Police Officer at University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois

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Job Description:

Police Officer

Division of Public Safety

Job Summary

Perform general duty police work which includes the protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws, ordinances and University rules and regulations; and, the meeting of service-related needs of the community best met through the police department.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Patrol a designated area of the University community in a police car, or on foot, or other means of transportation (i.e. bicycle) to preserve law and order by enforcing federal and state laws, local ordinances, and University rules and regulations through identification, apprehension and prosecution of violators:

• A. Respond to observations, calls and complaints of criminal activity and University rules and regulation infractions:

◦ 1) make the scene of incidents safe by taking possible verbal and physical action, and administering first aid;

◦ 2) conduct preliminary investigations and occasional follow-up investigation by interviewing relevant persons, collecting and processing evidence, and writing incident reports;

◦ 3) locate and apprehend/arrest suspects by taking verbal and physical action;

◦ 4) present case for prosecution which may include testifying in court and possible University administrative hearings.

• B. Respond to observations, calls and complaints of traffic law violations and disturbances including traffic accidents:

◦ 1) initiate enforcement action resulting in Illinois Vehicle Code citation, Departmental written warning;

◦ 2) make the scene of traffic accidents safe by taking verbal and physical action, and administering first aid;

◦ 3) conduct investigation of traffic accidents by interviewing relevant persons, collecting and processing evidence, and completing state accident reports;

◦ 4) enforce University parking regulations.

  • Patrol a designated area of the University community to conduct security inspections of University buildings and property in a police car, or on foot, or other means of transportation (i.e. bicycle) to prevent the commission of crime.

  • Control and assist the movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic by physically directing traffic.

  • Assist other local law enforcement agencies.

  • Respond to requests for non-enforcement service assistance to the University community. Interview persons with non-enforcement type inquiries and complaints and make the proper disposition including directing them to the proper authorities. The community service portion of the police mission is multi-dimensional and includes such duties as providing general community information, assisting motorists with vehicle problems, securing found property, providing authorized persons entry to facilities, delivering messages, controlling loose live stock, and assisting in the investigation of on-the-job injuries.

  • Identify, investigate, and report hazards which might endanger the public safety and/or University plant or equipment.

  • Act as a campus security authority, as defined by the federal Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Campus Crime Statistics Act, to include completing training and the timely reporting to the University of Illinois Police allegations of Clery Act crimes.

  • Act as a responsible employee under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 which includes the timely reporting of incidents of sexual harassment/misconduct to the University of Illinois' Title IX coordinator.

  • Perform related duties as assigned.

Physical Demands
  • Standing : Frequently
  • Walking : Frequently
  • Stairs : Occasionally
  • Sitting : Occasionally
  • Lifting/Carrying : Occasionally
  • Pushing/Pulling : Occasionally
  • Climbing : Occasionally
  • Balancing : Occasionally
  • Bending/Stooping : Occasionally
  • Kneeling : Occasionally
  • Squatting/Crouching : Occasionally
  • Crawling : Rarely
  • Reaching : Occasionally
  • Grip/Dexterity : Frequently
  • Twisting : Frequently
  • Talking : Frequently
  • Hearing : Constantly
  • Repetitive Motions : Frequently
  • Eye/Hand/Foot Coordination : Constantly
  • Visual Acuity : Constantly
  • Running/Jumping : Occasionally
  • Physical Exertion : Occasionally
  • Physical Restraining : Occasionally

  • Working Conditions
  • Extreme cold : Frequently
  • Extreme heat : Frequently
  • Humidity : Frequently
  • Wet : Frequently
  • Noise : Frequently
  • Hazards : Occasionally
  • Fumes/Particles/Allergens : Rarely
  • Toxic, Caustic Chemicals : Rarely
  • Temperature Changes : Occasionally
  • Inclement Weather : Occasionally
  • Heights : Occasionally
  • Work Outdoors : Occasionally
  • Tight Spaces : Occasionally
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) : Occasionally
  • Dangerous Machinery/Equipment : Frequently

  • Additional Physical Demands

    1. Physical Requirements - The position can be intensive and demanding which may also include occasional physical exertion. Ability to perform defensive tactics is necessary. Work hours may exceed ten hour days or forty hour weeks.

