Disability News and Articles on Employment the Week of 2.13.17

for disabled send a distress signal to legislators

Minneapolis Star Tribune-Glen Stubbe - Star Tribune Jeff
Bangsberg testified at the Capitol on a bill that would help with the shortage
of personal care assistants for ...

gallery helps disabled artists achieve professional dreams

capital is home to more than 2,300 residents with disabilities whose dreams are
identical to ...

Want Answers On IDEA Website Outage

Disability Scoop-As we work to resolve this issue,
information regarding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
can be found below,” the note reads.

You Can't Rely on Social Security Disability Insurance

Motley Fool-Most people would agree on the importance of
life insurance, but few of us have even considered buying disability insurance
-- though you're ...

Workplace Disability Discrimination
Claims Set New Record

Disability Scoop-The EEOC has tracked disability-related
workplace discrimination since 1992. In addition, the agency also monitors
employment discrimination ...


You can download presentations from the State of the
Science panels online: ow.ly/KMZf308Xyxo

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If you aren't sure how to answer a question, it's OK to
ask the interviewer for clarification. trib.al/QGlb1LE

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The Ten Keys to Success at Job and Career Fairs bit.ly/2crtyog (#9!
-you never know what can come from striking up a conversation!)

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Here’s how to show you’re ready for the next step in your
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Disability News and Articles of Employment the Week of 2.6.17

plans national championships for disabled golfers

Golfweek.com-Next in the works, according to various USGA
officials, are national championships for men and women involving disabled golfers.
There are a ...

the Disabled Traveler, Strategies for a Successful Trip

New York Times-that provides both encouragement for disabled travelers
and practical advice on navigating the world from a scooter or wheelchair. The
elder ...

Ask a Career Coach: Is My Interview Outfit the Reason I'm Not
Getting the Job?

The Daily Muse / by
Kyle Lee -How you present yourself at an interview is important, but
you're not getting graded on your outfit, so try not to overthink it. Advice on
appropriate attire.

the 8 worst questions to ask at your job interview

Ask a Manager -At
the end of a job interview, your interviewer is likely to ask you what
questions you have. This is the time for you to ask all the things that you
need to know to help you decide if the job and the company 

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#WorkitDaily Challenge: Be More Coachable. It’s
important to be able to embrace what others are trying to teach you. bit.ly/2jUiFvj


Lean how researchers are investigating #autism's
environmental risk factors shar.es/19HUBx

Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 1.30.17

isn't doing enough to help the disabled, report says

KMBC Kansas City-A federal court monitor is criticizing
Illinois for failing to ensure that people with developmental disabilities
receive adequate support within their ...

Disabled veterans
could get a property tax break under proposed law

Charlotte Observer-North Carolina's severely disabled military
veterans would get a property tax break under a proposal supported by several
state legislators in ...

treasurer to launch tax-free savings accounts for people with ...

Chicago Tribune-Illinois is forming a coalition with 13
other states to allow people with a disability or blindness and their
families to open tax-deferred investment ...

Global Universities' Disability Support Services

U.S. News & World Report-Most global universities
have dedicated webpages with detailed information for students with disabilities.
(Inti St Clair/Getty Images).

Hiring Freeze May Worsen 526-Day Disability Case Backlog

Bloomberg-President Donald Trump's federal hiring freeze
may exacerbate a backlog of appeals for Social Security Disability Insurance
that has grown so ...

Why is a Positive Attitude Important

Branding Blog – Stand Out In Your Career
 / by Debra Benton / It’s
human nature to gravitate toward people, information, or places that imply a
happier outlook. You provide that outlook for yourself, one that no one can
take away. Frankly, few of us have any. 

everything you need to know about job references

Ask a Manager / When
an interviewer asks you for a list of references, are you confident about the
names you hand over? Do you wonder what kind of questions they might be asked,
or whether you’ve picked the right 

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National Trends in #Disability #Employment –
2016 Full-Year-in-Review abilitychicagoinfo.blogspot.com/2017/01/nation…

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Depression, Anxiety Up Mortality Risk for Some Cancers psychcentral.com/news/2017/01/3…

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Here are 7 questions to ask at your next #jobinterview. bit.ly/1OnuVCq #josbsearch


 disABLEDperson, Inc.



Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 1.23.17

Disability References
Removed From White House Website

Disability Scoop-Trump did not make disability issues
a focus during his campaign, though he drew fire as a candidate for appearing
to mock a reporter with a ...

Why Disability Is
The Latest Fashion Industry Frontier

Bustle-Driving home from Thanksgiving two years ago,
Karin Hitselberger was confronted with what she calls an “accidental supernova”
of sorts.

the right fit: Physical disability needn't prevent exercise

Toledo Blade-It may seem counterintuitive, but physical disability needn't
be a barrier to physical fitness. Consider Marcus Meyers and Jarret Beck, who
took ...

is the White House Trying to Tell People with Disabilities?

Huffington Post-The nation's last Republican President,
George W. Bush, stated in his first month in office about people with disabilities,
"Wherever any barrier ...

things that will make you look unprofessional in your job

Ask a Manager / If
you’re job-searching, you probably (hopefully!) know the basic professionalism
mistakes to avoid, like using an unprofessional moniker in your email address,
having a silly outgoing voicemail 


It's not in your head—you are getting asked the same
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The BEST words to feature on your resume: 1. Achieved 2.
Improved 3. Trained/mentored See the complete list here: cb.com/2jJgkoq!

