5 Best Jobs for People Who Use Wheelchairs

5 Amazing Jobs for Individuals Who Use Wheelchairs


In this booming economy, there's no shortage of jobs for people of all abilities. Employers need employees who encompass various traits, regardless of any disability. Sit-down jobs are especially ideal for those with limited mobility that may require wheelchair use. Here are the top five employment choices for those who utilize wheelchairs. 

1. Graphic Designer


Graphic designers are in high demand these days. Between marketing companies growing exponentially and consumers having more expendable cash, graphic designers are needed to sell products more than ever. It's a position that requires little to no schooling if an individual is willing to self-teach. There are also many tutorials that show how to use Adobe's Creative Cloud. Being a graphic designer is the perfect job for those who want to use their imagination on a daily basis and are willing to continually work on their craft. 

2. Accountant

Accounting, whether corporate or as a certified personal accountant, is also a large employment pool. Businesses heavily rely on accountants to keep their ledgers straight and assist with filing taxes. While this position does traditionally require at least an associate's degree, it's a worthwhile endeavor for those who like to crunch numbers. 

3. Counselor


For those who enjoy working with people, counseling is an ideal position. There's no better job for people who like to listen and who take pride in helping others work through difficult situations. Counselors are needed in many different sectors of the job market, including hospitals, private practices, and mental health organizations. Their role is vital to the emotional and mental wellbeing of the community. Counseling is the kind of job where showing up every day and trying one's best truly means something. 

4. Programmer


Programmers are some of the most sought-after individuals in the job market right now. With clients constantly needing new websites created and people consistently starting new businesses, people who can program using any of the numerous languages are desperately needed. Between websites and applications, programmers are rarely out of work, and their pay is typically quite high. Programming requires little to no schooling, and there are many apps available to help with self-teaching. One of the best parts about programming is that it's creative while also being somewhat mathematical. 

5. Translator


Translators bridge gaps between people who wouldn't normally be able to communicate with each other, bringing people closer in communities. They're needed in courts, classrooms, and many government agencies. Also, the need for translators is only continuing to grow since computers still can't translate like humans can. In fact, a great deal of internet translations are missing the connotations that make a sentence make sense. Translators are usually compensated very well, especially if they know multiple languages.


There are many amazing jobs for disabled men and women who use wheelchairs, and you’re sure to find a wide array of options when searching for employment on disABLEDperson, Inc.’s website. If you’d like to know more about our charitable organization, please give us a call at 760-420-1269.