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Disabledperson, Inc. Technical Virtual Learning Platform

In Partnership with CSAVR and The NET

Our Disabledperson, Inc. Technical Virtual Learning Platform is a video-based, instructor lead and supported learning environment through a private-public sector partnership that includes State VR agencies, disABLEDperson Inc., CSAVR, and The NET powered by Skillsoft/Percipio. The platform will offer on-demand, online video instructor-led training focused on high-demand skill sets that support candidates in their career path in Technology.

Course Overview
  • Name: CompTIA A+ Core 1 (Exam 220-1101)
  • Purpose: Establishing a career in IT
  • Content focus:
    • Hardware: Identifying, using, and connecting hardware components and devices.
    • Operating Systems: Installing and supporting Windows OS, troubleshooting for Mac OS, Chrome OS, Android, and Linux OS.
    • Software Troubleshooting: Diagnosing PC and mobile device issues, including common OS, malware, and security problems.
    • Networking: Explaining network types, and connections (TCP/IP, Wi-Fi, SOHO), and troubleshooting real-world device and network issues.
    • Security: Identifying and protecting against security vulnerabilities for devices and network connections.
    • Mobile Devices: Installing and configuring laptops and other mobile devices.
    • Virtualization and Cloud Computing: Understanding cloud computing concepts and setting up client-side virtualization.
    • Operational Procedures: Following best practices for safety, environmental impact, and communication.
Industry Recognition
  • CompTIA A+ is the preferred certification for technical support and IT operational roles.
  • Employers such as Intel, Dell, Ricoh, Nissan, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, and HP actively seek candidates with CompTIA A+ certification.
  • Job titles associated with CompTIA A+ include:
    • IT Support Specialist
    • IT Field Service Technician
    • Desktop Support Analyst
    • Help Desk Tier 2 Support
Employment Eligibility
  • CompTIA A+ validates essential skills for entry-level IT roles.
  • Common job responsibilities include:
    • Installing and configuring computer hardware, software, and networks.
    • Providing technical support to end users (in person or remotely).
    • Diagnosing and troubleshooting computer issues.
    • Backing up and restoring data files.
  • Employers value CompTIA A+ certification when hiring for these roles.
  • While prior experience is beneficial, it is not essential; many individuals obtain this certification after high school or college.

In summary, CompTIA A+ Core 1 equips you with foundational IT skills, and its industry recognition makes it a valuable credential for launching an IT career. Whether you’re interested in technical support, field service, or desktop support, CompTIA A+ opens doors to various entry-level positions in the IT field.

Total Cost: $500
The cost includes the following: Video instruction, books, assessments, and practice exams. There is no cost to register.

This learning is available only to people with disabilities referred by state departments of vocational rehabilitation.