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Laundry Worker at Montana in Lewistown, Pennsylvania

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Type: Full Time

Job Description:

Laundry Worker-(20141535) DESCRIPTION :

The Montana Mental Health Nursing Care Center is a licensed residential facility for the long term care and treatment of persons who have a mental disorder and who require a level of care not available in the community, but who cannot benefit from the intensive psychiatric treatment available at Montana State Hospital. However, the Center may discharge residents who can function in, or benefit from, community settings.

The laundry department is responsible to maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of linens, clothing, and other articles used in the care of residents with mental health disorders at the MMHNCC, following State and Federal regulations.

A. 85% Processes clean and soiled linen, bedding, and clothing according to established procedures and policies.

1.Collects laundry from soiled utility rooms using covered laundry carts to transport the soiled laundry to the main soiled laundry area.

2.Sorts laundry by color and fabric, empties pockets, and pins sock pairs.

3.Weighs laundry in carts on laundry scale to ensure washers have proper load capacity in them according to the equipment manufacturer guidelines.Records number of laundry loads processed to maintain data of department productivity.

4.Washes, pre-soaks, and dries linens, bedding, clothing, and other articles.Pre-treats stains as needed.

5.Folds and hangs clothing on hangers, sorting by wing and resident

6.Sorts, folds, transports, and stocks all linens and bedding in clean laundry storage areas throughout the facility by the use of utility carts and other laundry carts to ensure that there is adequate supply of clean laundry available for resident care.

7.Follows exposure control guidelines.

B. 10% Cleans and sanitizes laundry equipment, machinery, and storage areas to ensure sanitation and safety.

1.Cleans and sanitizes laundry tables and equipment; such as carts, machinery by the use of proper cleaning supplies, steam/water gun, and manufacturer directions

2.Cleans lint filters of all dryers frequently to ensure dryers operate properly and to avoid fire hazards.

3.Straightens, stocks, and organizes laundry items and supplies in all laundry areas to ensure a working supply of items is available.

C. 5% Otherrelated duties as assigned

1.Mends and sews laundry articles as needed by the use of a sewing machine or manually to maintain proper appearance and extend the life of items.

2.Irons laundry items as needed to ensure the appearance of the item is unwrinkled.

3.Labels laundry items as needed to identify residents personal items and facility owned laundry items.

4.Participates in meetings as assigned

5.Responds to emergencies and participates in fire drills according to established


Performs all work tasks in a proper and safe manner following established policies, general safety rules, and identified safe operating procedures ton include but not be limited to:

1.Performs manual lifting using proper body mechanics.

2.Obtains assistance or uses assistive devises when lifting or moving heavy or bulky items.

3.Uses safety precautions with tools, machinery, and equipment, and only after being properly trained in such use/operation.

4.Uses chemicals and cleaners in proper dilution for intended purposes per minimum safety data sheets and/or safety instruction.

5.Reports all hazards or unsafe conditions to supervisor and or maintenance staff for repair or control measures.

6.Promotes safe work culture by example in daily activities and duties.

7.Maintains proper security of residents, facilities, and other staff.

Most work is performed in the laundry facility; however employees also have frequent direct contact with the residents of the adult psychiatric nursing care facility.Residents may be verbally or physically assaultive to other residents and staff.There is a risk of exposure to blood and body fluids, air borne diseases, HIV, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, unpleasant odors and fumes, sights, and noise levels.

The work requires pulling and pushing large, heavy carts, lifting bundles up to 50 pounds, and ability to withstand considerable walking and standing on concrete floors for extended periods of time.Must be able to tolerate extreme heat and humidity, and continual noises from equipment and machinery.

Must be able to operate commercial washers and driers in a safe manner.Must have knowledge of basic laundry procedures such as water temperatures, detergents and cleaning agents, and folding procedures.Must be able to understand and follow oral and written directions.Must be able to work closely with co-workers in a limited space and maintain positive work relations.Must have good visual judgment for determining stains and discolorations, inside and outside of garments.

Must be able to read, sort, and organize.

Ability to work alone and/or with others.

Follows facility policies and procedures.