What Benefits Do Sales Jobs Offer For a Person with Disabilities? | disABLEDperson Inc.

The above picture is of a man in a wheelchair sitting at his desk on his computer.

5 Benefits of Having a Sales Job as a Disabled Person

Sales offer a promising sales career for disabled people, including those with intellectual and physical disabilities. 

In the case of the latter, considering that the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandates businesses that serve the public to provide reasonable access and accommodation to all disabled people, most stores, supermarkets, and malls are equipped with ADA-compliant ramps. So those of you who’re looking for people-centric career opportunities such as those related to sales shouldn’t let your mobility impairment deter you. 

Besides, remember that some types of disability sales jobs can be performed remotely if that’s what you prefer. Here are the five benefits of a sales job for a person with disabilities: 

  1. No Qualifications Necessary

While having a business degree or sales diploma would be helpful, it’s not mandatory to have any type of qualification to apply for a sales position. But of course, great confidence, quick learning ability, warm disposition, friendliness, and negotiation, interpersonal, and persuasive skills would serve as great assets for a career in sales. 

  1. Connect with People

If you have the inherent ability to instantly connect with others, exploit your talent in sales. People with such gifts also tend to vibe with a diverse audience and derive joy from their interpersonal interactions. So … why not look for an opportunity that allows you to become financially independent AND indulge in your passion? A sales job for a person with disabilities would allow you to build a lucrative career out of your potential to build meaningful relationships with customers. 

Even special needs people are found to be suitable in customer-facing roles. Many individuals with different types of learning disabilities like those with autism and Down’s syndrome are known to be gifted, with a creative mindset, friendliness, and a knack for understanding people. These characteristics can be used as strengths when selling products, depending on the extent of the disability and the type of pre-job training provided. Another suitable candidate for a sales job is a person with ADHD!

  1. Assist Customers 

Differently-abled people can empathize with customers and assist them in finding what they’re looking for. Walk-in customers typically have specific demands which you can help meet by listening to them, identifying their needs, and helping them find the perfect product that meets their requirements – it can be immensely rewarding. If assisting people sounds like what you were meant to do, a career in sales would offer incredible job-fulfillment besides financial self-reliance. 

  1. Enjoy High Incentives 

Most sales jobs are target-oriented. While this may seem like a challenge, remember that it has its perks too … literally. Sales can be a high-paying opportunity as sales teams are offered attractive incentives as well as promotions if they do well. Of course it’s not easy to meet the sales quota, but then doesn’t every job come with its set of challenges? Besides, once you establish a firm footing in the sales process, it won’t be long before you adopt and adapt to a sales job for a person with disabilities.

  1. Work Remotely

The sales domain is as diverse as it is lucrative. It has many varied functions that offer versatility in terms of the types and modes of work available, with the option to sell over the phone, online, and in-person. Sales development representatives, account executives, customer success representatives, sales specialists, and sales managers are some examples of the different types of sales positions. 

As such, there are many sales jobs catered for disabled people. So, if a front-office customer-facing role doesn’t interest you, you can look for sales opportunities which don’t require a high level of mobility like remote (work from home) or even stationary back-end roles (in office) such as lead generation and development. 

Do these advantages of sales jobs for a person with disabilities sound appealing to you? If you’re ready to leverage your engaging people traits to establish and grow in a career in sales, apply today!