Dishroom Attendant, Senior at Brigham & Women's Hospital(BWH) in Boston, Massachusetts

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Job Description:

GENERAL SUMMARY/ OVERVIEW STATEMENT: Summarize the nature and level of work performed.

As a member of the Room Service team, the individual will be tasked to assist and deliver in a pleasant, friendly and timely manner patient specific high-quality food and exemplary service to patients, guests, and staff.

This position requires working with and assisting other members of the Room Service team and Hospital staff to ensure that all patients receive prescribed foods, and guests and staff receive requested food following Federal, State, Local and hospital sanitation and safety procedures. As outlined in the Food Service Department's HAACP program.

PRINCIPAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Indicate key areas of responsibility, major job duties, special projects and key objectives for this position. These items should be evaluated throughout the year and included in the written annual evaluation.

For all positions that include direct patient care, indicate with an "X" the age(s) of all patient populations served

No Direct Patient Care

All age groups

Adolescence (13 to 17 years)


Neonates (birth to 1 month)

Young Adult (18 to 25 years)


Infant (1 month to1year)

Adult (26 to 54 years)


Early Childhood (12 months to 5 years)

Senior Adult (55 to 64 years)


Late Childhood (6 to 12 years)

Geriatric (65 years and up)


  • Coordinate according to departmental policy and procedures the activities of the dish room. In particular, disassembling and the washing of the patient trays.

  • Self direct or direct others to wash, organize, inventory china, glassware, silverware, pots and pans to maintain service areas (Production, Room Service) with adequate levels of small wares equipment (china, glassware, silverware, pots and pans) to perform tasks throughout the day.

  • Follow and enforce the adherence to hospital and departmental hand hygiene policy and procedures.

  • Follow and enforce the adherence to hospital and departmental safety and sanitation procedures.

  • Properly set up for daily use, operate, clean and monitor dish machine. Perform temperature checks.

  • Operate and maintain dish room equipment such as dishwasher, power washer, pulper, and carts according to department policy and procedures and alerts supervisor of malfunctions.

  • Self direct or direct others to clean and sanitize equipment according to departmental policy and procedures.

  • Self direct or direct others to clean and sanitize floors for the entire kitchen area using the proper soaps, dilutions and techniques.

  • Self direct or direct others to empty garbage cans, rinse and clean trash cans. Replace rubbish barrels with new trash bags. Remove the garbage from the kitchen area to proper storage area. Transport trash and garbage to Service Center. Empty dumpster. Clean and rinse dumpster.

  • May assist with retrieving trays from patient rooms following hospital and departmental policy and procedures for tray pickup.

  • May assist in delivering patient trays according to departmental policy and procedures.

  • Retrieve large dirty carts from patient floors. Clean and sanitize the dirty carts and return to patient floors. Maintain a clean area on the patient floor for the dirty cart.

  • Self direct or direct others to maintain the cleanliness of kitchen areas

  • Adhere to departmental policy and procedures regarding personal cleanliness, hygiene and uniform.

  • Assist in orientation and on-the-job training of new employees.

  • Adhere to departmental and hospital policies and procedures and other foodservice regulations at all times.

  • Participate in and monitor, according to preset criteria, sanitation and safety procedures, including HACCP program.

  • Perform all other duties assigned.

  • Qualifications

    QUALIFICATIONS: (MUST be realistic, neither overstated nor understated, and related to the essential functions of the job.)

  • The position requires: the ability to read, write, and speak English; the ability to follow and give oral and written instructions; the ability to communicate with others, including patients, hospital personnel, and co-workers. These ability levels normally are acquired through completion of a high-school education.

  • Bilingual preferred.

  • Previous work experience (2 years or more), especially restaurant/hotel dish room experience, is desirable.

  • A high school education

  • Knowledge of the food and restaurant regulations set by the federal, Massachusetts and Boston City Health Codes and Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Hospitals

  • SKILLS/ ABILITIES/ COMPETENCIES REQUIRED: (MUST be realistic, neither overstated nor understated, and related to the essential functions of the job.)

  • Must be flexible, hard working, and self-motivated; must work well with others

  • Must be able to provide direction to others

  • Must be able to work independently 80% of the time

  • Must possess sufficient courtesy and tact to maintain pleasant and cooperative relations with patients, visitors, hospital personnel and co-workers

  • Must accept direction from supervisor

  • Must have good hand-eye coordination, good manual dexterity and a good attention span

  • Involves lifting items of up to 75 lbs., pushing and pulling of food trucks and racks weighing 300 lbs., consistent use of manual dexterity and body coordination.

  • Must have the ability to communicate well in order to discuss semi-complex and involved information with other employees, staff members, patients or general public in a sensitive manner

  • Must be able to meet deadlines

  • WORKING CONDITIONS: Describe the conditions in which the work is performed.

  • Works in normal patient care environment where there are occasional exposures to communicable diseases, odors

  • Requires standing or walking for the majority of the day (95% of the time)

  • Involves occasional lifting of items 75 lbs. or less and pushing/pulling of food carts

  • Works in heated and air-conditioned office, kitchen or dish room.

  • Works in normal kitchen environment where there are daily exposures to hot and cold temperature changes, frequent distraction from machinery or related noises, handling of food waste, scraping of used patient trays and dishes, patient discards, odors, hot water and caustic chemical solutions

  • Work involves occupational risks commensurate with work hazards and physical requirements, i.e., wet slippery floors, chemical solutions, handling hot water and soup (180-190 degrees), frequent bending and tray handling

  • Consequence of errors ranges from no harm to serious harm such as incorrect trays to patients, injured employees and broken equipment

  • Work involves rotating shifts as early as 6:30 AM to as late as 11:30 PM, required to work weekends and

    EEO Statement

    MGB is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.
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