EEG Technologist at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Mount Auburn Hospital - Cambridge, MA

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

1. Performs electrodiagnostic procedures, which includes routine EEG's, sleep deprivation studies, portable EEG's in critical care areas, andEEG recordings in suspected brain death. Mayperform intraoperative EEG monitoring for patients having carotid endarterectomy. Performs set up, monitoring of and concluding/clipping of continuous EEG monitoring. Records computer averaged electrical responses to visual, auditory, somato-sensory or other stimuli. May assist the neurologists in the EMG laboratory with patients and nerve conduction velocity exams if needed or in covering for the EMG tech. a. Monitors the effectiveness of all testing procedures as ordered by the physician. b. Adapts methods of recording instrumentation to obtain optimal results based on patient history, clinical observations, and test findings. c. Stays current with modern technology and current standards of practice in the EEG lab for best outcomes. d. Performs all duties in accordance with department policies and procedures; maintains the ability to perform competently in all clinical areas and following EEG lab protocols. e. Provides patients with considerate and respectful care. Preserves the dignity of the patient. f. Performs all procedures in strict accordance with approved infection control practices (refer infection control policy and cleaning protocol). g. Explains the recording procedure to the patient and family members as appropriate. h. Renews and refreshes knowledge and skills with uncommonly used procedures and equipment, on a continuous basis. i. Values interdepartmental collaboration and integrated approaches to problem solving. j. Obtains and summarizes the patient's neurologic status and clinical history from the patient record; provides initial technologist impression in the patient record and to the reading neurologist at the conclusion of each test.

2. Performs required written and verbal communications accurately. Verifies all ordered neurologic tests against doctors orders before performing the procedure. Records all tests performed in the patient's chart and in department logs in an accurate and timely manner.

3. Cleans and maintains testing equipment as appropriate, following IC protocols and manufacturer guidelines.

4. Establishes a work plan to ensure timely completion of assigned duties in accordance with department practices. Prioritizes incoming requests for services properly.

5. May perform Evoked Potential testing, as ordered by a provider, and includes visual, auditory and/or somatosensory EPs. Provides the reading neurologist with all necessary data and history to facilitate an accurate interpretation.

6. Practices electrical safety for the patient, technologist, and staff.

7. Supports and participates in the hospital's commitment to Continuous Improvement. Through the development and use of objective data, plans, implements, and evaluates processes that result in the delivery of integrated services.


1. Successful completion of a one or two year college training program for EEG technologists or equivalent training.

2. Registration strongly preferred.

3. Minimum of one year experience in EEG testing. Experience with cEEG highly desirable.

4. Verbal and interpersonal skills to communicate effectively with members of the allied health disciplines, patients and patients families.

5. Works accurately under stress.

6. Ability to move and position patients; ability to transport recording equipment to different locations in the hospital.


1. Patient care environment with possible exposure to airborne pathogens, blood/body fluids.

2. Walking, standing (80%).

4. All forms of protective equipment required; including, masks with some resistance to air flow.