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  • Accessible Technology 101

    In today’s workplace, technology is one of the central drivers of productivity and success, for all workers.  But when workplace technology isn’t...

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  • Affirmative Action and People with Disabilities

    What is affirmative action?

    Affirmative action is a set of positive steps that employers use to promote equal employment opportunity and to eliminate discrimination. It includes expanded outreach, recruitment, mentoring, training, management development and other programs designed to help employers hire, retain and ad...

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  • Disability Career Development | Disabled Person

    Career Development For People With Disabilities. People with disabilities are like other employees; they want to do a good job, appreciate constructive supervision, enjoy new challenges and want to get ahead. Businesses that successfully recruit and retain qualified employees maintain a competitive edge in the global marketpl...

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  • Diversity and Disability

    Diversity and Disability Workforce diversity has become a major management strategy for many employers in the 1990's because it makes good business sense. A diverse workforce gives companies a competitive advantage by enabling them to better meet the needs of their customers, successfully compete in the global marketplace, ...

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  • Employment Practices for People with Disabilities

    Disability Friendly Strategies for the Workplace Employers who include disability issues in corporate diversity policies enrich and enhance workplace benefits in the new economy. Such benefits include diverse leadership, innovation, increase in overall morale and the ability to cast a wider recruiting net. Outlined below are strategies to...

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  • Job Searching Tips for People with Disabilities

    Disclosure For many job seekers with disabilities, the issue of “disclosure” (if, when and how to alert an employer to their disability) is a major area of concern. As you go about looking for a job, you will need to decide if and when to disclose your disability. There are no hard rules. It will be up to you to make tho...

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  • Publicis Groupe

    Present in over 100 countries and employing nearly 80,000 professionals, Publicis Groupe is the third-largest communications...

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