for people with disabilities that offer good pay and benefits. 

Finding the right fit can be easier if you identify your needs from a job and what you can offer. It is important to focus on strengths and goals when getting back into working. Many people with a partial disability have unique ideas and attention to detail, making them great candidates!

Remember to be confident, honest, and well researched when you get to the interview process. Be confident in your abilities and strengths that you have to offer. Try to offer only what you can handle, you shouldn't have to cover up any areas of concern with the job tasks. 

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