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CNA at Yale New Haven Health

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Type: Full Time
Location: New Haven, Connecticut

Job Description:

To be part of our organization, every employee should understand and share in the YNHHS Vision, support our Mission, and live our Values. These values-integrity, patient-centered, respect, accountability, and compassion - must guide what we do, as individuals and professionals, every day.


A member of the nursing staff who is highly involved in the delivery of quality nursing care. He/She will work in conjunction with the Charge Nurse to meet the resident's needs and/or resolve problems.


* 1. DUTIES:
1.Provides nursing care according to established policies and procedures.
2.Arrives to work on a timely manner and keeps absences down to a minimum.
3.Adheres to the dress code and comes to work prepared (watch, pen)/
4.Reports on and off duty to the Charge Nurse.
5.Takes breaks and meals as designated by the Charge Nurse.
6.Receives report and resident assignment from the Charge Nurse and satisfactorily completes the assignments by the end of his / her shift including documentation of care. Reports to the nurse any unusual findings noted while giving care.
7.Completes additional task as requested.
8.Assumes responsibility for all residents on the unit especially when the assigned caregiver has gone off the unit.
9.Alerts the Charge Nurse immediately of any procedures or duty that needs clarification or instruction.
10.Adjusts to charges in the routines to meet resident's needs.
11.Adjust and adheres to changes in policies and procedures as revised by the facility.
12.Checks the master schedule to see when h/she is scheduled to work.
13.Requests time off, and vacation according to the facility policies and procedures.
14.Works holidays according to facility policies and procedures.
1.Practices proper infection control techniques. Follows facility infection control policies and procedures.
2.Maintains meticulous personal hygiene and grooming of the resident. Give showers, bathes, and shampoos residents as assigned. Besides bathing and incontinent care daily AM and PM care includes oral hygiene, as well as denture care, shaves for men daily and women as needed, inspecting fingernails to ensure they are clean and well-trimmed, washing inspecting skin for red or open areas, bruises, skin tears, reports to Charge Nurse.
3.Toileting and/or incontinent care is provided according to the facilities policies and procedures.
4.Encourage resident to participate in active ROM when possible and perform passive ROM according to the facility policies and procedures.
5.Residents are assisted before, during, and after meals by placing residents in an upright position, ensuring teeth are in, glasses are on, setting up food in front of resident checking that resident has correct meal, at correct consistency and using Thickener if required. Give resident as much assistance as required (cut meat, open containers) encourage the resident to eat and/or feeds resident as indicated on the assignment sheet. Record resident's intake and repost to nurse if resident's intake is low meal is refused, etc.
6.Transfers residents according to method indicated on assignment sheet. Follows policies and procedure on body mechanics and use of resident lifts. Notify nurse if in doubt of resident's capabilities or questions about transfer method to be used.
7.Ambulates residents as directed by assignment sheet, Charge Nurse or Physical Therapy.
8.Obtains the resident's vital signs and weight according to shift routine or as directed by Charge Nurse.
9.Answers calla lights promptly for any resident and addresses the resident's needs
10.Responds immediately to bed/chair alarms, Code Alert or door alarms.
11.Collects specimens of urine, stool, and sputum as directed by the Charge Nurse.
12.Passes out fresh water and ice, nourishments and snacks to residents as assigned, being sure to follow the resident's diet.
13.Ensures safety of all residents.
14.Immediately reports to Charge Nurse any unusual occurrences or injury of a resident.
15.Immediately reports hazard/malfunctioning equipment to the Charge Nurse.
16.Obtains supplies for resident care as needed.
17.Assist with the transfers of a resident to another room or unit by packing the resident's belonging and then unpacking them in the new room.
18.Assist in resident's admission to the facility. Welcome resident and their family checking for name band, makes resident comfortable in the bed or chair. Unpacks the resident's belongings and puts them in appropriate place. Assist Charge Nurse in admission process as directed.
19.Makes resident beds, change linens as needed. Handles linens both clean and soiled according to facility policies.
20.Accepts changes in assignment as designated. Works in areas according to daily assignment.
1.Care for the resident's immediate environment and unit by making sure drawers, closets and bedside stands are clean, neat and orderly and the bed is properly made.
2.Ensures that resident is wearing a name band.
3.Places resident's personal clothing in hamper for laundry or in resident's closet if family does laundry.
4.Gathers and transports residents to recreational activities.
5. Accompanies residents to appointments at MD offices as directed.
6.Transports the resident to and from appointments with the facility.
7.Accepts changes in assignment as designated.
1.Communicates in a pleasant, polite, and helpful manner to residents, visitors, coworkers.
2.Works as a team member with co-workers.
3.Welcomes new employees and assists in their orientation by acting as preceptor.
4.Directs resident or visitors concerns to Charge Nurse or appropriate department head.
5.Exhibits a professional manner at all times.
6.Follows Employees Code of Conduct Policy.
1.Records vital signs, weights, intake, and output, percentage of meals, bowel movements, bladder assessment, and ambulation list on the proper forms or in the EMR. Notifies the Charge Nurse of abnormal findings.
2.Documents care in the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
7-3Annual heights during month of December monthly weights by the end of the 1st full week of the month. Clean bedside stands.

3-11Monthly blood pressure and pulses by the end of the 1st full week of the month. Cleans closets. Stores resident wheelchair and recliners in appropriate areas once resident is in bed.

11-7Name band checks on residents nightly. Name plate on doors nightly.

May be asked to perform other duties or be assigned Quality Monitoring projects as needed.
1.Attends State and Federal mandated in-service annually.
2.Attends in-service demand mandatory by the facility.
3.Attends at least 12 hours of in-service training in a calendar year (completed by December) as required by OBRA regulations.

Other information:


High School education or GED


Certified according to State of Connecticut Public Health Code regulations.


Demonstrates excellent communication and personal skills.