Content Manager at Telesis Corporation in Coronado, California

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Job Description:


Telesis Corporation is looking for qualified candidates to join their team supporting the SOF Enterprise KM mission at various locations worldwide. The SOF Enterprise KM operations are defined as the integration of people, processes, and technology, to facilitate the exchange of operationally relevant information and expertise to increase organizational performance. This involves creating, organizing, applying, and transferring knowledge to facilitate situational understanding and decision-making, which enables decision superiority.

SOF knowledge management operations are supported by applications that currently include: Microsoft (MS) SharePoint, MS SharePoint Designer, MS SQL Server; MS Business Intelligence Stack; MS CRM; Client Task Management Tool; Permuta Technologies DefenseReady; Skype, Transverse, Defense Communications Services, Microsoft Office; and Client Records Manager, etc.. Supported applications will change with available technology. These technologies reside on various DoD network that currently include: Non-Secure Internet Protocol Router Network (NIPRNet), Secret Internet Protocol Router Network (SIPRNet), Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation System (BICES) networks, etc. These technologies and systems may change as mission dictates and are collectively referred to in this document as SOF KM systems. Standards and Practices. Ensure data standards are validated against Department of Defense Directive 8320.02. Provide documentation to support the DoD and USSOCOM required system registration, certification, and accreditation. DOD 85701.01-M IAT Level II certification and compliance.

The qualified Content Manager (CM). The Contractor shall ensure the quality and security of data in SOF knowledge systems. Data access shall be governed by need-to-know, Privacy Act, Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and security classification guidelines.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Perform general data administration to include: manually inputting data; creating, modifying, and deleting data (in accordance with Government policy parameters); researching & analyzing data; and scanning and uploading documents and data files.

  • Define and test access privileges, control structures, and resources, using periodic audits to identify any security violations and vulnerabilities. Implement security improvements by assessing usage; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements.

  • Recognize quality or security problems by identifying abnormalities; reporting violations. Provide accuracy checks for stored data.

  • Continually work towards meeting information assurance policies and regulations according to DoD, NSA, DISA, NIST and other IA related military/federal requirements.

Required Minimum Experience:

3+ years' relevant experience

SOF Operational Experience preferred


High School Diploma required; Bachelor's Degree Preferred


IAT II certifications required

Top Secret Clearance required


Coronado, CA

Little Creek - Virginia Beach, VA

Fort Bragg Fayetteville, NC

Fort Benning Columbus, GA