Resume Writing and Search Engine Optimization

How important is a resume that stands out? Let’s get real. You have about 6 seconds to create a spark with the person who is reviewing resumes for that job or you will be passed over.  That said, a resume that stands out with a great story quickly told is extremely important.  One thing that may help is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Websites use this to get hire rankings on search engines such as Google.

How does that affect you? In the same way websites strategically place specific keywords and keywords phrases in their content to attract Unique Visitors who searched for those keywords, you will do the same with your resume. If you input the appropriate keywords recruiters and hiring managers while sourcing resumes will find you a lot easier thus giving you a better chance of getting an interview. When they source resumes for a position on a job board or an applicant tracking system, that system has a search function. They search by keywords.

I convinced you that you need to optimize your resume but you don’t know how.  OK, I’ll tell you how. The first place you look for keywords is on the job description itself. Read through it and look for words that are used multiple times in the job description.  Make sure those words are in your resume.  Next, they may be looking for what is called “relevant content”.  What is that you ask? The job description may say something like “Sigma Six” as a qualification. Make sure that term is in your resume (if you have that designation) so it will show up if they search for it.

You can also use a keyword search tool. There are many free ones on the Internet. I do not have a preference which one to use. Here is a link to one for you to check out: , this is a Google Keyword search tool. As an example if you type in “accountant” you would get these results:





The 27,100 is the number of times in the previous month that the term account was searched on Google. Let’s look at the term “tax advisor”.  It was searched only 4,400 times the previous month on Google.  Which word would you want on your resume? Of course the term “accountant” because it was searched @23,000 times more which means it is much more popular and has a stronger search value. Of course if the job description is for a “tax advisor” you would put it in your resume regardless of its search value.

Consider adding relevant hyperlinks about work that you have done if you have them. Things like a personal website, links to articles or blogs that you may want to share or maybe an online video CV. Don’t forget to add a link to your medial profiles such as LinkedIn.


We hope this help?

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