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Personal Trainer at Wisconsin Athletic Club in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

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Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Personal Trainer – Job Description and Performance Expectations

The goal of our Personal Training department is to encourage, coach and educate our members on the many benefits of regular exercise. As a Personal Trainer, you are responsible for motivating and inspiring clients by setting goals, providing feedback and accountability and creating enjoyable and effective fitness experiences. This is not a behind the scenes position – you are on the front-line letting your personality shine, connecting with members, offering complimentary advice, teaching classes and helping clean and maintain fitness equipment. You have an incredible opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives.

I. Daily Operations   

  1. Display a member first attitude by not only being raving fans of WAC, but also for creating raving fans; we are all responsible for attracting and retaining members.

  2. Be visible and interact regularly with clients and members using smile, name and eye contact.

  3. Acknowledge all members, especially the ones in the fitness center.

  4. Offer assistance, correction and advice when appropriate to members who are working out.

  5. Conduct daily walk through of the fitness center to ensure safe conditions.

  6. Attend Fitness meetings and Programming WAC University sessions.

  7. Conduct personal training sessions according to WAC standards; confirm all appointments.

  8. Help clean and maintain all fitness equipment.

  9. Keep members informed of fitness center etiquette; strive to say yes whenever possible.

  10. Follow all responsibilities assigned by the Programming Manager and General Manager.

  11. Be available for regular communication with Team Members and Programming Manager.

  12. Follow all Fitness department policies and procedures.

II. Team

  1. Catch Team Members doing things right and hand out WAC Bucks.

  2. Participate in 90-day review and ongoing Team Member evaluations.

  3. Communicate to Programming Manager innovative ideas and suggestions to improve the department.

  4. Work scheduled sessions or find a replacement; inform Programming Manager of any changes.

  5. Pursue ongoing personal and professional development and share what you learn with others.

  6. Follow all Team Member policies and procedures.

  7. Be a team player – strive to help out wherever and whenever possible.

III. Safety

  1. Own and immediately resolve pool problems to ensure member and guest safety.

  2. Maintain good standing for CPR certification.

  3. Know the Safety Plan and Emergency Action Plan.

  4. Follow all insurance, liability and incident report procedures.

  5. Regularly clean, sanitize and organize all equipment regularly.

  6. Report facility issues and broken equipment immediately to GM and Maintenance department.

IV. Financial

  1. Ethically communicate prices and sessions status with clients.

  2. Accurately schedule sessions in the member relations management system to ensure correct payroll.

  3. Complete individual Fitness payroll by due dates and times.

V. Income Generation

  1. Encourage participation by providing promotions to clients, such as the Buy 100, Get 20 event.

  2. Do part to help exceed Fitness goals – both individually and department-wide.

  3. Up-serve or recommend additional services of interest to our members at point-of-sale.

VI. Programming

  1. Act as a liaison between all departments to promote the benefits of Personal Training.

  2. Be aware of all programs, activities and events that are happening in the club.

  3. Sign up for upcoming programs, activities and events to increase WAC product knowledge.

  4. Utilize the Program Process when creating and evaluating Fitness programs and events.

  5. Assist in Fitness events, such as Super Saturday.

  6. Offer to write WAC Magazine articles for Fitness section.

  7. Participate in community organizations and positive social media to actively promote club.

VII. New Member Integration & Retention

  1. Work with member services to ensure a smooth transition from sign-up to Fit Sessions.

  2. Welcome all new participants to the fitness center and connect them to other programs and events.

  3. Utilize the 5-foot rule – if you are within 5 feet of a member, engage them with the WAC greeting.

  4. Create memorable experiences. Have fun while engaging members on the fitness floor.

  5. Follow up regularly with Fit Session participants and clients to ensure retention.

  6. Be personally committed to fitness by actively going through the retention program sessions.