Respiratory Care Practitioner II - Grade 755 at Kaiser Permanente

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Type: Standard
Location: San Francisco, California

Job Description:

Under supervision of a physician experienced in respiratory care, is expected to assume clinical responsibility for specific respiratory care modalities & to adjust or modify therapeutic techniques w/in well-defined procedures based on a limited range of patient responses. Works under the general supervision of an administrative supervisor or at the direction of a technical lead to deliver respiratory care services to patients in all areas of the hospital. Must be able to adapt to the particular area of duty assignment & to perform special duties required by the assignment. Standards of performance for the area to which the individual is assigned must be maintained. Special duties may include provision of basic & advanced respiratory care to neonatal & pediatric patients in the intensive care unit & during transport. It also may include performance of a variety of diagnostic tests of the cardiopulmonary system & to determine the effect of disease & treatment on that system.

Essential Functions:
- Selects, reviews, obtains & interprets data
- Accurately transcribes physician orders to electronic charting system or dept'l patient master
- Interprets data to formulate goal-directed plan of care & determines requirements for treatment
- Recommends procedures to obtain additional data including radiographs, bronchoscopy, Gram stain & C&S, spirometry, blood gas analysis, lung mechanics, work of breathing, EKG, & noninvasic monitoring
- Performs diagnostic modalities
- Performs procedures & interprets results: ABG sampling & analysis, co-oximetry, spirometry, pressure-volume & flow-volume loops, cuff pressure, & sputum induction
- Selects, assembles & checks equipment for proper function, operation & cleanliness
- Ensures proper function & ready availability of respiratory related life support equipment
- Troubleshoots & performs minor repairs of equipment
- Participates in routine dept'l programs of cleaning, disinfecting & sterilizing of respiratory care & other related equipment
- Initiates, conducts & modifies prescribed therapeutic or diagnostic procedures
- Observes established safety & security procedures & protects patients from nosocomial infection
- Explains planned therapy or procedures & goals to patient in understandable terms to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes
- Conducts therapeutic procedures to maintain a patient airway, remove bronchopulmonary secretions, and/or achieve adequate ventilation & oxygenation
- Monitors patient's physiological responses to therapy, recognizes patient adverse reaction & stops or modifies or recommends modification to procedure based on patient response
- Documents all required info in the medical record according to dept'l policy & procedure
- Initiates pressure-cycled/volume-cycled/high frequency ventilation
- Weans/modifies mechanical ventilation according to assessment & physician orders
- Assists w//or performs extubation
- Conducts patient education & disease mgmt
- Contributes to dept'l quality improvement activities
- Assesses priorities for delivery of patient care & redistributes resources as necessary
- Protects data from intentional or unintentional destruction, modification, or disclosure
- Maintains a current knowledge base of dept'l info mgmt systems, including collection, maintenance, & dissemination of info, as well as approp audit trails
- Participates in continuing education for professional development in Respiratory Care & related fields
- This job has no supervisory responsibilities

Basic Qualifications:

- At least three (3) years of regular (20 hours of more per week) of recent experience as Respiratory Care
- At least one (1) year of clinical experience in the field of polysomnography preferred, may be required for this particular position
- At least one (1) year of recent critical care experience preferred, may be required for this particular position
- At least one (1) year of clinical experience in neonatal/pediatric respiratory care preferred, may be required for this particular position
- High School Diploma/GED
- Graduate from a respiratory care education program supported by CoARC or accredited by CAAHEP, required, with 62 semester hours of college credit, including a background in the basic sciences, or baccalaureate degree in an area other than respiratory care or Associates of Arts or Science degree, preferred.
- Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner in the State of California
- BLS required
- Certification (CRT) from the National Board of Respiratory Care
- Respiratory Care Practitioners who received their RCP license prior to 1986 and currently working at Kaiser Permanente are exempt from obtaining their CRT credential
- Certified or Registered Pulmonary Function Technologist by the National Board for Respiratory Care preferred, but may be required for this particular position
- Registered by the Board of Registered Polysomnographic Technologists preferred, but may be required for this particular position
- Neonatal/Pediatric Specialist by the National Board preferred, but may be required for this particular position
- Depending on the particular specialty, ACLS, NRP or PALS may be required for this particular position
- Ability to read and comprehend simple instructions, technical manuals, and short correspondence or memos
- Ability to write simple correspondence
- Ability to speak and understand spoken English
- Ability to effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations to customers, clients, and other employees of the organization
- Key board skills preferred
- Must be willing to work in a Labor Management Partnership environment
- Also refer to Position specifications outlined in the appropriate collective bargaining agreement