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Job Description:


Responsible for assessing, planning, organizingand administering Respiratory Care procedures in accordance with physician'streatment plan including mechanical ventilation and airway care; respiratorytreatment; emergency respiratory maneuvers; transport and maintenance ofcritically ill patients for special tests and procedures. Performs and interprets tests and proceduresto assess and manage patient care in accordance with physician. Oversees work of technical Respiratory Carepersonnel. Attends and participates inhospital educational programs and patient care rounds. Precepts college students/interns fromrespiratory care programs.


1. Providesprofessional Respiratory Care including initiation and maintenance ofmechanical ventilation, assist with insertion, stabilization and maintenance ofartificial airways, and administration of Respiratory Care modalities. Uses professional judgment regarding appropriatenessof therapy and modifies treatment and/or notifies physicians withrecommendations for change. Administersappropriate tests and procedures as ordered to evaluate appropriateness oftherapy including pulse oximetry, pulmonary mechanics, pulmonary functiontesting, airway clearance techniques, and alveolar gas measurements.

2. Respondsto respiratory emergencies (including cardiopulmonary resuscitations),establishes and maintains patient airway, initiates and maintains externalcardiac massage. Transports andmaintains mechanically ventilated patients when moved from units for tests andprocedures.

3. Assessespatient condition based on medical history, patient observation andexamination, physician's diagnosis, laboratory findings, specific respiratorytests and procedures. Uses professionaljudgment to prepare appropriate care plan and makes specific recommendations tophysician for indicated therapy. Schedules patient treatments as necessary.

4. Instructsand directs non-professional Respiratory Care personnel in the delivery,pickup, and change of equipment on patient floors. Provides guidance and constructive criticismand demonstrates appropriate methods as necessary to correct deviations from establishedstandards. Assists and instructsRespiratory Technicians and students in performance of Respiratory Careprocedures.

5. Makesregular rounds and administers Respiratory Care modalities to assignedpatients. Observes and evaluatespatients' conditions, progress, and reactions to treatment. Modifies treatment care plan accordingly.

6. Completesnecessary documentation of all pertinent observations related to patient care,treatment administered, patient's response to treatment, and reports toRespiratory Care Clinical Supervisor and physicians. Maintains appropriate department records.

7. Participatesin education of students, physicians, and staff. Clinically supervises respiratory therapystudents in patient areas. Explains anddemonstrates respiratory techniques to house officers, medical student nurses,and other hospital personnel.

8. Instructspatients and/or family members in respiratory techniques and the use ofequipment in the home necessary to continue patient care and rehabilitation.

9. Attendsand participates in internal and external educational meetings and enhanceclinical competencies. Participates indaily patient-care reports, staff meetings, and conferences as scheduled. Maintains continuing education related toage-specific care. The individual in this position must demonstrate appropriateknowledge of the principles of growth and development of the adolescent throughthe geriatric patient. In addition,she/he must possess the ability to assess patient-related data relative toage-specific needs and provide care as described in the department's policiesand procedures.

  • Assists indepartmental research projects.

  • Maintainscontinuing education relating to cultural diversity. The individual in this position mustdemonstrate appropriate knowledge and understanding of the diversity of anypatient population to include, but not limited to age, race, religion,ethnicity, ability, income, position, sexual orientation, gender or background.

  • Qualifications



    1. A.S. in Respiratory Therapy.

    2. One-year clinical training (or theequivalent).

    3. Currently licensed as a RespiratoryTherapist by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

    4. Registration(RRT) by the N.B.R.C. within six (6) months of hire.


    1. B.S. in Respiratory Therapy.

    2. Two years of previous critical careexperience.


    1. Must possess excellent interpersonalskills to interact with physicians, nurses and other allied health caremembers.

    2. Mustpossess strong patient assessment skills.

    3. Mustpossess professional and technical skills to act as a staff therapist.

    4. Mustdemonstrate ability to motivate and direct professional and technical staff.


    1. Worksin patient care environments including intensive care, recovery room, andemergency room. May be exposed toprolonged periods of high temperatures in burn patient rooms. May be required to stand immobile for longperiods of time in emergency situations.

    2. Frequentexposure to communicable diseases (60% of time).

    3. Frequentexposure to secretions/excretions, unpleasant odors, and scenes.

    EEO Statement

    Brigham and Women's Hospital is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, protected veteran status, or on the basis of disability.