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The Rural Economy — The President’s View
Third Circuit says accommodation may include shift change that assists with commute to work
Walgreens Recognized as Private-Sector Employer of the Year for People with Disabilities
Veterans Disability Advocate Joins Freedom Disability to Represent Disabled Veterans
Nebraska developmental disability programs to focus on jobs
Gov’t Holds 1st Job Fair for Disabled Workers
Fed Faces: Rachel Dorman, Office of Disability Employment Policy
Response suggests many people wrongly judged fit to work
Apple iPad Helps Businesses Meet Needs of Disabled Employees
People with disabilities remain an underutilized resource
After 20 years, ADA opens doors, but work remains
Stroke patients ‘need improved employment services’
What’s the Real Cost of accommodation?
Rahm Emanuel’s “Retarded” Comment
Intellectual Disability at the Justice Department
Employment Law Claims on the Rise
ODEP announces listening sessions
New Resources Available to Speed Federal Hiring of Individuals with Disabilities
State asked to change wording that would affect ODC workers
Arbonne International to Pay $30,000 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Suit
National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Justice Department Releases ADA Employment Video
People With Disabilities: Untapped Work Force
National Disability Mentoring Day
Enable America Honors Companies for Disability Mentoring
Proposed Disabilities Act expansion discussed
Current law on disability employment prone to abuse
Boeing Honored by Defense Department for Supporting Job Opportunity Program
Enable America Declares November Disabled Veteran Employment Mentoring Month
Workers with disabilities make up 22% of workforce
Disability Employment Month: Army helping wounded warriors find jobs
New EEO Poster Released
Sears settles largest-ever disability-related employment case
Governor Bev Perdue Honorary Co-Host of Enable America Event in Raleigh
New program helps those with disabilities in the workforce
United States: EEOC Emphasizes Expansive Interpretation Of The ADA Amendments Act In Issuing Notice Of Proposed Rulemaking
New apprenticeship training for youth and young adults with disabilities in U.S.
LGBT, Disability Rights Scholar Nominated to EEOC
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission files discrimination suit against Greater Baltimore Medical Center
When does ADHD count as a protected ‘disability’?#
Unemployment Higher for People with Disabilities
DOJ: County Ignoring Employment Rights for Disabled
Office of Disability Employment Policy: Who is Kathleen Martinez?
United Nations System Officials Spell Out Strategies for Implementing Disability Convention as Conference of States Parties Concludes
Disability Discrimination – Americans with Disabilities Act
EEOC: Wis. hospital to pay $70K for discrimination
U.S. sues UPS over medical leave policy
Judge Rules Against Unum in Long-Term Disability Case
Did ADAAA Apply to Employer’s Actions?
Disabled workers feel job squeeze
New brochure from Office of Disability Employment Policy
Mandatory overtime and the ADA#
Eunice Kennedy Shriver: Tireless Activist for the Mentally Disabled
New brochure from Office of Disability Employment Policy
Disability.gov Adds Social Media Tools, Disability Resources and a New Design to Complement Information from 22 Federal Agencies
CDI Media told to pay $65,000 to ex-worker
Improving Employment and Economic Security for Pregnant Women and New Mothers
From Diversity to Inclusion: Considering the Universally Designed Workplace
Blind employee brings new perspective to WRR Classical 101.1 FM
Valley Company Getting Money to Help Disabled People Find Employment
U.S. Signs International Disability Rights Treaty
U.S. Census Bureau Daily Feature for July 26=
Adults With Disabilities Help Business Work
Shop at Goodwill, donate items, make jobs
National summit on careers in the arts for people with disabilities
Expectation + Opportunity = Full Participation theme for National Disability Employment Awareness Month
Employer-caused psychological ills can trigger ADA claim#
Proceed with caution when making health-related inquiries
President Obama Nominates Jacqueline Berrien to Head EEOC
Goodwill Meets Historic Demand During Economic Uncertainty=
A deal’s a deal: Good settlements prevent subsequent litigation
Highest Unemployment Rate in State Since 1992
More Than 850,000 New Yorkers Unemployed in June – Highest Number in at Least 33 Years

Does the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act protect employees other than women?#
Census Bureau News Facts for Features Americans with Disabilities Act: July 26=
Senate Confirms Connected Nation Board Member Martinez for Obama Administration Role
EEOC to establish disability list
Congressman warns of ‘Big Brother dossier’
Bill would ensure citizens aren’t forced to take extended Census survey

National Endowment for the Arts to Convene National Summit on Careers in the Arts for People With Disabilities
Disabilities law nears age 19, with the vigor of a 70-year-old
Employment, business outlook show signs of revival
Video contest highlighting people with disabilities
EEOC Sues St. Louis Construction Company for Disability Bias Against Worker with Cancer History
CompTIA, Bender Consulting Help Wounded Warriors Gain IT Employment
Secretary Napolitano Strengthens Employment Verification with Administration’s Commitment to E-Verify
US job market weakens, but at slower pace-Conf Board
The impact of key disability discrimination decisions on HR policies and procedures
The Uncounted Unemployed
Labor Department official analyzes June unemployment numbers
US sheds 4.67 lakh jobs in June; jobless rate at 26-yr high
Major changes in employment law are afoot in the US
Supreme Court decisions made in the 2008-09 term
Congress won’t help disabled American
Care Provider backs Government Learning Disability Employment Strategy
Law & Psychiatry: Congress Restores the Americans With Disabilities Act to Its Original Intent
Disabled veterans may get added tax exemptions
Abercrombie & Fitch face disability discrimination claim
Job Loss Jitters?
EEOC says Kmart Store fired greeter for using cane
Manpower; Employee outlook unchanged in Q3
Unemployment crisis grips US states
Advise for Young, Jobless College Graduates
Five important questions to ask in your job search
Can blogging help you change careers
University of Pennsylvania Career Services Podcast on Job Hunting in a Difficult Economy
Disability Act Amendents: Regulation Process Underway
New panel helps those with disabilities find jobs
Top 50 Employers who are recruiting on Twitter.com
Protecting Your Job While Chronically Ill
Campaign for Disabiilty Employment Announces Online Video Contest
EEOC OKs Proposal for New ADA Rules
Requiring employees to undergo health-risk assessments could violate the ADA, says EEOC#
Department of Labor highlights Louisberg man
EEOC revising rules to conform to the ADA Amendments Act
United Airlines Sued for Disability Discrimination
Disability Discrimination in the Work Place