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Respiratory Therapist at Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation in Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Type: Part Time

Job Description:

We have the great privilege of helping patients and families re-build their lives. It's extraordinarily meaningful work and the reason we greet the day with optimism and anticipation. When patients "Ask for Mary," they experience a culture that has been sculpted for more than a century. Our hallmark is to carefully listen to patients and innovatively serve them. This is true of every employee, from support staff and leadership, to clinicians and care providers.

Mary Free Bed is a not-for-profit, nationally accredited rehabilitation hospital serving thousands of children and adults each year through inpatient, outpatient, sub-acute rehabilitation, orthotics and prosthetics and home and community programs. With the most comprehensive rehabilitation services in Michigan and an exclusive focus on rehabilitation, Mary Free Bed physicians, nurses and therapists help our patients achieve outstanding clinical outcomes. The growing Mary Free Bed Network provides patients throughout the state with access to our unique standard of care.

Restoring hope and freedom through rehabilitation.

Mary Free Bed values diversity and inclusion among patients, families and staff. We strive to hire people who reflect the communities we serve. Our employees will serve all patients, families and each other with dignity and respect.

Respiratory Therapist at Mary Free Bed are a key member of the multi-disciplinary team that collaborates together to provide patient-centered care. Respiratory therapist coordinate, direct, delegate, and provide care to multiple patients. Using a patient and family-centered care approach, each Respiratory Therapist develops relationships with patients, families, and colleagues that enhance the quality of care provided. Respiratory Therapy is performed with compassion and courtesy, and each Respiratory Therapist is responsible to follow departmental policies and service standards. Patient and family education is a primary focus and is a critical aspect of the interdisciplinary team's efforts to assist patients to gain independence, apply adaptation strategies, and return to home.



* Quality of Care - The Respiratory Therapist is responsible for all respiratory care provided to patients at Mary Free Bed. Through careful assessment of each patient, interdisciplinary collaboration, and critical thinking, each Respiratory Therapist develops and/or follows a patient-centered plan of care that aligns with the priorities and plans developed by the attending physician and other disciplines.

* Scope of services will include reviewing medical history and evaluation of patient for:

* Bronchodilator Care

* Ventilator Care

* Pulmonary Hygiene Therapy

* Tracheostomy care

* Tracheostomy changes

* Bipap/Cpap therapy

* Appropriate Oxygen and Aerosol Therapy

* Discharge Education and assistance in discharge coordination for patients.

* Diagnostic Procedures/Testing

* Blood Gas Sample and Analysis

* Overnight pulse ox study and download

* Metabolic Testing

* Oxygen Desaturation Study to determine home Oxygen needs

* Quality Improvement - Mary Free Bed is committed to providing rehabilitation services that are of the highest possible quality. Opportunities for improvement are valued, as staff and leaders will take advantage of lessons learned to improve future services. Each Respiratory Therapist will participate in performance improvement through identification of ways to improve care, reporting unexpected events or medical errors, and reporting "near misses". As requested, the Respiratory Therapist will participate in data collection and documentation audits to assist with quality improvement measures.

* Patient Safety - Each Respiratory Therapist is responsible to promote safety for all patients served by following all applicable department policies and procedures. Respiratory Therapist will understand and contribute to the initiatives that are in place to improve the safety of the patients served. Additionally, a culture of patient safety is very important at MFB and this requires all employees to be able to identify and report unexpected events and near misses without the fear of reprisal or retaliation. Retaliation or intimidation towards another employee for reporting unexpected events or near misses will not be tolerated. Finally, when threats to patient safety are identified, or opportunities for improvement are noted, these will be communicated with the Leadership Team.


* Customer Service - Each Respiratory Therapist is required to demonstrate excellent customer service standards and behaviors, while interacting with patients, family members, physicians, and colleagues. Each Respiratory Therapist must deal discreetly and sensitively with confidential information, and as needed, will perform customer service recovery with patients and families members.

* Physician and colleague relationships - Interdisciplinary team integration and collaboration across disciplines to provide patient-centered care is a priority at Mary Free Bed. Maintaining effective working relationships with admitting and consulting physicians at Mary Free Bed is an important responsibility of each Respiratory Therapist. In addition, each Respiratory Therapist is responsible to develop and maintain professional working relationships with colleagues from other disciplines that are involved in the care of each patient and family.


* Employee Competency - Each Respiratory Therapist employed at Mary Free Bed is responsible to perform within the policies, procedures, and standards of care set by the organization. This often requires demonstration of competency to meet regulatory and accreditation requirements and in alignment with recognized standards of care and best practice benchmarks. Each Respiratory Therapist is responsible to demonstrate competency in those areas required by the department, within the defined time frame.

* Professional Work Environment - A culture of professionalism, respect, and accountability is critical to fulfilling the mission of Mary Free Bed Hospital. Each Respiratory Therapist is responsible for encouraging a culture of personal accountability, solution-seeking behavior, and mutual respect, open communication, acceptance of change, enthusiasm, and pride. As opportunities for celebration and opportunities for improvement are identified, each Respiratory Therapist will share this information with a member of the Leadership Team

* Employee Safety - Responsible to follow all policies and procedures related to employee safety. When risks to employee safety are identified (self or others), will take appropriate steps to reduce those risks, communicate with the Director of Respiratory and to maintain a physical work environment that reflects the high quality nursing services delivered at Mary Free Bed.

* Staff Selection, Development and Mentoring - Respiratory Therapist will assist with employee selection and orientation process for new team members. Interview questions and feedback will be presented professionally and tactfully, and information discussed during the interviews will remain confidential, if needed. As a preceptor, each Respiratory Therapist will collaborate with the Leadership Team to provide a comprehensive orientation for the new team member.

Mary Free Bed is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, genetic information, veteran status, disability or other legally protected characteristic.