Radiochemist, Entry Level at Naval Nuclear Laboratory in Niskayuna, New York

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Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Are you a new or soon to be new graduate? Do you have
experience with Radiochemistry? Apply today! The Naval
Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is seeking a Radiochemist to
join the Radiochemistry Laboratory. The Radiochemistry
Laboratory operates gamma-ray spectroscopy counting
facilities to analyze local environmental and
radiological samples. The radiochemist will support
ongoing counting associated with the Knolls Site
Environmental Monitoring and Harbor Lab. The
radiochemist desired will serve in both leadership and
production capacities in these laboratories as the
business requires. The counting facility contains twelve
HPGE detectors, including four with associated sample
changers. Additional counting capability includes 24
alpha PIPS detectors for alpha spectroscopy of separated
uranium and transuranic isotopes, four Tennellec gross
alpha/beta counters and two Perkin-Elmer liquid
scintillation counters to support radionuclide
characterization. Our facility allows for the
preparation of both environmental and radioactive water,
soil and other matrix samples.
Daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
* Work planning and interface with sample sponsors.
* Interpreting spectroscopy data based on historical
isotopes associated with previous work performed at
this facility.
* Sample preparation, counting and data review in
support of ongoing environmental monitoring.
* Sample preparation for gross alpha/beta counting,
isotope separations and tritium analysis will be
occasionally required.
* Performing basic chemical separations, lab
techniques and pipetting.
* Operating Canberra APEX counting software for
gamma-ray spectroscopy and Alpha spectroscopy.
* Operating Canberra Eclipse software for the
Tennellec counters and Perkin Elmer Liquid
Scintillation counting.
The selected candidate will participate on the
Radiochemistry Initial Criticality Testing team, and be
an integral member of the Radiochemistry DLEAT (Design
Laboratory Emergency Assistance Team), as well as a
member of the Knolls site emergency response team.
Occasional work at the Kesselring Site may be required
to support peak work efforts during the S8G Refueling
Overhaul. The selected candidate will also work with
radioactive material and wear dosimetry.
* BS degree in a science-related related field from an
accredited college or university
* BS degree in a science-related related field from an
accredited college or university and a minimum of
two years of relevant experience; or
* MS degree in a science-related field from an
accredited college or university