Racker Packer at Imagineering Enterprises Inc in South Bend, Indiana

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Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Imagineering Finishing Technologies is looking for Racker/Packers. Full-Time and Part Time opportunities available! Weekdays between 5:00am - 5:00pm!

Racks parts in preparation for wet processing. Confers with wet processing specialists,
Level II or higher Racker/Packer, and utilizes internal paperwork to help make appropriate racking decisions. Learns to use existing racks to full potential, gives feedback to improve upon existing racks, and supplies input towards design of new racks. Removes parts from rack after wet processing is completed, visually inspects parts for wet processing defects, and packs them per work instructions. Moves parts to final inspection area for QA approval. Maintains clean, organized, and safe work environment. Remains flexible to perform other duties that may be assigned.

Essential duties and responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned, expanded & supplemented.

Read & Comprehend specific work instructions
Pack & unpack parts to customer specification
Rack & unrack parts per work instructions
Inspect parts for nicks, dings, blisters, & color distortions
Count & verify production orders
Utilize wire, plugs and/or racks to assist in preparation for plating
Operate Mfg. baking oven - read oven charts
Work in chemical induced environment with appropriate PPE
Work in extreme heat & cold temperatures - seasonal
Lift 40-50 lbs on a repetitive basis without assistance
Stand on a continual basis for duration of shift
Various types of Respirators are required for this position. Respirator training, fit testing, & medical evaluations are also required for respirator issuance.

Entry level. Develops the skills necessary to supply further input toward the development of new racks and racking techniques. Learns policies related to Quality Assurance Systems of Controls, and performs all In-process Inspection requirements. Works to gain leadership qualities necessary to coach and teach other personnel.

Assignments are fairly basic. Operator must however be flexible and possess the desire and commitment to perform several different racking/packing tasks throughout the day. Operator is required to complete all Imagineering internally generated paperwork. Through coaching and teaching from level II or higher Racker/Packer, expands on knowledge acquired in training to eliminate possibility of damage to material from racking/unracking. Must have completed training requirements to achieve this level operator status.

Individuals who inspect material for final acceptance must have:

Color Vision Eye Examination annually per IFT vision requirements
Near-Vision Eye Examination annually per IFT vision requirements
The Individual(s) must meet the minimum standards in one eye, corrected with glasses/contacts or not correct.
Must have basic math skills to count quantities.

Receives instruction as needed from level II or higher Racker/Packer on routine work, and detailed instruction on new assignments. Ultimately reports to Operations Manager

The individual is encouraged to complete at least 24 hours of job related training per year. This may include in plant seminars/training sessions, as approved by the Operation Manager.

Disclaimer: Although Imagineering has attempted to accurately and thoroughly describe this position, Imagineering reserves the right to change the same, including to change, add to or subtract from the duties outlined, within the sole discretion of the Company, at any time, with or without advance notice.

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