9 Jobs for Autistic Adults

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9 Jobs for Autistic Adults

Thankfully, public awareness of the wide spectrum of abilities of those with autism has gone up in recent years.

Gone are the days when autism was a scary word. People now realize that while some with autism have limited ability to work, many on the spectrum, can perform any job they wish and excel.

So, what are some of the best jobs for autistic adults? Keep reading to find out.

Best Jobs For Autistic Adults

Like anyone else, people with autism are individuals with individual skills and interests. We at disABLEDperson Inc. are committed to helping those with disabilities find meaningful work

Many people with autism share some similar characteristics that offer some clues as to good career areas to try out. Below we will list nine good options to check out, but, actually, any job that has a certain environment can work well, regardless of field.

In general, people with autism prefer concentrating at one thing at a time, having clear cut expectations and guidelines, and value accuracy and detail. Those with autism often are highly focused on certain subjects and excel when given space to apply that interest. 

Any job environment that allows for these characteristics, regardless of field, could be a good option.

The following job areas are particularly good jobs for people with autism.

1. Technology and Software Development 

This field has a few great advantages for autistic adults. Jobs in this field tend to have exactly the type of job environment listed above. There is one main task to focus on (ie. writing code for a project) and the work is detail-oriented and requires accuracy.

Jobs in software development and IT rely on highly logical people who can focus on the task at hand and are good problem solvers. High-functioning adults with autism often excel at this type of thinking.

Jobs in this field pay quite well, and so this should be a serious consideration for any interested adult with autism, particularly those on the high functioning side of the spectrum.

2. Science and Math

Similar to IT jobs, careers in math and science offer a chance to use the analytical skills that high-functioning autistic people tend to have. 

An actuary is a high-paying job that uses math and statistics to help determine insurance rates. 

Any sort of lab scientist is a great fit, as well. The careful attention to process and procedure in the lab is a natural strength for many people with autism.

And again, the work setting is ideal.

3. Manufacturing and Fabrication

Even though manufacturing jobs don't have the excellent pay of the first two listed here, they do provide a decent, very livable wage. 

Depending on the individual, they can be a good option for people with autism that don't have the skill set to do math or IT.

The very good aspects of the job are that it aligns well with autistic people's amazing attention span and tendency to focus on one thing. In a factory setting, this is required. 

If a person is affected by loud noise or lights, as many with autism are, that is a potential downside. However, it is still a great option to consider for someone with somewhat limited formal education but a good work ethic and technical skill.

4. Technical Writer

Technical writers are the ones who write the very informative, straightforward user manuals and instruction booklets. They're usually very literal, concise, and accurate.

Since people with autism are concerned with detail and for things to be accurate, this is a good way to put those strengths to good use. 

It's also a job that tends to be done in solitude and quiet, which can be attractive for those on the autism spectrum.

5. Mechanic

Seeing the details and parts of a whole first, rather than the whole picture, is a common characteristic of autistic adults. This can be utilized in a job like a mechanic where small parts and systems are important. It also involves problem-solving and systematic thinking.

Similar to the factory setting, the loud noises could pose a problem, but if it's a smaller auto shop, it could very well be a great job for this group of people. 

6. Pet Groomer

This one is a little off the wall, but it makes sense. Many times autistic people are worn out by social interaction with humans but find comfort interacting with animals.

Any animal-oriented job may be good for this reason. One very famous example of this idea is Temple Grandin, who has autism and rose to the top of her field in animal science and agriculture. 

7. Academic 

For someone with Asperger's (on the very high end of the autism spectrum) a career as an academic is attractive.

Academics spend lots of time alone reading, studying, and writing about a particular subject. They go very in-depth on that one subject and become experts.

This is a natural thing for high-functioning autistic people. 

Academics do have to spend some time teaching a room full of people, but that isn't often the most important part. Research and writing are.

8. Paralegal

Paralegals help lawyers by doing research, writing documents, and preparing legal documents. There is a strict framework they work within, which is an environment autistic people can thrive in. 

As a bonus, the work setting is calm and quiet, which is preferable. The legal world is logical and so paralegal work often provides good jobs for people with autism.

9. Social Services Worker 

This job does not rely on technical or logical thinking as much as the other ones, but it can offer good employment for those with autism who want to help others.

It might be even possible that that employee benefitted from a similar service at some point in their lives, or at least can understand the need for it in a more personal manner since they have a unique perspective.

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