    2. Work Environment - there is always a risk of personal danger and harm. Much of the work is done in the field. Sometimes there is discomfort in working in all kinds of weather at all hours in very dangerous and adverse conditions and circumstances.

    Travel Requirements

    80% Patrolling campus and surrounding areas.

    Minimum Qualifications

    • High school graduation or equivalent

    • Possession of a valid driver's license

    • No record of conviction of a felony or misdemeanors as identified in the Illinois Police Training Act (50 ILCS 705 et seq.), or a crime involving moral turpitude

    • Eligibility for bonding, if required by the employing institution

    • Successful completion of the Basic Law Enforcement Officers' Training course as prescribed by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board, if required by the employing institution. All recruit law enforcement officers who successfully complete this course after September 1, 1984 are required to successfully pass the Law Enforcement Officers' Certification Examination. (Applicants lacking such training at time of appointment will be required to complete such requirement during, and as a part of, their probationary period of employment in this class.)

    • At least 21 years of age upon employment. (This requirement may be further defined by local recruitment, examination, and employment policies, provided age requirements have been met with regard to all other applicable state and federal regulations in this respect.)

    NOTE: Persons who have not successfully completed the mandated firearm training course, as approved and recognized by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training & Standards Board, must complete the course during their probationary period. Police officers are not authorized to carry a service weapon until successfully completing such training.

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

    • Knowledge of Illinois Criminal Statutes, Illinois Vehicle Code, local ordinances, University rules and regulations, and civil law related to the police mission;
    • Knowledge of University community geography;
    • Knowledge of University Police Department Directives;
    • Knowledge of modern approved principles, practices, and procedures of police work;
    • Ability to understand and carry out verbal and written instructions;
    • Ability to verbally communicate effectively during normal conditions and stressful and emergency circumstances;
    • Ability to operate a vehicle in a safe manner during normal conditions and stressful and emergency circumstances;
    • Ability to develop skill in the use of firearms and other defensive tactics (weapons and unarmed);
    • Ability to enforce laws, ordinances, rules and regulations with tact, impartiality, and firmness;
    • Ability to mentally and physically react effectively, quickly, calmly, and rationally during times of conflict and emergencies;
    • Ability to gather information and prepare complete, concise and accurate reports.

    Appointment Information

    This is a 100% full-time Civil Service 3086 - Police Officer position, appointed on a 12-month basis. The expected start date is as soon as possible after 6/1/2024. We strive to provide a competitive salary, considering factors such as available market data, internal equity, candidate experience and qualifications, collective bargaining agreements, and budget constraints. The final salary offer will be determined through a thorough assessment of these elements, starting at $34.97/hr.

    For more information on Civil Service classifications, please visit the SUCSS web site at https://www.sucss.illinois.gov/pages/classspec/default.aspx .

    Application Procedures & Deadline Information

    Applications must be received by 6:00 pm (CST) on Thursday, February 29, 2024 . Apply for this position using the Apply Now button at the top or bottom of this posting. In order to be considered as a transfer candidate, you must apply for this position. Applications not submitted through https://jobs.illinois.edu will not be considered. If required by the position, transcripts or other documentation of credentials are to be provided no later than the first day of employment. For further information about this specific position, please contact Nikki Hodge at nhodge@illinois.edu. For questions regarding the application process, please contact 217-333-2137.

    The University of Illinois System is an equal opportunity employer, including but not limited to disability and/or veteran status, and complies with all applicable state and federal employment mandates. Please visit Required Employment Notices and Posters to view our non-discrimination statement and find additional information about required background checks, sexual harassment/misconduct disclosures, COVID-19 vaccination requirement, and employment eligibility review through E-Verify .

    Applicants with disabilities are encouraged to apply and may request a reasonable accommodation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (2008) to complete the application and/or interview process. Requests may be submitted through the reasonable accommodations portal , or by contacting the Accessibility & Accommodations Division of the Office for Access and Equity at 217-333-0885, or by emailing accessibility@illinois.edu .

    Requisition ID: 1021788
    Job Category: Service Operations
    Apply at: https://jobs.illinois.edu

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