Top 8 FAQs for People with Disabilities Seeking Employment

8 FAQs for Individuals with Disabilities Who Are Looking for Jobs


Finding a new job is always challenging, and there may be some extra things to consider if you have a disability. However, being informed about joining the workforce as a person with a disability can make it far easier to find jobs you can work disabled. Here are some answers to questions people with disabilities frequently ask while seeking employment. 

1. Should I Disclose My Status Before Being Hired?

Telling a potential employer about your disability is important because they’re not legally required to provide accommodations unless they’re aware of it. However, disclosing your status is a personal decision, so many people do wait until after they’re hired and know their coworkers a little better. 

2. Can an Employer Refuse to Hire Me Due to My Disability? 

An employer can refuse to hire you for other reasons like a lack of qualifications, but they are only allowed to refuse to hire you due to the disability if you’re unable to perform duties essential to the job with or without reasonable accommodations. 

3. What Are Reasonable Accommodations? 

You have the right to request reasonable accommodations that make your job easier, which may include anything from physically modifying your office for wheelchair space to getting time off for treatment. 

4. Do I Have to Be Officially Diagnosed to Receive Accommodations? 

Doctor-patient confidentiality laws still apply in a workplace environment, so your employer doesn’t have the right to ask for details like therapist notes. However, you may need to submit some medical documentation as part of the process for proving you would like accommodations. 

5. What Counts as a Disability? 

What legally qualifies as being differently abled varies depending on your location, so there’s no set list of conditions. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) defines having a disability as some sort of physical or mental impairment that impacts some sort of life activity. 

6. Do All Businesses Have to Comply with ADA Laws? 

When job hunting, keep in mind that businesses with less than 15 full-time employees, those not in an industry affecting commerce, and those that operate for less than 20 weeks per year don’t have to follow ADA requirements. 


7. What Should I Do if I Think I’m Facing Discrimination? 

If you think a business has violated your rights or discriminated against you, you need to file a charge against them as soon as possible. You can contact your local EEOC office to file the charge, and they will help you resolve the matter.

8. How Can I Find a Job That’s Right for Me? 

Research local companies to see if any of them have disability hiring programs that may make it easier to find a job. If you’re having difficulty finding employment on your own, consider contacting a federal or local program that helps people with disabilities. 


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