Associate III - Engineering Design at UST in Newport News, Virginia

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Job Description:

UST is looking for someone with a high level of Simulink skill that can support model based software development. Domain experience in autonomy is a nice to have, but not a firm requirement. The Simulink experience is a firm requirement.

Job Summary:

The Systems Engineer researches, develops, designs and validates mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic hardware and associated control logic for use in large mining haul trucks.

Job Skills: Applies the required Knowledge, Skills, Abilities in the performance of essential job duties:

* Proficiency in system modeling techniques using Matlab/Simulink

* Ability to mathematically model mechanical, hydraulic, and basic electrical systems

* Understanding of the model based code development processes and tools

* Ability to create schematics depicting system operation and design

* Ability to write specifications and requirements that describe system function and logic

* Ability to apply basic electrical equations to circuit analysis

* Ability to install and modify basic control system wiring

Essential Job Duties:

* Develops mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and electro-mechanical systems for use on large mining haul trucks

* Performs system calculations and/or simulations

* Creates schematic representations of mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, and electro mechanical systems

* Interfaces with other disciplines (Mechanical, Hydraulic, Electrical, etc.) to create specifications/requirements that outline control system logic necessary for haul truck functions

* Writes software and/or uses model based design techniques to develop software modules

* Develops detailed test requests to initiate both component and system level testing and validation

Role Proficiency:

Electrical: Independently develop professional cost effective wire harness designs using knowledge of electrical engineering principles applicable to the design of wire harnesses and vehicle electrical systems.rnMechanical: Independently develop professional cost effective designs for Hydraulic Structural Components and Weld using knowledge of mechanical engineering principles including FEA; estimate and compute calculations as required.


* Electrical:

  • Development of wire harness routing designs in 3D which includes ensuring secure routing of harness to corresponding connectors.

  • Development of 2D wire harness drawings conforming with customer requirements and industrial drafting standards.

  • Design of hardware fixation components such as brackets clips and mounting points using 3D modelling module

  • Review and understand device and component technical datasheets.

  • Conduct detailed Study and Analysis for Project Scope Methodology Estimation and Delivery schedule preparation.

  • Create and understand schematic drawing creation* Mechanical:

  • Hydraulic Design: Design of hydraulic systems selection of Hydraulic components and fittings and Hydraulic routings using Pro-E Wildfire

  • Structural Design: Design of structural members bearings gearing heat transfer and engine related equipment machined parts castings and weld fabrications.

  • Component Design: Design test analyse machined parts castings weld fabrications and other components of mechanical systems and processes

  • FEA: Calculate to analyse structural integrity system loads and fatigue life using thorough knowledge of finite element analysis

  • Weld Design: Design test and analyse weldments and welding structural components.

  • Vehicle Integration and Assembly: Contribute to Mechanical/ Electrical integration as a part of vehicle integration