Mainframe Business Specialist at Broadcom Inc. in Detroit, Michigan

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Job Description:

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Job Description:

This position is responsible to provide Mainframe subject-matter expertise, thought leadership andplatform and industry specialization within and/or across Broadcom's mainframe products or solutions in a manner that best positions Broadcom against our competition. The building of customer, partner and prospect relationships to better understand their business and IT challenges is absolutely critical to the success of this position

  • Lead or participate in a collaborative team environment and demonstrate the ability to work independently with appropriate direction to provide high-quality deliverables and recommendations using relevant best practices.

  • Identify additional product sales and professional services opportunities, assist in solution and proposal development, respond to customer requests for information, and participate in relevant business capture initiatives.

  • Create and implement successful and innovative solution business cases (BVA) that run, manage and optimize clients' key business processes

Key Responsibilities

This position must be seen by the customer as bringing tangible value in terms of experience, knowledge and expertise. This is achieved through a combination of broad real-world experience and IT industry-specific certifications. Overall, this position is responsible for delivering positive, quantifiable results for CA measured across five primary areas:

  • Customer Focus:Effectively and compellingly communicate Broadcom's key capabilities to address customer and partner needs

  • Financial Targets:Meet or exceed Broadcom's stated financial quotas and targets

  • Internal Business Processes:Demonstrate mastery with Broadcom's internal processes, systems and support structure

  • Professional Development:Demonstrate high-level proficiency and skill

  • Leadership, Teamwork and Planning:Collaborate with, and effectively run virtual team(s)

Customer Focus

  • Assist the Broadcom Account Director, Solution Architect, and/or Partner Account Director in technically qualifying solutions and their benefits to customers and/or partners.

  • Work closely with the account team and the customer or partner to obtain a deep understanding of the customer's technology needs or partner's offerings and architect a solution to meet them.

  • Build relationships across customer's or partner's IT silos and offerings to understand, build, document and share our knowledge of their infrastructure, challenges and potential technical impact of planned projects.

  • Understand and act as a valued resource early and often within the customer's decision- making process (e.g.: during the idea or conceptual stages).

  • Execute and/or coordinate complex product integration demonstrations and proofs of concept, customizing the demonstrations as necessary to address the customer's specific needs and environment.

  • Maintain a deep technical knowledge of the products developed by the mainframe division of Broadcom.

  • Provide technical specifications and requirements documentation as necessary to support the proposed solution.

  • Effectively position and present the benefits of Broadcom's solutions and specifically how our solutions will support the client's technical and functional requirements.

  • Provide technical leadership and oversight during Trials, Proof-of-Concept (POCs), complex demos, etc., as warranted.

  • Ensure technical requirements required by the proposed solution are clearly communicated to and understood by the client and meet the client's expectations.

  • Effectively communicate Broadcom's key competitive differentiators, by solution as defined by Broadcom product groups.

  • Foster and build relationships with customers and partners to develop references.

  • Strive to constantly improve the quality of all customer interactions.

Financial Targets

  • Directly assist account teams in achieving financial targets via the opportunity planning process.

  • Assist sales in accurately assessing and forecasting opportunities.

  • Evaluate alternative options to execute opportunities by the most cost effective means without negatively impacting deliverable quality or customer's perceptions.

  • Ensure long-term stability and sustainability of book-of-business.

Broadcom's Internal Business Processes

  • Coordinate internal/external resources to effectively pursue opportunities.

  • Disseminate feedback to product management gained from client experiences and issues to facilitate product improvements or enhancements.

  • Mastery of processes and tools for:

    • Proposal Development

    • Solution Architecture Overview

    • Statement of Work (SOW) Development

    • Need-based Sales Methodology

  • Contribute constructive feedback for improvement and enhancement of above processes.

  • Assist in the Partner Enablement process (partner selection, technical training and opportunity engagement).

  • Marshal appropriate Broadcom resources to effectively execute partner-led opportunities.

  • Understand and adhere to compliance requirements and Code of Ethics.

Typical Role Definition

Sr Professional Staff. A seasoned, experienced professional with a full understanding of Mainframes. Resolves a wide range of issues in creative ways. Complete understanding and wide application of principles, theories, and concepts in the field. General knowledge of other related disciplines. Strong competence with the various tools, procedures, programming languages used to accomplish the job. Usually works with minimal supervision, conferring with a supervisor on unusual matters. May be assisted by (and at times direct) less senior level employees. Requires daily decision-making capabilities and actions that may not be reviewed by superiors. Assignments are broad in nature and need ingenuity and originality to solve. Contributes to moderately complex aspects of a project. May assist more junior staff members with aspects of their job. Works on problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of identifiable factors. May play a role in high-level projects that have an impact on the company's future direction.

Job-Specific Authority and Scope

  • Generally works without consulting their manager.

  • Independent decisions are made daily.

  • Examples of typical decisions without manager consultation:

    • Development of solution strategies and selection of technical components.

