STRESS TECHNICIAN ll at Massachusetts General Hospital(MGH) in Waltham, Massachusetts

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Job Description:

Independently performs exercise tests, which are performed on a treadmill. Independently review medical history, assess patient, determine the clinical utility of the study, pretest probability of IHD, indication and contraindication of the test. Interact with computerized medical record reporting system to obtain previous test results. Carefully screen patients to maximize safety of the study. Demonstrate sound clinical judgment directing the actual stress tests. Assist with the daily conduct of the laboratory including, assisting with scheduling of patients, maintaining equipment and ordering supplies. Independently place by venipuncture a butterfly or angio catheter when indicated. Interface between all healthcare providers the information obtained from test results. Maintain all appropriate certification / credentials. Attend appropriate rounds and conferences. Provide in service when requested and approved by lab director.

1.0 Provides competent, compassionate care.

1.1 Performs a focused patient interview as an integral component of assessing patients' appropriateness for eligibility for stress testing.

1.2 Synthesizes complex physiologic parameters to determine appropriateness or ineligibility for testing of individual patients.

1.3 Maintains up to date information related to Acute Coronary Syndromes, cardiac markers, and clinical evaluation of patients with known or suspected Ischemic Heart Disease and applies these concepts in evaluating patients for stress testing.

1.4. Apply American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Guidelines when assessing patients for stress testing.

1.5 Independently performs exercise stress testing including 12 lead ECG interpretation, arrhythmia recognition, as well as recognizes indications for terminating the stress study.

1.6 Develops a personal philosophy in which one feels increasingly comfortable in taking clinically sound and appropriate risks.

1.7 Critically evaluates own decision making and judgments.

1.8 Documents relevant patient information on the data collection form and in the patient's chart.

1.9 Recognizes emergency situations and demonstrates the ability to respond appropriately including the

ability to implement and direct initial cardiac resuscitative efforts.

1.10 Manages unexpected clinical situations and multiple competing priorities in a flexible and adaptable manner.

1.11 Operationalizes the critical mission of the Nuclear Cardiology Lab related to the overall hospitals LOS priorities.

1.12 Possesses a global awareness of the daily schedule both for the individual as well as the entire staff.

1.13 Provides and maintains a therapeutic environment for patients and their families.

1.14 Articulates the role of the tech II to the patient, family and health team members.

1.15 Is open and inclusive of other's values.

1.16 Values and develops collaborative relationships with patients and families to optimize participation in the testing process, and thus optimize the quality of the test results.

1.17 Defines standards of excellence for patient's undergoing stress testing.

1.18 Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of patients served (school age and above) in nuclear cardiology.

1.19 Challenges and shapes systems on the unit and hospital wide to achieve best possible outcomes.

1.20 Actively empowers and advocates for patients and families to maintain their participation in decision-making and goal setting.

2.0 Collaborates with other professionals and directs nonprofessional personnel in maintaining recognized standards.

2.1 Teaches and directs all personnel for whom she/he is responsible.

2.2 Participates in orientation of new staff members.

2.3 Appropriately uses department resources.

2.4 Interprets hospital and department policies and procedures to other health care team.

2.5 Demonstrates a spirit of inquiry as it relates to stress testing.

2.6 Promotes the development of collaborative relationships with colleagues and peers by communicating in a constructive manner.

2.7 Values the complementary contribution to a positive and successful patient outcome from all staff groups within the department of Nuclear Cardiology.

2.8 Acts as a resource to colleagues for stress testing.

3.0 Participates in daily operational activities necessary for safe patient/staff environment.

3.1 Utilizes resources efficiently to facilitate optimal patient care.

3.2 Provides input to the Unit Operations Manager, Technical Manager, and/or NP regarding unit needs.

4.0 Maintains and updates clinical knowledge and skills based on current education practices.

4.1 Adheres to Department of Imaging requirements for training.

4.2 Identifies own learning needs and goals and develops a plan to meet them.

4.3 Develops and maintains professional practice through continuing educational

programs and appropriate learning experiences.

4.4 Contributes to relevant committees, professional meetings, continuing educational

and/or formal academic programs.

5.0 May assist in other clinical operations when available to do so



  • BS/MS degree in exercise physiology OR equivalent training from a recognized Allied Health Institution

  • Must be CCT or CRAT certified (or other equivalent)

  • Able to work independently as well as in multidisciplinary groups.

  • Very skilled in interpersonal communication with patients and staff.

  • Knowledgeable in cardiac pathophysiology with a good understanding of principles and techniques of clinical exercise testing.

  • Knowledge of new information and current trends in clinical cardiovascular physiology.

  • Ability to interpret the electrocardiogram and prepare complete report.

  • Ability to review and apply pertinent medical history to testing practice.

  • Ability to utilize a computer based medical record system.

  • Certification in Basic Life Support

  • Knowledgeable of pharmacology as it relates to cardiac medicine and the potential effects on exercise testing.

  • Familiarity with common exercise stress protocols.

  • Complete knowledge of indications and contra-indications to performance of stress testing and indications for stopping a test once begun.

  • Must be able to elicit an appropriate cardiac history from a patient to determine if any contra-indications to stress testing are present.

  • Ability to interpret rest and exercise ECG's particularly for arrhythmias.

EEO Statement

Massachusetts General Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. By embracing diverse skills, perspectives and ideas, we choose to lead. Applications from protected veterans and individuals with disabilities are strongly encouraged.
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