Trim and Inspect at Lamb Weston in Park Rapids, Minnesota

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Job Description:

Job Description Summary

Inspects, sorts and removes defects from raw product or processed product. Trims whole potatoes with a trim knife in a French fry/specialty potato product production facility

Job Description

  • Employee must be responsible to work in a safe manner following safe work practices while in the plant or on company premises.

  • Able to work a schedule of on 6 off 2 days on a rotating basis

  • Frequently work overtime when needed, in early, hold overs and days off

  • Lift and carry cases of product weighing between 10 and 36 pounds.

  • Utilize ergonomic practices such as job rotation as necessary

  • Remove foreign material and non-standard product from processing equipment

  • Frequently holding a trim knife to trim defects from raw potatoes.

  • Inspects raw and or processed products to ensure quality, when assigned to areas

  • Report any malfunction of food processing equipment as quickly as possible to the Process Operator, Crew Chief or Team Leader

  • Attend and comprehend all training programs and follow all company policies.

  • Perform sanitation duties during periods of downtime and as assigned by Supervisor.

  • Perform sanitation duties during clean up times and at times during line breaks, such as using a pressure hose, scrub brush and scraping

  • Have the physical ability to wear a wet suit and can use cleaning chemicals in a safe manner

  • Work in temperature and humidity extremes

Job Qualifications

  • The ability to trim potatoes effectively for areas of defect as prescribed by the trim evaluation under time limits as set in the policy of trimming potatoes

  • The ability to pick out defects at frozen inspection

  • Lifting 10 pounds frequently as in lifting potatoes.

  • Holding a pressure washer wand.

  • Using a scraper to scrape buildup from machinery and or equipment.

  • Lifting and carrying brooms, shovels and squeegees, doing bags inspection during poly runs, making sure box codes are appropriate.

  • Climbing stairs and or ladders either to perform job duties or to access work areas.

  • Lifting to 36 pounds occasionally as in shoveling product off the floor in the process part of the facility.

  • Lifting to 36 pounds occasionally as in picking up bags or cases of product during rework or working in the packaging part of the facility.

  • Continuous exposure to moving machinery and or parts while performing assigned job duties.

  • Occasional exposure to areas of high traffic flow of forklifts

  • Frequently exposed to heat and cold temperature extremes as well as wet and humid conditions, including wet, oily and slippery floors.

  • Keep your work area clean

  • Other duties as assigned