Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 1.16.17

 New NGO Formed to Promote
Disability Rights

Several disability rights scholars have joined together to form
The Tangata Group, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting
disability rights. The group's name stems from the Maori language;
"tangata" translated means "the essence of being human."
The founders hope to consult on domestic and international human and disability
rights issues, including matters involving the United Nations Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the Americans with Disabilities Act,
and accessibility issues.

The NGO was founded by Professor Janet Lord, one of the original
drafters of the CRPD, Professor Michael Schwartz, a professor at Syracuse
University College of Law, and Professor Brent Elder, a professor at Rowan
University. The founders hope to promote better understanding of disability
rights and accountability for countries who signed the CRPD.

Full Story: Api Podder, Tangata Group Is Founded to Address the
Rights of People with Disabilities Worldwide, My Social Good News, Dec. 14,
2016, available at 



Video of Violence Against Teen with

A video that was streamed live on Facebook was shocking as it
depicted acts of violence being committed against an eighteen-year-old male
with schizophrenia and attention deficit disorder. Spokespeople from the
disability community say, as horrible as the video was, they were more
surprised that the acts were recorded. Violence against people with
disabilities is much more common than the public thinks. The U.S. Department of
Justice reports that "people with disabilities are more than twice as
likely to be the victims of violent crimes as those without disabilities,"
with people who have mental disabilities being the most at risk.

Rebecca Cokely, the executive director of the National Council on
Disability thinks that the extent of violence against people with disabilities
is even greater, especially when the abuser is a family member. Those cases are
unlikely to ever be brought to law enforcement.

Full Story: Mitch Smith and Richard Pérez-Peña, Beating of
Disabled Teenager Highlights a Crime That Often Goes Unpunished, The New York
Times, Jan. 6, 2017, available at 



EEOC Publication on Legal Rights of Employees
and Applicants Under the ADA

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a
document that explains applicant and employee rights under the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) for people who have mental health conditions such as
depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. The EEOC's goal is to raise
awareness of the protections that people may not realize they have under the
ADA in a manner that is easy to understand. EEOC says that employment
discrimination based on mental health conditions is increasing, and it wants
employees and employers to understand what employment discrimination is, when
reasonable accommodations are necessary, and what role EEOC plays in protecting
workers' rights.

Press Release: EEOC Issues Publication on the Rights of Job
Applicants and Employees with Mental Health Conditions, U.S. Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission, Dec. 12, 2016, available at 



Supreme Court to Review Definition of FAPE

The Supreme Court is preparing to review the case of Endrew F., a
child with autism whose parents brought a case against his school district in
Colorado over the meaning of free, appropriate, public education (FAPE) under
the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act. The Supreme Court will
review this case because there is currently a circuit court split over whether
FAPE means children with disabilities are entitled to "some educational
benefit" or "meaningful benefit."

There are policy arguments on both sides. Many parents argue for
the "meaningful" standard as they believe it would create better
access to education and related services for their children, while school
districts argue that higher standards would mean increased cost and cuts in
other programs.

Full Story: Rebecca Beitsch, Stakes High in Special Ed Case Before
Supreme Court, DisabilityScoop, Dec. 15, 2016, available at 



DOE Published Guidance on the Civil Rights of
Students with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has released new guidance
regarding the use of restraint and seclusion in public schools, in the form of
a resource guide, a Dear Colleague Letter, and a question and answer document.
The DOE also released a Dear Colleague Letter and a question and answer
document regarding students' with disabilities rights in charter schools.

The documents touch on schools' responsibilities under Section 504
of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, and presents
best practices for avoiding restraint and seclusion, and the legality of such

The guidance pertaining to charter schools also addresses student
rights under Section 504 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Catherine Lhamon, DOE Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, says
that "vigilant attention to the rights of students with disabilities will
help ensure fair treatment for every student and that every student has equal
access to educational programs and has an opportunity to experience

Press Release: U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on
Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities, U.S. Department of Education, Dec.
28, 2016, available at 


urged to make ride-hailing cars accessible to the disabled

Buffalo News-ALBANY – Former U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa
is getting into New York's ride-hailing debate, urging his fellow Democrat,
Gov. Andrew ...


10 people discuss what life is like living with
disability. buff.ly/2iWcaIu


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Fundamental Rights Of Persons With Disability Statistics and

Disabled World / Assessment
and charts show statistics of world countries efforts to address the rights of
persons with disabilities

Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 1.9.17

than $100G Raised for Mentally Disabled Victim Whose ...