Disability News and Articles from Across the Web the week of 1.16.17

 New NGO Formed to Promote
Disability Rights

Several disability rights scholars have joined together to form
The Tangata Group, a nongovernmental organization (NGO) dedicated to promoting
disability rights. The group's name stems from the Maori language;
"tangata" translated means "the essence of being human."
The founders hope to consult on domestic and international human and disability
rights issues, including matters involving the United Nations Convention on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the Americans with Disabilities Act,
and accessibility issues.

The NGO was founded by Professor Janet Lord, one of the original
drafters of the CRPD, Professor Michael Schwartz, a professor at Syracuse
University College of Law, and Professor Brent Elder, a professor at Rowan
University. The founders hope to promote better understanding of disability
rights and accountability for countries who signed the CRPD.

Full Story: Api Podder, Tangata Group Is Founded to Address the
Rights of People with Disabilities Worldwide, My Social Good News, Dec. 14,
2016, available at 



Video of Violence Against Teen with

A video that was streamed live on Facebook was shocking as it
depicted acts of violence being committed against an eighteen-year-old male
with schizophrenia and attention deficit disorder. Spokespeople from the
disability community say, as horrible as the video was, they were more
surprised that the acts were recorded. Violence against people with
disabilities is much more common than the public thinks. The U.S. Department of
Justice reports that "people with disabilities are more than twice as
likely to be the victims of violent crimes as those without disabilities,"
with people who have mental disabilities being the most at risk.

Rebecca Cokely, the executive director of the National Council on
Disability thinks that the extent of violence against people with disabilities
is even greater, especially when the abuser is a family member. Those cases are
unlikely to ever be brought to law enforcement.

Full Story: Mitch Smith and Richard Pérez-Peña, Beating of
Disabled Teenager Highlights a Crime That Often Goes Unpunished, The New York
Times, Jan. 6, 2017, available at 



EEOC Publication on Legal Rights of Employees
and Applicants Under the ADA

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) released a
document that explains applicant and employee rights under the Americans with
Disabilities Act (ADA) for people who have mental health conditions such as
depression or post-traumatic stress disorder. The EEOC's goal is to raise
awareness of the protections that people may not realize they have under the
ADA in a manner that is easy to understand. EEOC says that employment
discrimination based on mental health conditions is increasing, and it wants
employees and employers to understand what employment discrimination is, when
reasonable accommodations are necessary, and what role EEOC plays in protecting
workers' rights.

Press Release: EEOC Issues Publication on the Rights of Job
Applicants and Employees with Mental Health Conditions, U.S. Equal Employment
Opportunity Commission, Dec. 12, 2016, available at 



Supreme Court to Review Definition of FAPE

The Supreme Court is preparing to review the case of Endrew F., a
child with autism whose parents brought a case against his school district in
Colorado over the meaning of free, appropriate, public education (FAPE) under
the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act. The Supreme Court will
review this case because there is currently a circuit court split over whether
FAPE means children with disabilities are entitled to "some educational
benefit" or "meaningful benefit."

There are policy arguments on both sides. Many parents argue for
the "meaningful" standard as they believe it would create better
access to education and related services for their children, while school
districts argue that higher standards would mean increased cost and cuts in
other programs.

Full Story: Rebecca Beitsch, Stakes High in Special Ed Case Before
Supreme Court, DisabilityScoop, Dec. 15, 2016, available at 



DOE Published Guidance on the Civil Rights of
Students with Disabilities

The U.S. Department of Education (DOE) has released new guidance
regarding the use of restraint and seclusion in public schools, in the form of
a resource guide, a Dear Colleague Letter, and a question and answer document.
The DOE also released a Dear Colleague Letter and a question and answer
document regarding students' with disabilities rights in charter schools.

The documents touch on schools' responsibilities under Section 504
of the Rehabilitation Act and Americans with Disabilities Act, and presents
best practices for avoiding restraint and seclusion, and the legality of such

The guidance pertaining to charter schools also addresses student
rights under Section 504 and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.

Catherine Lhamon, DOE Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights, says
that "vigilant attention to the rights of students with disabilities will
help ensure fair treatment for every student and that every student has equal
access to educational programs and has an opportunity to experience

Press Release: U.S. Department of Education Releases Guidance on
Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities, U.S. Department of Education, Dec.
28, 2016, available at 


urged to make ride-hailing cars accessible to the disabled

Buffalo News-ALBANY – Former U.S. Sen. Tom Harkin of Iowa
is getting into New York's ride-hailing debate, urging his fellow Democrat,
Gov. Andrew ...


10 people discuss what life is like living with
disability. buff.ly/2iWcaIu


Insert your voice into the debate over the future of
health care and protect #mentalhealth. Call Congress TOMORROW. nami.org/About-NAMI/NAM…


Does Anger Management Work? blogs.psychcentral.com/anger/2017/01/…

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Fundamental Rights Of Persons With Disability Statistics and

Disabled World / Assessment
and charts show statistics of world countries efforts to address the rights of
persons with disabilities