Computer Acquisition Analyst 2 at STATE OF OHIO in Columbus, Ohio

Posted in Information Technology 28 days ago.

Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

The Ohio Department of Administrative Services is seeking experienced Computer Acquisition Analysts to join the Office of Procurement Services to perform the following:

Review, analyze, and recommend Information Technology (IT) procurement requests from multiple state entities to address the requesting state entity’s business and/or technical needs for IT and telecommunications solutions.  These solutions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Hardware, software, infrastructure, and networking, cloud computing, web technologies, mobile technologies, security, maintenance, training and consulting services

  • Provide technical assistance and make recommendations to state agencies, boards and commissions for acquisition of IT and telecommunication hardware, software and services involving multiple computing disciplines

  • Serve as project team member (e.g., reviews project business case/plan, attends on & off-site meetings, assists with determining appropriate computing and telecommunication technologies, cost effectiveness, agency utilization and consistency with strategic direction and infrastructure)

  • Recommend most advantageous method for making procurement (e.g. ITB, ITB by Reverse Auction, RFP, and existing enterprise contracts) and identify suppliers capable of meeting experience qualifications and specifications or solutions requirements

  • Determine size, scope and complexity of project determines agency readiness to move forward with project

  • Assess agency’s knowledge of current and future IT computing and telecommunication needs to determine if analysis is needed in other areas of agency’s systems, determines agency’s ability to support requested solutions

  • Identify additional areas to be considered (e.g., support personnel, ongoing maintenance costs, etc.)

  • Create and update project plans

  • Utilize technical writing experience and project life cycle knowledge to assist the agencies with developing solicitation documents to acquire necessary solutions and/or system components (e.g., hardware, software, consulting/integration services and cloud computing services) for projects ranging from small to large scope, low to moderately complex, low to high risk computing solutions

  • Apply Information Technology policies and standards (e.g., Security and Privacy laws) as appropriate

  • Facilitate and lead IT competitive procurement process during development, release, evaluation and award.  The process requires the review of supplier offers and may include requests for additional information and negotiations

  • Interface with multiple stakeholders 

  • Assist agency in determining the following: 

    1. Planning and implementation schedules

    2. Project requirements

    3. Deliverable acceptance procedures

    4. Staffing levels

    5. Payment structures

    6. Evaluation criteria and most appropriate evaluation process.

Perform contract management activities:

  • Review change requests

  • Develop and review amendments

  • Participate in issue and dispute resolution & ensure contract compliance

  • Process renewals and extensions, & contract documentation management

  • Provide responses to inquiries during contract lifecycle. 

 Evaluate agencies’ Information Technology plans:


  • Identify potential procurement methods 

  • Outline time frames based on procurement life cycle, scope of work, implementation schedule, availability of funds and technology

  • Ensure alignment, consistency and compliance with state direction, policies and strategies, and with applicable state and federal laws, rules and regulations

  • Conduct industry market research and analysis (e.g., in the areas of procurement, technology, business partners and suppliers, public and private sector, etc.) and applies the findings to a project, initiative, solution, procurement or contract event, which may require providing information (e.g., detailed reports and/or presentations) to various audiences (e.g., media, special interest groups and lobbyists)

  • Provide detailed advantages and disadvantages of computing and telecommunication projects, initiatives, solutions, procurements or contract events which vary in size and complexity

  • Conduct research to obtain specialized IT information

  • Evaluate new products

  • Review trade publications and attends demonstrations and seminars

  • Assist customer agencies with gathering information via request for information, IT organizations, public sector organizations or contracted business partners

  • Perform needs assessment activities which may include determining solution feasibility (e.g., identifies and defines agency’s computing and telecommunication business needs, and functional & technical requirements through observation and key personnel interviews

  • Assist agencies in identifying and evaluating pre and post procurement risks and applying mitigation strategies before risk becomes material.

Performs other related duties as assigned.

Completion of undergraduate core program in computer science/data processing/engineering; AND 24 mos. trg. or 24 mos. exp. in multiple areas of data processing (e.g., systems analysis, systems design, application development & programming, networking, hardware/software evaluation).

-Or 48 mos. exp. in computer programming; AND 24 mos. trg. or 24 mos. exp. in computer systems analysis & design; AND 6 mos. trg. or 6 mos. exp. in computer hardware, software & communication systems.

-Or 18 mos. exp. as Computer Acquisition Analyst 1, 64171.

-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.


18 months procurement expereince is preferred.