Material Coordinator at Mallinckrodt Pharmaceuticals in Hobart, New York

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Job Description:

Job Title

Material Coordinator


JR000011380 Material Coordinator (Open)


Hobart, NY (Pharma) - USA036

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Job Description


Materials Delivered to Manufacturing/Packaging and Set-up

Locates and moves materials from warehouse storage areas to production areas as required. Loads and unloads materials on the shipping and receiving docs. Loads and unloads materials on trucks used to move items from building to building. Maintains accurate records of the movement of materials between buildings.

Completed Goods Placed in Vault

On-Hold Materials Marked

Finished Goods in Distribution Center

Ensures all department BPCS and barcode scanning transactions are completed accurately and timely.

Tablet Drums Ready for Reuse

Cycle Counts Completed

Performs periodic inventory audits as assigned.

Waste Material Collected

Moves/transports hazardous wastes to and from appropriate accumulation and storage areas.

Raw Material Transported from Distribution Center to Warehouse

All incoming and Expired Raw Materials Sampled

Essential Functions

Problem Solving: Rigorously and systematically connects information, processes and events by organizing divergent information and searching for common themes, patterns, and causal connections. Undertakes a complex task by breaking it down into manageable parts in a systematic, detailed way. Thinks of several possible explanations or alternatives for a situation and anticipates potential obstacles and develops contingency plans to overcome them. Uses intelligence, common sense, hard work and tenacity to solve particularly difficult or complicated challenges.

Attention to Detail/Focus: Is thorough and precise in accomplishing a task through concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. Monitors and checks work or information and plans and organizes time and resources efficiently. Double-checks the accuracy of information and work product to provide accurate and consistent work. Provides information on a timely basis and in a usable form to others who need to act on it. Compares observations of finished work to what is expected to find inconsistencies.

Composure: Is cool under pressure; does not become defensive or irritated when times are tough; is considered mature; can be counted onto hold things together during tough times; can handle stress; is knocked off balance by the unexpected; doesn't show frustration when resisted or blocked; is a settling influence in a crisis.

Positive Attitude/Engagement: Shows commitment/dedication and accountability in one's work; and follows through on all aspects. Takes personal responsibility for resolving problems brought to one's attention. Goes beyond expectations in the assignment/task, or job description without being asked.

Escalation Process Adherence: Understands the scope of his/her decision-making authority; sorts through the facts and personal knowledge level to determine if an issue can be managed effectively or if it needs to be elevated to someone with additional knowledge that would impact the outcome; does not much let time lapse prior to making the decision to let others know; clearly and concisely explains the issue to senior leadership; ensures handoff to the next level has occurred.

Incorporates Mallinckrodt Cultural Hallmarks in daily routine:

  • Accountable: Promote responsibility. Forward thinking to anticipate potential issues and downtime.

  • Competitive: Continuous improvement oriented. Understand, promote, and practice lean principals.

  • Collaborative: Excellent written and verbal communication skills, ensuring professional and courteous interactions at all organizational levels. Work effectively in a high performing team environment; understand the basic concepts of team dynamics and team building.

  • High Performing: Understand and support performance excellence objectives.

  • Trustworthy

Minimum Requirements

Education / Experience / Skills:

  • High school diploma or equivalent

  • A minimum of three years of relevant warehouse experience in a manufacturing or distribution center environment.

  • New York State drivers' license with CDL classification, forklift certification preferred

  • Proven experience as a Material Handler, Warehouse Associate or similar position

  • Familiarity with voice picking systems or RF devices is a plus

  • Experience in using warehouse equipment (e.g. forklifts, pallet jacks)

  • Availability to occasionally work overtime

Working Conditions:

  • Physical demand involves heavy work where incumbent must exert 50 to 320 pounds of force frequently to lift, carry, push, pull or otherwise move objects. Moving of heavier objects is also accomplished through the operation of forklifts, pallet jacks, etc.

  • Visual demand requires clarity of vision at 20 feet or more and 20 inches or less with the ability to judge distance and space relationships, bring object into sharp focus and see up and down or to the right or left while fixed on a point.

  • Mental demand involves significant attention to details of paperwork and inventory situations.