CANES Network Administrator III at Scientific Research Corporation in NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina

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Job Description:

As the Subject Matter Expert (SME) on a multi-skilled team, the candidate will be responsible for the implementation of the Consolidated Afloat Networks and Enterprise Services (CANES) system aboard US Navy ships. The SME will manage, troubleshoot, and correct incidents and problems during installation testing which are associated with the afloat system comprised of routers and switches as well as Microsoft and Linux servers. This will include all associated end-to-end system components and cryptographic devices.


The candidate shall be able to complete the following tasks with respect to the CANES system:

  • Provide inputs to detailed POA&Ms that provides breakdown of contractor work being accomplished in a sequence of events, space locations, and relationships with other tasks that provides estimated and then actual times to complete tasks.

  • Assist in or lead the Installation of hardware and software as directed by the government.

  • Support and perform CANES system performance checks, system under performance identification, troubleshooting, and repair of CANES components performing outside of design specifications through all phases.

  • Perform CANES support and configurations (routers, switches, templates, ACLs, etc.) to support and perform Stage 1-7 testing and support CANES operation provided as Government Furnished Information.

  • Perform the UNCLASSIFIED, SECRET, SECRET RELEASABLE and SCI CICD Production Load (portion not completed by CANES Staging Facility), Batches/Patches/FAMS/MSUs/CUs, CICD Shipboard Load, Data Migration, Pre-production and Post-production HACSIM software loads and configurations, hosted/connected/workstation application loads and final configurations IAW CANES documentation provided by the government.

  • Perform system pre-checks IAW government furnished information prior to formally commencing the CANES SOVT to confirm the system is operating properly. The candidate shall install and/or provide assistance to install all current batches, patches, FAMs, MSUs and other software updates that are applicable. The contractor shall provide a list of discrepancies during the system pre-checks to the government.

  • Develop, conduct, and document shipboard testing IAW the CANES System Operational Verification and Test (SOVT) and industrial stage test procedures provided as Government Furnished Information.

  • Conduct shipboard equipment and system testing in accordance with the Platform Test Plan. For each test, the candidate shall ensure availability of and obtain the necessary test equipment and keying material, set-up and groom the equipment, coordinate services and test participants, and perform the test.

  • Conduct CANES SOVT in accordance with Government Furnished Information. Report any problems experienced during the SOVT. Note discrepancies in the SOVT document. Coordinate, conduct and support SOVT discrepancy resolution

  • Provide CANES support in the loading of server hosted, connected and workstation applications and associated SOVTs.

  • Support and conduct the migration of the ship's force data from the Pre-Commissioning Unit (PCU) LAN to the CANES network onboard the ship.

  • Provide hardware and software SME support as required for hosted, connected and workstations applications being installed by outside activities.

  • Provide assistance in workstation provisioning, mounting/installation and workstation software deployments.

  • Support pre-trials CANES assessment and trials support.

  • Perform end-to-end CANES support during construction yard testing, delivery/Crew Move-aboard (CMA), PEO C4I end-to-end testing, final contract trials and Post Shakedown Availability