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Medical Assistant at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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A medical assistant is an allied health professional that performs a variety of clinical and administrative tasks in a medical practice to support the work of health care providers. Providers may be assisted with all aspects of patient care in accordance with MAPS protocols. Note that in some settings some of the individual standards may not apply if they are performed by administrative staff. These standards will be marked N/A and will be excluded from the evaluation.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1) Maintains exam rooms, equipment, and inventory levels in clinical area between patients and at the end of each day.

a) Exam rooms - ensures that equipment and instruments in exam rooms are sanitized and in good working order. Replenishes stock as needed.

b) Medical equipment - ensures that diagnostic equipment and instruments are sanitized and in good working order. Replenished related supplies as needed.

c) Completes and maintains control and calibration records and logs.

d) Follows established policies and OSHA guidelines for cleaning and disposing of all hazardous materials including blood and bodily fluid spills.

2) Completes pre-visit planning including but not limited to review of

a) Cancer screening assessment

b) Health Care Proxy Status

c) Immunization status

d) Chief complaint

e) Ensure that test results and consult reports are received and available.

f) Attaches visit appropriate templates

g) Other disease or condition related data as appropriate

3) Receives and prepares patient for exam

a) Greets patients warmly and professionally at each visit.

b) Identifies patients, using second identifier at all times.

c) Determines whether there is an acute medical need and responds accordingly.

d) Records patient information pertinent to the visit per practice protocol. Examples include chief complaint, allergies, update medication reconciliation including need for refills, update problem list, update medical history including but not limited to Family, Social, Obstetrical, hospitalizations and ER visits.

e) Update questionnaires and quality measures as needed including but not limited to

i) Preventive measures

ii) Fall Risk Assessment

iii) Depression Screening (PHQ9)

iv) Immunization status

v) Take and record Vital signs

vi) Smoking status

f) Provide assistance with Health Care proxy completion as needed and ensure that there is a copy in the appropriate chart location.

g) Ensure that all required fields for routine labs, assessments, and diagnostic image orders are entered accurately and promptly.

h) Prepare patient and exam room for the provider's exam including disrobing and positioning as required for the visit type/chief-complaint.

4) Assists provider with office based clinical procedures and exams. Chaperones as requested. These include but are not limited to pap smears and cultures, suturing, and biopsy.

a) Sets up exam room and repositions patient as needed.

b) Assists provider with specimen collection as needed.

c) Properly labels and logs and sends out all specimens.

5) Performs and documents all medical assistant clinical procedures as ordered. These include but are not limited to

a) EKG

b) Pulse Oximetry

c) Spirometry

d) Ear lavage

e) Dressing changes

f) Suture removal

g) Other specialized testing

6) Administers medications and injections, subcutaneous and intramuscular, as ordered by the provider. Documents activity in the patient's record

7) Collects specimens as ordered.

a) Performs phlebotomy

b) Provides kits and patient instruction for specimen collection.

c) Ensures that specimens, labels, orders, logs, and requisitions are accurate and complete

8) Completes point of care office-based testing including but not limited to IFOB, INR, Glucose, A1C, Urinalysis, HGC, etc as ordered.

a) Performs and logs quality control testing on all office based test kits as recommended by manufacturer.

b) Collects specimen and performs office based testing following kit instructions.

c) Documents results and associated charges and reports results to provider and/or patient as per departmental workflows.

d) Follows up as instructed by provider

9) Prepares specimens being sent to hospital and other reference labs and ensures that they are properly packaged and picked up.

10) Reconciles laboratory logs daily both internal and external. Follow up on outstanding results as per departmental protocols

11) Coordinates and assists with scheduling and tracking of outside tests, procedures and referrals to specialists for consultation and management.

a) Schedules and/or assists patients with patients with scheduling of outside tests, procedures, and consultations as ordered by the provider. Documents activities in the patient's record.

b) Provides patient education materials and instructions. Assists, with transportation arrangements.

c) Ensures that referrals and/or prior authorizations, and other documentation needed are in place if needed. Initiates them when necessary.

d) Documents activities. Logs and tracks as per department protocol.

e) Follows up with patient and/or provider if test, procedure, or consultation is not completed within established time period or if patient declines or cannot comply with testing.

f) Tracks results and consult letters to ensure that they are received by the provider.

g) Notifies provider of all incomplete tests and consults and follows up with patient as directed.

12) Reconciles patient care logs periodically (weekly or monthly) to ensure that all tests (pap smear, blood, radiology, procedures, consultations, etc) have been completed and results received.

a) Researches and follows up on all incomplete entries.

b) Reschedules patients as needed.

c) Documents follow up activities.

d) Notifies provider of missed appointment and tests.

13) Participates in population management workflows.

a) Initiates and follows through on chronic care and disease prevention measure activities including patient empanelment and outreach by telephone, letter or electronic means to ensure completion of measures.

b) Document and tracks follow up activities

14) Facilitates and assists with patient communication.

a) Receives calls and messages on the provider's behalf. Screen and prioritize calls and portal messages. Include pertinent information as needed (ex: requested lab result information).

b) Return patient calls on the provider's behalf as requested to provide information, education, or communicate advice.

c) Release results (by phone, letter, or portal) and coordinate follow up as ordered.

d) Process prescription requests as directed

15) Reviews daily missed appointments (cancellations and no-shows) with provider. Ensures that patients who need to reschedule are contacted and rescheduled

16) Participates in practice improvement initiatives within the department and division.

17) Attends staff meetings. Participates in committees and workgroups as assigned.

18) Provides coverage including but not limited to cross-coverage with other medical assistants, secretarial support, scanning, and other tasks as requested by manager.

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