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Lead Driver at The Legacy Rehab & Care Center in Bullhead City, Arizona

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Type: Full-Time

Job Description:

Lead Driver

Are you someone who thrives on making a meaningful impact in the community and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of others?
Join our team!

Welcome to The Legacy Rehab & Care Center, where your journey to join our exceptional team begins. Established in 1984 as Silver Ridge Village and transformed in 2009 into The Legacy, we're dedicated to decades of providing outstanding care and life-enhancing opportunities. Join us in our welcoming courtyards, where our holistic approach and all care teams promise a fulfilling career and unparalleled outcomes. Explore opportunities to contribute to our legacy of excellence in healthcare. The Legacy Rehab & Care Center also has an A+ rating with the BBB.

As a Lead Driver at the Legacy Rehab you will be part of a community-driven environment dedicated to providing exceptional care. Your role will be crucial in ensuring the residents are safely transported to appointments, contributing to a meaningful mission of supporting residents' well-being. If you're passionate about people, enjoy driving and are eager to make a difference in people's lives, this role is an excellent fit for you!

Essential Job Functions

Spearhead seamless transportation logistics: From physician appointments to personal outings, ensure our residents reach their destinations with ease and comfort.
Assist residents with grace and care as they embark and disembark from the vehicle.
Skillfully navigate wheelchair residents up and down ramps or automatic lifts, ensuring safety and dignity at every turn.
Safety first: Secure wheelchair residents snugly in the vehicle, guaranteeing peace of mind for all passengers.
Maintain impeccable punctuality, keeping our transportation schedules running like clockwork.
Keep meticulous operation records and craft simple yet insightful reports to guide our journey.
Vehicle vigilance: Conduct regular checks on our vehicles, promptly reporting any malfunctions to management for swift resolution.
Ensure our vehicles are in top-notch condition with regular upkeep and preventative measures.
Customer service champion: Provide exceptional service to our residents, making every journey a delightful experience.
Securely lock our vehicles to safeguard their integrity and security.
Flexibility is key: Adapt to changing schedules and needs, ensuring our transportation services remain dynamic and responsive.

Meet and conquer the demands of this position with enthusiasm and energy!

Knowledge of:

Navigate city roadways with precision: Acquire in-depth knowledge of local road networks to ensure efficient and timely transportation.
Master traffic dynamics: Understand and adhere to traffic laws and regulations, prioritizing the safety of passengers and fellow road users.
Safeguard against mishaps: Implement proactive measures to prevent accidents, ensuring the well-being of all involved.

Skill in:

Equipment expertise: Demonstrate proficiency in the use and maintenance of vehicles and equipment, guaranteeing their optimal performance.
Independent work ethic: Execute daily tasks autonomously, adhering to schedules and delivering results with efficiency and reliability.
Safety stewardship: Uphold and promote safety standards, fostering a secure environment for all stakeholders.
Communication prowess: Effectively convey and comprehend verbal and written instructions, facilitating seamless coordination and execution.

Ability to:

Relationship building: Cultivate strong rapport with residents, families, and colleagues, fostering a supportive and harmonious community.
Efficient driving: Operate vehicles in a manner that balances safety and economy, optimizing resource utilization.
Adherence to traffic protocols: Observe and abide by traffic regulations and best practices, ensuring smooth and lawful transportation operations.
Adaptability: Quickly grasp and execute oral and written directives, adapting to changing circumstances with agility and accuracy.
Policy compliance: Demonstrate adherence to facility policies and procedures, upholding organizational standards and protocols.
Resilience in adverse conditions: Thrive in challenging weather conditions, maintaining productivity and professionalism in both hot and cold climates.

Benefits (Full-Time)

Free Birthday PTO
Christmas Club
Employee Daily Lunches
Discounted Daycare


Join our team and make a difference in the lives of our residents. Your dedication as our Lead Driver will shine in our welcoming and compassionate environment!

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