LREC Management and Administrative Specialist (LMAS) at Telesis Corporation in Coronado, California

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Job Description:

The LMAS shall provide support to the unit or school LREC Training Program(s). Shall observe, analyze, and evaluate all aspects of the organizations LREC program in accordance with established academic, organizational, and other standards specified in the individual task order.

LMAS Responsibilities. The LMAS shall keep track of Government Furnished Equipment (GFE) such as multimedia equipment, laminator/poster maker tape, duplicating equipment, LREC training facility equipment, satellite communications equipment, and video cameras used in instructional programs if required by the curriculum. The LMAS shall be responsible for coordinating with organizational IT staff to ensure installation of programs needed to execute LREC instruction.

Plans of Instruction (POIs). The LMAS shall work with Contractor LREC instructors and Government personnel to develop POIs and oversee the development of specialized study plans and/or materials.

Day-to-day Operation and Monitoring of the Language Lab/Facility. LMAS shall assist students in the selection and checkout of materials and in using language facility equipment. Shall aid instructors in the usage of computers and software. They shall also identify defective equipment, identify lost or stolen equipment, and maintain accountability for hardware, software and materials as identified in individual task order.

LMAS Monthly Report. The LMAS shall prepare a monthly report on enrollments, attendance, learner progress, inventories, and scheduling using word processing, database or other applicable programs.

LMAS Record Maintenance. The LMAS shall maintain learner records and profile cards as required or requested ensuring both are up to date. The LMAS provides the COR and/or Technical Representative (TR) with learner enrollment and attendance documents and completion certificates. The LMAS notifies the COR/TR within 24 hours of all learners, logistical, or instructor problems negatively impacting instruction.

LMAS Questionnaires / Class Critiques. The LMAS shall provide a Learners Questionnaire/Critiques to each class leader regarding the performance of the Contractor language instructors. These documents shall be delivered directly to the COR/TR by each Class leader.

LREC Instruction and Proficiency. The LMAS shall assist in entering data into a spreadsheet or database designed for tracking LREC instruction and proficiency. Such data will be provided by the CLPM and/or COR.

LMAS Administrative Functions. The LMAS shall provide support with administrative functions such as inspecting, maintaining, and installing all unit language instructional automated data processing and audio visual equipment (this includes loading software and drivers, set-up, connectivity, and installation), copying, typing, duplication of classroom materials (audio, audio-visual, paper, and training/job aids), classroom setup and tear-down, arranging for supplies, training aid support, and other tasks of this nature.