What Are the Best Sit-Down Jobs for Disabled People?

The above picture shows a woman sitting at her desk and working.

What Are the Best Sit-Down Jobs for Disabled People?

Many people underestimate the prevalence of disability in an incredible way. The numbers show that about 27% of the entire adult population of the United States has one kind of disability or another.

Considering how common it is to have a disability, it makes sense that many businesses have positions available for people with disabilities. In fact, there are some great sit down jobs for disabled people that come with excellent benefits.

So what are some of the best jobs out there that people with disabilities can get? Read on to learn all about the top sit down jobs available for disabled people!

Enjoy Sitting Jobs in Accounting

There are many different kinds of jobs in the accounting and finance industries. One of the great things about working in these industries is that you can get started with simpler jobs before moving on to more advanced ones if you choose.

For example, you can likely finish training to work as a bookkeeper in less than a year. Once you have mastered that and gotten some experience under your belt, you can move on to consider becoming an accountant or even an accountant manager.

All of these positions consist of complicated but meaningful work that you can complete while sitting down.

In the finance industry, you can also find positions like financial analyst or tax manager. Many people enjoy discovering all of the little ways the tax code allows people to cut down on their total tax liability. These kinds of positions can be a great choice if you have a natural affinity for numbers or analysis.

Another great thing about these industries is that skill can often rise to the top. If you do great work, people will want to pay you to help them make or save money. With enough experience, you can even strike out on your own and start a business as an accountant or financial analyst.

Work in Administrative Desk Jobs

On the other hand, what if you are more interested in working with people than with numbers? There are many administrative positions out there that have to do with helping people stay organized and on task.

This is another industry in which you can start small and build your way up if you like. For example, you might start out as an office clerk or an administrative assistant.

Once you are more familiar with the field, you might find that you have opportunities to move on to become an assistant manager. In time, you might even be able to work as a general office manager or project leader.

On the other hand, there are also some positions in the administrative industry available for people who prefer to work with numbers rather than people. There are plenty of data entry jobs out there that you can complete while sitting down.

Work With Computers for Remote Jobs

Remote jobs are another great option for people with disabilities. The good news is that remote work is becoming more common than ever. Almost any job that can be performed from home can also be performed while sitting.

Although there are many remote job positions out there, many of them are in fields related to computers. One of the great things about this field is that you can often teach yourself important skills.

If you learn how to design websites on your own, it will be simple for you to display your web development talents to others. That can give them much of the information they need to know before they decide to hire you or not.

You can also learn computer programming and work as a software engineer. On the other hand, you can find positions in IT support if you want to work with others and help them solve their computer problems.

Find Customer Service Job Opportunities

Every industry relies on people who can provide great customer service. The majority of customer service jobs can be performed while sitting, making them a great choice for people with disabilities. As a general rule, customer service positions appeal more to people who like working with people.

You can help people resolve their problems in this industry, but you can also work in sales.

Check Disabled Job Boards for Human Resources Positions

Another great option for people who like working with other people is to work in human resources. This kind of work involves helping businesses find employees as well as helping them take care of payroll. You may also need to update employee records and sometimes discipline employees.

Try Disability Employment in the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry often provides employees with a lot of flexibility. That can be a great benefit for people with disabilities. In the insurance industry, you can focus on selling insurance to customers or on things like data analytics that can help other people strategize how to find insurance customers.

Work in Marketing

Most jobs in the marketing industry can be performed while sitting down. Many people find it easy to get started in this industry because social media management is becoming so popular.

If you know how to reach people on social media, that can help you get your foot in the door. Later, you might consider becoming a brand manager or working as a copywriter.

Know the Best Sit Down Jobs for Disabled People

We hope that reviewing this list of sit down jobs for disabled people has helped you realize how many employment opportunities might be available to you. On top of that, the good news is that many of these positions provide excellent salaries and benefits. With the right preparation, there are many rewarding careers waiting for disabled people.

To learn more about how you can find employment as a disabled person, contact us here at any time!