The Best State Government Jobs for the Physically Disabled

The above picture is of a man in a wheelchair. 

The Best State Government Jobs for the Physically Disabled

Sixty-one million adults residing in the United States live with a disability. That is twenty-six percent of the United States adult population. The term disability is very broad and covers many different categories of disabilities, including both mental and physical.

If you are looking for a job and have a physical disability, you will most likely be looking for something different than those with mental disabilities. Don’t be intimated by the job market or feel like there isn’t a perfect job out there for you. 

Getting a state government job is a great way to ensure that you are getting a job with a good salary and good benefits. It also provides a good layer of job security. If you’re curious about specific state government jobs that would be well suited for those with a physical disability, check out the comprehensive list of the best below. 


Becoming a public school teacher is a rewarding career that you can do in many different ways. In most states, public school teachers receive great benefits. This includes a state retirement pension plan, affordable health care, and a reasonable salary. 

Public school teachers also reap the benefits of school vacations. This includes having the entire summer off and having long holiday breaks. There is the option to become a special education teacher and help others with disabilities. Or, you can focus on a particular subject or grade that you feel best suits you. 

Also, there is the option to work as a public school teacher remotely, working for an online school. Though you could still work in person while being physically disabled, working online can give you even more flexibility no matter what your disability is. 


Being a government accountant is one of the best government jobs for a disabled person because of the usual flexibility to work from home. A state government accountant is generally responsible for managing the use of local revenues, investigating frauds, and performing audits.

Becoming a government accountant requires a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in certain circumstances. But, with that comes a highly competitive salary as well as benefits. You can work as an accountant in an office or remotely, and it only requires access to a computer.


A state government paralegal, as with all paralegals, holds the role of being a support system. Though it differs working in the government versus a private attorney’s practice, the basis is the same. 

Depending on what department you’ll work for, your duties will change. You may hold more roles as a government worker besides just support. This could include helping with community outreach and legal aid assistance. Or, you could be creating training materials for legal programs and giving education seminars. 

This job comes with complete job security and a competitive salary. It’s great for those who want to do many different things in their day-to-day workday and who love to multitask. 

Though this job cannot be done remotely, courtrooms are always set up to accommodate wheelchairs. This is true with most other spaces that you would come into contact with doing this job. Because of this, looking into the legal field in general is a good idea, such as being a law clerk for a judge or being a court transcriber. 

Administrative Assistant 

Almost all government buildings need at least one administrative assistant. Because of this, finding a job as an administrative assistant might be one of the easiest ones on this list if you have the right skillset.

Administrative assistants are in charge of organizing and keeping track of all daily tasks. You will answer phones, reply to e-mails, do all of the scheduling, and organize files both physically and virtually. You generally don’t need a degree to do this job, though you do need to have a personable personality and be extremely organized.

Often, this job allows you to telecommute, so you can do most if not all of it from home. And of course, as with all government jobs, you have an excellent benefits package and get to enjoy all government holidays off. 

Human Resource Manager

If you are looking for a challenging and fulfilling career, being a human resource manager might be for you. A human resource manager is in charge of ensuring all current employees are treated fairly. They must also make sure hiring managers are providing all future employees - including those with disabilities - with the right opportunities. 

As someone with a disability, this could be extremely fulfilling work and could make a meaningful difference. Doing this at the state government level allows you to meet your community and provide them with fair and equal treatment. Telework is often available, and a college degree is not always required.

Interviewing and Hiring Processes 

The interviewing and hiring processes for state government jobs might be more extensive than other privatized jobs. Often they will require background checks, drug tests, fingerprints, and sometimes security clearances.

You also want to have a solid resume to get you in the door, which is essential for almost any job. However, you are sure to be treated fairly no matter your disability, as they will undoubtedly follow the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

You can apply to jobs using Schedule A if you have proof of your disability, which is a quicker and less competitive way to get hired. This allows employers to choose a person with a disability, making the interviewing process less stressful. 

If you choose not to do this, remember that you never have to disclose your disability in an interview. Unless you would require accommodations from the ADA, it is illegal for your employer to ask. 

State Government Jobs Wrap up 

Looking into state government jobs is a great way to get good health benefits, a competitive salary, and job security. This includes the assurance that you would be treated fairly as a physically disabled person. 

As with any government job, be prepared to jump through certain hoops and follow practices unequivocally. If this sounds like it’s for you, check out our job board and get on your state government job search today!