Lead Anesthesiology Technician at County of Riverside in Moreno Valley, California

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Type: Full-Time

Job Description:


Riverside County Riverside University Health System (RUHS-MC) Anesthesiology department is seeking a Lead Anesthesiology Technician for the Moreno Valley Campus.
TheLead Anesthesiology Technicianwill order supplies for the operating room and perform routine Anesthesiology Technician duties; the incumbent will also perform lead responsibilities including training and providing technical supervision to Anesthesiology Technicians within the department.

This position requires the flexibility to work a 5/40 schedule with weekend and holiday on call required.

Meet the Team! https://www.ruhealth.org ; for additional questions regarding this position please contact Veronica Garcia at vergarcia@rivco.org.


• Maintains inventory of supplies and drugs; prepares requisitions and orders stock as necessary; works with individual vendors to test and evaluate new products and equipment.

• Trains employees and provides technical supervision; detects common types of equipment malfunction, makes adjustments or changes for repair.

• Sets up ECG scope monitor, telethermometer, Doppler flow detector arterial blood pressure monitor, central venous pressure monitor, mean arterial pressure monitor and infraronde blood pressure monitor.

• Prepares, after each case, set-ups, including adaptation of anesthesia machines for each case, prepares appropriate endotracheal tube and laryngoscope; prepares nerve block trays.

• Assists anesthesiologists in reception of patients newly arrived in operating room; helps move patients onto operating table; provides technical assistance to doctors, nurses and students as requested during induction of general anesthesia and nerve block procedures.

• Sets up intravenous solutions and gives sets when requested by anesthesiologist; sets up blood filter and warming apparatus under supervision of anesthesiologist.

• Orients new nurses, physicians and residents to OR procedures; obtains information for billing.


Two years of experience as an Anesthesiology Technician.

Knowledge of:
Common medical terminology; types and names of drugs and medications; hospital operating room procedures and equipment.

Ability to:
Instruct and train employees in operating room procedures; give clear and concise oral and written instructions; prepare and keep records; safely handle drugs and equipment; establish and maintain effective relationships with employees, physicians, nurses and patients.


  • Veterans' Preference The County has a Veterans Preference Policy. Upload a copy of your (or your spouse's) Member-4 Form DD-214 (or NGB-22) indicating dates of service, and a copy of your spouse's letter of disability (if applicable) with your application. For privacy reasons, it is recommended that you remove your social security information from the document(s). A Human Resources Representative will review the materials and determine if you qualify for veterans' preference. See the policy here: https://www.rivcocob.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/C-3-Veterans-Preference-Program.pdf

  • Other Requirements: Basic Life Support certification issued by the American Heart Association.

MEDICAL/DENTAL/VISION INSURANCE: A choice of different medical, dental and visions plan are available to elect. The County provides a Flexible Benefit Credit contribution as governed by the applicable LIUNA Memorandum of Understanding to contribute towards the cost of these plans.

Note: Employees on assignment through the Temporary Assignment Program (TAP) receive different benefits. See the list here .
MISCELLANEOUS RETIREMENT: County of Riverside has three retirement Tiers through the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS).

  • Tier I (Classic Member - Formula 3% @ 60): Applicable to current and former County of Riverside local miscellaneous employees hired prior to 08/24/2012 and did not withdraw CalPERS contributions. The employee contribution is eight (8%) percent.

  • Tier II (Classic Member - Formula 2% @ 60): Applicable to local miscellaneous employees 1) hired after 08/23/2012 through 12/31/2012; 2) Previously employed with another CalPERS contracting public agency or a reciprocal retirement system, with a break in service of less than six months between the separation date with the previous employer and the appointment date with the County of Riverside. The employee contribution is seven (7%) percent.

  • Tier III (PEPRA New Member - Formula 2% @ 62): Applicable to CalPERS local miscellaneous new members hired on or after the implementation of the Public Employees' Pension Reform Act of 2013 (PEPRA) which took effect January 1, 2013. As of July 1, 2020, the employee contribution is 7.25% and subject to change annually.

A new member is defined as any of the following:
  • A new hire who enters CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who has no prior membership in any California Public Retirement System.
  • A new hire who enters CalPERS membership for the first time on or after January 1, 2013, and who was a member with another California Public Retirement System prior to that date, but who is not subject to reciprocity upon joining CalPERS.
  • A member who first established CalPERS membership prior to January 1, 2013, and who is rehired by a different CalPERS agency after a break in service of greater than six (6) months.

  • CalPERS refers to all members that do not fit within the definition of a new member as "classic members".

    Contribution rates are subject to change based on the County of Riverside annual actuarial valuation.


    This summary is for general information purposes only. Additional questions regarding retirement formulas can be sent to retirement@rivco.org or by calling the Benefits Information Line at (951) 955-4981,
    Option 2.

    If you have prior service credit with another CalPERS agency or within agencies, please contact CalPERS at (888) 225-7377 to determine which retirement tier would be applicable to you. CalPERS is governed by the Public Employees' Retirement Law. The Retirement Law is complex and subject to change. If there's any conflict between this summary and the law, the law will prevail over this summary.
    DEFERRED COMPENSATION: Voluntary employee contribution with a choice between two 457 deferred compensation plan options.

    VACATION ACCRUAL (Bi-Weekly Accrual):

    0< 3 year = 80 Hours (10 Days)
    4< 9 years = 120 Hours (15 Days)
    10 or more years = 160 Hours (20 Days)

    Maximum Vacation leave accumulation is 480 hours.

    SICK LEAVE: Four (4) hours Sick Leave accrual per pay period with unlimited accrual.

    HOLIDAYS: Normally 12 paid holidays per year

    BEREAVEMENT LEAVE: Allowed 5 days (3 days are County paid; 2 additional days can be taken from accrued Sick Leave balance)

    BASIC LIFE INSURANCE: Equal to one times annual base salary not to exceed $50,000 of term life coverage. Premiums are paid by the County. Additional Supplemental Life plan is available for employee purchase.

    DISABILITY: Short-term Disability benefit pays up to a maximum of $461.54 weekly, payable up to a maximum of 52 weeks.

    POST RETIREMENT MEDICAL CONTRIBUTION: A monthly contribution is made by the County towards retiree health insurance offered through the County as governed by the applicable Memorandum of Understanding.

    OTHER: There may be other benefit provisions as specified in the applicable Memorandum of Understanding. Please contact the recruiter listed on the job posting directly for more information.