How to Remain Positive at Work if You Have a Disability

How to Maintain a Positive Attitude at Work if You Have a Disability


Whether you’re physically or mentally disabled, jobs are readily available, and as you are aware, finding employment can help you develop a sense of purpose while also enhancing your finances. However, managing a new or first-time job in addition to the daily management of your disability can introduce new challenges to your day that may make it challenging to keep a positive attitude. As you settle into your work routine, use these strategies to keep a good attitude and make your coworkers and customers smile. 

Start the Day off as Healthy as You Can 

A positive attitude at work begins to form at home and long before you enter your workplace. Being run down, hungry, or in pain could make it difficult to put on a happy face. Make sure to get a good night’s sleep by practicing good sleep hygiene, especially if you experience insomnia or nighttime waking. It’s important to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning and plan enough time to take care of your disability needs for the day. This way, you show up refreshed and ready to tackle your to-do list. 

Focus on What You Can Do 

Work days can be overwhelming and create negativity, but you can counteract the negativity by staying focused and asking for clarification on specific tasks from your supervisor. Also, if you need an accommodation, don’t hesitate to talk to your supervisor about ways to modify the task. When things seem difficult or impossible, it sometimes helps to remember how hard you worked to get as far as you have in your work life. While it may take you longer to accomplish certain tasks, your precision and dedication add an extra element to the completed work that makes you stand out. 

Cultivate Positive Work Relationships 

Seek out those coworkers who appear to strive to maintain a positive attitude. Happiness truly is contagious. It goes without saying to keep a professional distance from all coworkers. However, do your best to avoid those who are negative. 

Remember the Power of Language 

Depending on your situation, whether you have a visible or invisible disability, and the kinds of accommodations you may need, coworkers out of their own curiosity may bring up uncomfortable conversations. Remember, the language you choose to use influences your coworkers’ understanding as well as your level of confidence in the workplace. Don’t divulge more that you’re comfortable with. In many cases, the less said the better. 

Plan Something Special for After Work 

While using the previous strategies can help you keep a positive mindset, occasionally, some days just feel long. When that happens, plan something nice to do for yourself after work. From going to dinner with a coworker to soaking in a hot bath, thinking about how great it feels to finish out your day can keep you going when times get tough.


If you’re having difficulty finding suitable jobs for the disabled, don’t get discouraged. There are many great jobs to choose from, no matter if you live with a physical or mental disability. Spend some time searching the job listings provided by disABLEDperson, Inc., and you just might find what you’re looking for. If you have any questions about navigating our job listings, please don’t hesitate to call 760-420-1269.