Top 7 Government Jobs for People with Disabilities

7 Ideal Government Jobs for People Living with Disabilities


Thanks to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the employment marketplace in the United States has become more diverse and more accommodating to job applicants who live with disabilities. Amendments to the Rehabilitation Act have resulted in the strengthening of federal programs such as the Office of Disability Employment Policy and the Social Work Services division of the Veterans Administration. What this means for candidates searching for jobs for disabled people is that the chances of getting hired, particularly in the public sector, are looking better. 

One of the advantages of government jobs is that employers tend to be more aware of the diversity quotas they have to meet regarding workers with disabilities, and they’re generally better prepared to adjust workplaces to adequately welcome new hires. Here are seven government jobs ideal for applicants who live with disabilities. 

1. Human Resources Administrator 

This job tops the list because federal, state, and municipal governments rely on proper workforce management to provide crucial services to the citizenry. It’s always a good idea for someone who is familiar with the Americans with Disabilities Act to take on a compliance role in the field of human resources. 

2. Recruiter and Talent Search Executive 

At a time when unemployment rates are at historically low levels in the United States, employers are increasingly retaining the services of recruiters to help them find new hires in key positions. Job recruiters who work for government agencies may coordinate efforts with local job fairs and specialized employment forums. 

3. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor 

This job is crucial at a time when many veterans with service-related disabilities are trying to re-enter the workforce. When people with disabilities encounter peers who have overcome similar challenges, they feel empowered. Moreover, they welcome the unique insight of people whose life conditions haven’t stopped them from becoming professionals. 

4. Visual Information Specialist 

The U.S. Treasury Department is known to hire remote information specialists who can analyze large data sets and make visual presentations. This position is ideal for people who wish to work from home. 

5. Network Security Specialist 

Quite a few information security professionals work for federal government agencies such as the Selective Service System and Department of Defense, and many of these positions are staffed by remote workers. The Office of Disability Employment Policy directs federal agencies to give employees who use wheelchairs flexibility in terms of being able to work from home, and many of these employees choose information security careers. 

6. Loan Underwriter 

Although the U.S. Small Business Administration doesn’t grant loans, the certificates it issues to lending institutions must be evaluated and approved by underwriters. 

7. Data Entry Clerk

The ongoing effort of federal and state government agencies to turn completely paperless is far from over. It will take a few decades before the demand for data entry specialists is sharply reduced. To this effect, Veterans Administration offices at the federal and state levels hire quite a few data entry clerks, sometimes through outside contractors.


Don’t let your disability prevent you from job searching. People with disabilities can work in a variety of government positions, as well as perform many other different jobs. Take a look at the listings provided by disABLEDperson, Inc., and give us a call at 760-420-1269 if you have any questions.