Security Systems Technician at Scientific Research Corporation in Chesapeake, Virginia

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Job Description:

The Shore Equipment Installation and Maintenance Management Program (SEIMMP) provides technical direction and labor for engineering, installation, and maintenance of electronic systems and equipment and the respective infrastructure, in support of FLEETCYBERCOM/COMTENTHFLT (FCC/C10F), and other entities, where directed, Security, Cyber and other IT related mission requirements.


  • Install network infrastructure (racks, cable trays, cabling, drops) for multitude of classification networks

    • Not including actual cryptologic or IT centric hardware for this area

  • Install and maintain Electronic Security Systems (ESS)/Physical security equipment, including:

    • Electronic Access Control (EACS)

    • Intrusion Detection (IDS)

    • Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

    • Mechanical access control devices

    • Video analysis

    • Enterprise solutions

    • Other related physical security elements

  • Support system administration of ESS systems, which will require certifications that are addressed in Section 13

  • Support of space modifications for FCC/C10F IT and Physical Security installations, through minor construction

    • Construction will be coordinated with local NAVFAC/Building Representatives

    • Construction efforts may include:

      • Installation of cabinets, racks or furniture supporting mission operations

      • Installation of cabling to include copper and fiber

      • Installation of cable trays, conduits, ducting and other raceway ISO of cabling

      • Installation of power whips ISO cabinets, racks and furniture

      • Installation of power distribution panels incidental to equipment operational requirements

      • Modification or replacement of doors incidental to Sensitive