    • Resolution of daily issues as the arise and escalation of larger issues

    • Advise and counsel to account teams and sales management regarding solution approaches.

  • Typically has no direct reports.

  • Typically has no total staff.

  • Typically has a geographic focus of Area (multi-country or multi-state).

  • Typically does not manage a budget.

Business Travel and Physical Demands

Business travel of as-much-as 50 or more percent yearly is expected for this position.

Physical demands:

  • Office environment. No special physical demands required.

Preferred Education

Bachelor's degree or global equivalent in Computer Science or a related degree.

Work Experience

Typically 12 or more years of detailed technical industry related experience. Experience working with customers, sales personnel and/or customer services. Experience in the related industry disciplines and technologies and related application experience (i.e. Microsoft Office as well as operating system administration). Experience resolving more complex technical issues and integration of multiple products to create solutions.

Skills & Competencies

Key Competencies include:

  • Customer Focus:Act in ways that demonstrate customer focus and satisfaction by building effective relationships with customers, identifying, meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and by treating customers with dignity and respect.

  • Knowledge and Application of Broadcom's Solution Sets:Possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of Broadcom's Mainframe products and range of solution sets, how to identify the best possible solutions to meet customers' business needs and how to appropriately position Broadcom solutions with customers.

  • Territory Management:Manage territory, considering each and all accounts collectively; establish accurate plans and forecasts; prioritize efforts; generate short term results while holding a long-term perspective to maximize overall territory viability.

  • Effective Communication:Deliver outstanding oral and written communications that are impactful and persuasive with their intended audience.

  • Industry Knowledge:Possess in-depth knowledge of a given industry and relevant marketplace; can speak with authority, e.g., on industry trends, best practices, competitive practices, regulatory issues, etc.

  • Effective Selling:Utilize solutions-oriented, systematic approach to selling, leverage mastery of sales best practices and Broadcom's sales methodology.

  • Business Acumen:Understand key aspects of business, e.g., business models and competitive positioning; also understand how business operates, including role of structure, systems, and processes; can speak in business language when applying professional expertise.

  • Financial Acumen:Use in-depth financial analysis to make decisions, evaluate opportunities and choices; knows how financial decisions impact business success.

Professional Development

Demonstrate on-going personal and professional development with respect to the following capabilities:

  • Leveraging formal and informal learning channels to continually enhance knowledge and understanding of current and evolving market, industry, technology and competitive trends.

  • Attain and/or maintain applicable industry certifications (i.e.: ITIL, Six Sigma, CISSP, SNIA, etc.).

  • Mastery with proposal development.

  • Technical and business acumen.

  • Understanding of IT's role and its impact in supporting the business.

  • Problem solving, solution expertise, consultative 'questioning' and active listening skills.

  • Communication and presentation skills.

  • Virtual team leadership and collaboration.

  • Technical solution expertise.

  • Mastery with Broadcom's sales tools (e.g., solution whiteboard, presentations, demonstrations) and resources.

Leadership, Teamwork and Planning

  • Champion a single brand, but drive cross-brand solutions where appropriate.

  • Define complex and detailed solution specifications for implementation working with the delivery team as necessary.

  • Demonstrate comfort around senior management and technical staff.

  • Demonstrate effective partnering with Broadcom's internal and external partners.

  • Collaborate with other technical experts to develop detailed specifications, as necessary.

  • Proactively seek and deliver feedback to local sales management with respect to opportunity progress and issues.

  • Apply specialized knowledge to analyze, design, construct and implement solutions which address complex business or technical requirements.

  • Match appropriate Broadcom methods or recognized equivalent to identified client needs.

  • Actively mentor and share lessons learned with peers and colleagues.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in team building and conflict management.

  • Recognize team members' roles, responsibilities, strengths and weaknesses in order to improve and optimize virtual team effectiveness.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in navigating Broadcom's internal processes and systems, and supporting roles.

  • Match appropriate Broadcom methods or recognized equivalent to identified client needs.

  • Demonstrate proficiency in navigating Broadcom's internal processes and systems, and supporting roles.

  • Demonstrate effective time management.

Technical Lead Key Responsibilities

  • Be the face of mainframe in account and in opportunity planning with sales

  • Own the technical adoption and sales cycle for new opportunities

  • Devise adoption and retention strategies

  • Understand customer's portfolio of Broadcom and competitive licensed products

  • Position competitive replacements and new product offerings

  • Understand customer's business initiatives and how Broadcom products add value

  • Manage technical adoption and sales cycles (presentations, demos, POCs, RFP responses, CSCP exercises)

  • Coordinate and compile mainframe adoption activities

  • Employ and document Business Value Alignment (BVA) and value statements IE: Did you know? As it relates to product value

  • Document customer activity

Broadcom is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We will consider qualified applicants without regard to race, color, creed, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, citizenship, disability status, medical condition, pregnancy, protected veteran status or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. We will also consider qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records consistent with local law.

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