Anatomic Path Specialist 1 at Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH) in Boston, Massachusetts

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Job Description:

The Anatomic Pathology Technologist I reports to either the Surgical Pathology Supervisor or the Autopsy Pathology Supervisor. The Anatomic Pathology Technologist I works independently, under direct and indirect supervision, and performs technical and clerical tasks required for the efficient functioning of the laboratory and morgue

Surgical Pathology duties consisting of:

• Accurately triages and accessions all specimens including frozen section specimens
• Ensures proper labeling of all specimens received and troubleshoots when there is a deficiency
• Notify clinician of deficiency and follow QA protocol including filing safety reports
• Accessions specimens in accordance with approved department protocols
• Prints bar code labels and cassettes for accessioned cases
• Prints, add and delete cassettes, as needed.
• Distributes specimens to appropriate location including sending out specimens for specialized tests
• Assists with lab maintenance to include cleaning, restocking and specimen discarding
• Answers telephone and directs call to appropriate individual
• Delivers customer service in a professional manner
• Maintains General Data cassette printer and make service calls, as needed
• Prepares weekly pathology subspecialty schedule in the absence of the CLA Senior
• Grosses small surgical specimens under direct supervision of the Senior AP Tech and indirect supervision of the Technical Director, Surgical Pathology Supervisor, Autopsy Pathology Supervisor & Staff Pathologist
• Maintains proper storage of surgical specimens on designated shelf after grossing
• Photograph cassettes racks and assure proper archiving of photographs into computer system
• Loads cassettes into tissue processors and troubleshoot processor issues
• Maintain Continuing Medical Education credits per departmental protocol

Autopsy Service duties consisting of:
o Administrative duties:
 Reconcile daily manifest of patients
 Ensure all proper and legal authorization has been obtained to perform a postmortem examination
 Ensure proper patient identity matches consent
 Organize and coordinate medical record for review with pathology resident or pathologist
 Communicate any infectious disease, radioactive implants, etc. to staff
 Accurately accession autopsy into laboratory LIS system
 Scan all paperwork into RICAR, the laboratory document storage software
 Maintain adequate morgue supplies
 Acts as a liaison to other departments, specifically Admitting and Security as well as the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner and funeral homes
 Record and facilitate release of patients to funeral home staff
 Organize and set up weekly conferences

o Technical duties include:
 Ensure all procedures are followed in both the autopsy suite and morgue
 Identify patient by confirming two matching hospital approved patient identifiers at both receipt and release of patient
 Move patient from morgue to autopsy exam table
 Assist the resident or PA with external exam
 Assist with in situ organ inspection and dissection as needed
 Collect sterile samples for various tests possibly including:
• Blood cultures
• Viral cultures
• Toxicology tests
• Microbiology swabs
 Eviscerate consented organs
 Dissect organs as instructed
 Photograph and record data as requested by PA, resident or pathologist
 Organize and label tissue for processing and storage
 Properly restore body for acceptable release to funeral home staff
 Communicate any biohazardous risks including infectious disease, radioactive implants, etc
 Scan all materials to appropriate "SPOT" in LIS system
 Maintenance of autopsy suite including cleaning and restocking
• Sterilize instruments in autoclave after use
• Disinfect bench, tables, floor and any other surfaces in autopsy suite
• Discard biohazard trash
 Label chemicals and ensure proper storage and disposal
 Responsible for organization of saved tissue and eventual disposal
 Weekend on-call coverage, as needed


• Associate or Baccalaureate degree in science preferred - 24 credits of science required (Chemistry and Biology based)
• Courses in Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy required
• Two years' college level courses in Biology/Chemistry or related science to include 24 credits of relevant science coursework
• Courses in Medical terminology and human anatomy required

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