Brazer I - Coils - Swing Shift at Nortek Global HVAC in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Job Description:


Brazer - Coil Shop

Reports to: Manager/Supervisor, Manufacturing Operations

Business Divisions:Nortek Air Solutions

Time Type:Full Time


Specific Location:Oklahoma City, OK

Business Unit:NAS Manufacturing Operations

About Nortek Air Solutions

Nortek Air Management is comprised of two individual businesses, Nortek Air Solutions and Nortek Global HVAC with annual sales of close to $1 billion across three market segments: Residential, Light Commercial and Custom Air Solutions. Our Company's mission is Creating a Better Tomorrow Every Day. By living our core values of Safety, Integrity, Performance Driven Culture and Teamwork, we are a premier HVAC Company offering energy efficient and sustainable products and solutions that exceed customer expectations through employee's commitment to quality, customer service and operational excellence.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Manager and/or Supervisor of Manufacturing Operations, Brazers join pieces of metal together by first heating the pieces and then placing a solder-like filler substance on the joint. They allow the heated metal to melt the filler and seal the joint. Brazers are not the same as welders, since brazers use heat and filler to bond joints together, whereas welders melt metals at high temperatures to fuse them together. However, it is not uncommon for brazers to also be trained as welders. Working with extremely hot materials requires the use of protective gear to ensure safety.

Position Key Attributes:

  • Ability to personally live safe and hold themselves and other team members accountable by having their back in support of our Safety core value.

  • Has integrity, works transparently and recognized for treating others with respect.

  • Takes accountability to create and execute solutions that deliver desired results, and can "own it" in a Performance Driven Culture.

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a Teamwork culture.

  • Ability to support change as a catalyst for improvement.

  • Can thrive in a "legacy now" culture in which we strive to do the right thing for the company today, even if it is the hard thing, and leave behind a stronger company for the next generation of employees.

Why is this a great opportunity?

Our success depends on YOU! As a member of the Nortek Air Solutions team:

  • You are the lever to drive profitable growth and meaningful change.

  • You are closest to customers/markets and understand our business.

  • We move quickly. You can make the right decisions daily.

  • You are where success begins and ends.

  • Each of you can help make us better every day.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Brazes (bonds) together components to assemble metal parts as specified by layout, work order, or blueprints, using hand torch,

  • Guides torch and rod along joint of work pieces to heat to brazing temperature, melt braze alloy, and bond work pieces together.

  • Removes work piece from fixture, using tongs, and cools work piece, using air or water.

  • Cleans joints of work pieces, using wire brush or by dipping them into cleaning solution.

  • Examines seams and rebrazes defective joints or broken parts.

  • Connects hoses from torch to regulator valves and cylinders of oxygen and specified fuel gas, acetylene or natural.

  • Brushes flux onto joint of work piece or dips braze rod into flux to prevent oxidation of metal.

  • Aligns and secures work pieces in fixtures, jigs, or vise, using rule, square, or template.

  • Melts and separates brazed joints to remove and straighten damaged or misaligned components, using hand torch or furnace.

  • Selects torch tip, flux, and brazing alloy from data charts or work order.

  • Adjusts electric current and timing cycle of resistance welding machine to heat metal to bonding temperature.

  • Able to do destructive examination and testing of brazed joints completed by employees.

Position Qualifications


  • High school diploma or equivalent, preferred. Completion of some secondary/trade school technical and/or general business course is preferred.

  • Requires a minimum of 1 years of brazing experience (W1), or equivalent combination of technical school, on-the-job training and work experience.

  • Able to follow directions, knowledgeable of metalworking safety protocols and comfortable working with others,

  • Familiar with brazing techniques and materials

  • Ability to read, understand and interpret two- and three-dimensional diagrams in order to fit metal products correctly.

  • Ability to read and understand mechanical/piping drawings and applications legend for circuit and parts identification.

  • Able to operate and use hand and power tools (pipe cutter, ratcheting, standard wrenches)

  • Must be able to apply significant torque with hand tools throughout the entire work day (wrenches, ratcheting tools, channel locks, etc.)

  • Able to read a tape measure.

  • Able to lift and/or move heavy objects/components, frequently up to 25lbs. and occasionally up to 50 lbs.

  • Must be detail-oriented and possess good near-vision and eyesight to see details and characteristics of the joint at close range and be able to detect changes in molten metal flows.

  • Requires manual dexterity with ability to make coordinated hand and finger movements to grasp, manipulate and assemble objects, and handle tools.

  • Ability to work in repetitive motions and pressure involving fingers, hands, and wrists.

  • Able to stand for prolonged periods on a concrete floor.

  • Able to walk, reach with hands and arms, push, pull, stoop, bend, kneel, crouch, and crawl.

  • Able to climb ladders and work in high areas.

  • Must have demonstrated ability to communicate (speak, read, write) in English.

  • Good math skills are preferred to interpret drawings and specifications.

  • Able to work independently and with others.

  • Wear safety gear at all times

Nortek Air Management and its divisions offer a comprehensive compensation and benefits package. To learn more about Nortek Air Solutions, please visit our company website at

Nortek Air Solutions and Nortek Global HVAC are equal opportunity employers and do not unlawfully discriminate against any applicant on the basis of race, color, religion, sex national origin, age disability, sexual orientation, or any other class protected by federal or state law.