Inside Edition-People across the U.S. have raised more
than $100,000 in support of a mentally disabled teen whose savage
beating was streamed live on ...

of Disabled Teenager Highlights a Crime That Often Goes ...

New York Times-“We have, unfortunately, devalued disabled people
forever, which means we devalue their suffering,” said Curt Decker, executive
director of the ...

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Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 1.2.17

 Happy New Year to our Community. We hope you have a Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

regs for Monday: Disabled workers, open records, chemicals

The Hill-Disabled workers: The EEOC is finalizing a
rule that will require federal agencies to enact hiring policies that favor
individuals with disabilities.

finds that employment rate among disabled better in states

HPPR-According to a recent study, Obamacare's expansion
of Medicaid coverage to people living just above the poverty line may be
responsible for ...

the Law: The ADA and mental health conditions

The Union Leader-Q: Are employees with mental
health conditions protected from discrimination and harassment under the
Americans with Disabilities Act in the ...

Help us make the lives of disabled people better in 2017



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Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 12.19.16

Web Articles filled with opportunities about disabilities and jobs

study looks at how the world treats people with disabilities


With Disabilities Escape The Toy Hospital, Go Mainstream


them wrong’: They are disabled _ except on the job


versus autonomy: advocates for autistic children split over tracking devices


makes Google Maps disabled-friendly with introduction of ...

Tech-Living in a world that's not designed for the disabled is
hard and anything we can do to help such people is always for the better. A
Google ...

road to employment: Disabled face challenges getting jobs

Longview Daily News-Unemployment among disabled adults
was double that of the non-disabled population. Over the last five years,
according to the U.S. Census ...

Career Dos and Dont’s For Every Job Seeker

2Glassdoor Blog / by
Heather Huhman -When I started my very first job, my parents had to sign
off on the permit I acquired through my high school—that puts me at almost 18
years in the workforce. Over those 18 years, I’ve been an employer for the last
seven and 

New DOL Rule Seeks to Boost Fairness in DisabilityBenefit

/ Bloomberg BNA
 -New DOL Rule Seeks to Boost Fairness in Disability Benefit
Claims Bloomberg BNA One study showed that cases involving long-term disability claims
accounted for [...]

Impact of Music Therapy on Mental Health
 - nami.org/Blogs/NAMI-Blo…


Holidays, Family, and Depression: A Survival Guide

Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 12.12.16

Disability Activists
Slam MTA for Considering Uber as an Alternative ...

NY1-Advocates for New Yorkers with disabilities have
long battled with car services whose vehicles are not accessible. Now they are
calling on the ...

A Personal Tragedy Inspired This Founder To Start A Company ...

Forbes-Speaking on how she got involved in disability issues,
Déjean says, “it wasn't until about eight years after the accident that I
realized this was a ...

Disability and
the Trump administration — what's next?

The Hill (blog)-Clinton, who spent a great part of her
adult life helping members of historically disadvantaged groups that include
people with disabilities, ...

Bill Falls Short

Disability Scoop-Y., said he will continue to push for a
bill that would fund electronic tracking devices for children with disabilities at
risk of wandering even ...

Target Disparities In Special Education

Disability Scoop-Under the Individuals with Disabilities Education
Act, states must identify school districts with “significant
disproportionality,” or unreasonably ...

companies still failing disabled' - Arts Council report

The Stage-Reasons to be Cheerful – Graeae is an Arts
Council NPO led by and championing the work of Deaf and disabled people.
Photo: Patrick ...

8 Disabled Women
Who Are Changing the World Through Politics

Autostraddle-And with the most blatantly ableist
President in modern history knocking on the door of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, disabled folks
have got to ...

Disabled Workers
Must Compete for Job Reassignments

Bloomberg BNA-Businesses don't have to reassign their disabled workers
into open positions ahead of more qualified, nondisabled employees, a
federal ...

With a Disability

New York Times-Dating is an emotionally risky proposition
for everyone, but it is particularly challenging for people with disabilities.
People who rely on ...

Did ABC's Speechless Make Life With Disability Funny? By ...

Vulture-There were other families on our block that had a
kid with a disability. But there weren't any families who laughed harder
than us.” Growing up ...

Air Travel More Accessible for Passengers with Hidden Disabilities - CAA

Disabled World / New
CAA guidance sets out how UK airports should support people with hidden
disabilities, helping improve travel for those with conditions including
dementia, autism, mental health problems, hearing loss and visual impairment


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