Electrical Engineer at Scientific Research Corporation in NORTH CHARLESTON, South Carolina

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Job Description:

This position functions as the Electrical Engineer, providing OBO/Windhoek a full range of critical engineering and construction quality assurance and management and technical oversight of the Windhoek NEC Project. An Electrical Engineering degree is required.

The candidate is responsible for performing technical inspections of electrical work, monitoring the contractor's quality control program, and reviewing project drawings and specifications to ensure compliance. This position is established to support and assist OBO/Windhoek in ensuring the completion of the project in accordance with contract requirements. Specific experience with high and low voltage equipment, as well as telephone and fire alarm systems desired.

The NEC project site in Windhoek, the Republic of Namibia is a 51,800 m2 (12.8 acre) piece of property bounded by Dr. Kenneth David Kaunda Street on the West, Metje Street on the South, Nelson Mandela Ave. and the Klein Windhoek river basin to the East and an upscale residential neighborhood to the North. The site is located approximately 7.0 kms (5.0 miles) Northeast of the current U.S. Embassy location at 14 Lossen Street, Ausspannplatz, Windhoek. The Windhoek NEC is a Design-Build project that includes the following facilities totaling approximately 15,086 square meters:

  • New Office Building (NOB) (10,411 SM)

  • Compound Control Access Points (CAPs) (702 SM)

    • Main CAP

    • Consular CAP

    • Service CAP

  • Utility Building (UTL) (1,629 SM)

  • Support Annex (SPX) (1,292 SM)

  • Marine Security Guard Residence (MSGR) (1,052 SM)


  • Develops working knowledge of all technical requirements of project

  • Prepares responses to Requests for Information (RFI) for questions related to engineering

  • Coordinates the development of Independent Government Estimates (IGEs) for modifications and change orders

  • Prepares Monthly Progress Report summarizing project status, with emphasis on engineering

  • Reviews contractor's Requests for Equitable Adjustment and formulates written recommendations for consideration by the Project Director

  • Provides Quality Assurance for ongoing construction project

    • Reviews contractor submittals

      • Evaluates proposed submittal substitutions with engineering implications; makes recommendations to the Project Director

      • Reviews and evaluates design calculations and data from an engineering perspective

    • Ensures that the contractor is performing the required contract work in accordance with the design documents

    • Esuring contractor's work is properly inspected and corrective actions take place

    • Ensuring materials meet contract

    • Reviewing contractor submittals for compliance with contract requirements, and resolving conflicts

    • Review engineering shop drawings and determine if the contractor has complied with the final design parameters

    • Monitor the construction contractor's quality assurance and safety program

    • Observe onsite construction and determine if construction elements are being installed, formed, and executed properly

  • Monitor construction progress vis-a-vis the project schedule and submit weekly progress reports with recommendations based on the technical review of project documents and field inspections

  • Perform technical inspections of the electrical elements of the project

  • Other related duties as assigned by the Project Director