Your Disability Does Not Stop You From Having a Meaningful Career | Disabled Person

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Your Disability Does Not Stop You From Having a Meaningful Career

Life is a grand mystery, with much unexplained. One universal trend etched in the human psyche is the desire for purpose and meaning. This is a goal everyone aspires to achieve and ultimately leads to a fulfilling life. One’s work and career can be a significant avenue to discover purpose and improve their life, much like a visit to IV Me Now can improve your well-being.

Disability and health challenges are some of the key mountains some are forced to climb. The common phrase, “don’t let your disability define you,” is beyond correct, however overused. It is something one might find in every self-help book. 

The message behind the phrase is incredibly important and should not be taken lightly. Another lens to consider would be “Disability attitude is only as powerful as its master.” With a positive attitude and determination, one can truly live a phenomenal life with physical obstacles. This has been proven by many recognized individuals such as Christopher Reeve, Stephen Hawking, and Michael J. Fox. Each has experienced disability firsthand and knows the struggles of physical and/or mental suffering yet has not let their challenges overcome their desire to fulfill a personal purpose. 

What should be made abundantly clear is that if you have a disability, you are just as capable and talented to hold a desirable position. You, like everyone else, have every right to be unapologetically you and engage in a career you can take pride and enjoyment in. That, at the end of the day, is what makes life worth living. While you may have some challenges that some do not and your lifestyle might be accommodated, that does not stop you at all from discovering a meaningful occupation. 

The first step is easy! What are you passionate about? What motivates you? These questions are simple in nature, but imperative. Take, for example, a young man named Joey. He is quadriplegic and requires consistent care. Joey wants a career though and to do something productive. He thinks about his passions and recognizes he loves to educate children. Joey then decides, based on his conditions, to become a virtual tutor via Zoom. Joey uses his mouth to move his computer screen. While Joey has a significant disability, he finds so much satisfaction in being a virtual tutor. He ends up making it a full-time career. 

Many careers have multiple paths of entry. There is flexibility in finding jobs for disabled individuals. If you want to be a sales representative, a lawyer, a writer, and many other occupations, there are certainly ways to achieve your goal even with physical limitations. Additionally, countless American companies have disability inclusion initiatives. Companies have accessibility measures to accommodate people with health challenges. Today, more so than ever, people with disabilities are encouraged to find long-lasting and passionate career options. 

If life with a disability can be overly challenging, part-time career choices are also available. As long as you are financially stable, full-time careers can be very much a personal choice. For example, Christina is a young woman with Down’s Syndrome who is under the care of her uncle and aunt. They encourage her to work a few days a week to keep her occupied. Christina finds a job at Publix being a bagger and loves every minute of it, especially interacting with friendly customers. While she does not have to rely on her part-time job as her main source of income, she is entertained and can take personal satisfaction in the money she earns. Her Publix job gives her a sense of purpose and meaning. Her warm smile and outgoing personality brighten customers’ days. Christina is a happy and satisfied woman. 

A career has many positive implications that cannot be overlooked. Not only for individuals with disabilities but everyone. Beyond the ability to provide purpose and meaning, careers offer the gift of skills. Skills such as perseverance, punctuality, creativity, understanding, and compassion. Careers also offer a community, where people can meet great friends and even romantic partners. Careers challenge, entertain and reward. One only has to look at how Joey and Christina’s careers had an impact on their happiness and well-being. 

Each person is not defined by one singular entity, however, if a person embraces and loves their career, said career can become a part of their personal definition. That is the beauty of finding meaningful work. This truth has impacted and changed many lives for the better. Individuals with disabilities are no exception to the rule. 

Let us iterate, if you have a disability, that does not stop you at all from having a meaningful and exciting career. You are just as attractive and desired as any candidate because you have your own expertise and talents. A career can become a very positive experience in your life. We highly encourage you to find something you love and do it to the best of your ability. The results can be life-changing.